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  1. LVT should be paid by the land owner. No tenant, no income. Low paying income, better than nothing. Charity shops no longer used as a front to avoid rates for landlords of empty shops. Landlords owning several nearby empty shops will compete on price for a tenant business or sell cheaply. Either is a win. Businesses might be able to buy their own properties. Less hoarding of empty or economically unviable occupancy (sorry charity shops, I love you, but a real shop paying staff instead of volunteers is better).
  2. Oh no, not just for the slimy dodgy idiot children? Normal people might have to go into this? Purple Bricks and disintermediation - all is forgiven - wipe out the Estate Agents!
  3. I've missed a lot of posts, but I guess these are in trouble M&S John Lewis Most chain restaurants Independent restaurants Commercial landlords Councils betting on commercial rents from dodgy investments Farmers Fishermen Exporters Universities Car dealers -34% vehicle sales in USA Who's left? Must just be companies depending on central government funding. Banks? Getting any job will be hard, but what is the safest skillset or employer to aim at?
  4. UK normally updates around 5th - so maybe Monday 6th July - May's figures will update to June's on this link - https://www.smmt.co.uk/vehicle-data/car-registrations/ NB. Tesla are under "Other Imports" as they aren't members of SMMT. Model 3 is listed in Best Sellers though. MG and other smaller imports are listed out separately.
  5. Posting this because if this is any indication for other markets, it's going to be bad for dealers and manufacturers. US Sales Q2 2020 (Apr-Jun) Sensational and confused reporting but seems to suggest Q2 2020 vs Q2 2019 - ie same time last year Various sites - I couldn't see a page with a table of Q2 2020 vs Q1 2020 and Q2 2019. The ones I found had huge gaps. Perhaps they will update soon. The figures might come from manufacturers, Edmunds or someone else for USA market. They might be vehicles (including 'trucks'), just passenger cars or whatever, I think only the % d
  6. Thanks for update. Slowly more piecemeal changes will be made by each country. Pain it isn't a single policy.
  7. The government are gonna need the army, to control the public in the next wave OR The public are gonna need the army, to control the government in the next wave
  8. I'm obviously not an expert, so please forgive my naivete. For long stints, it seems to me that the companies need to get a crew together before the changeover and isolate them together. If no-one gets symptoms, then a full crew change could be done. Departing crew also isolate before departing. Possibly special charter flights with extra supervision, as has been done a few times. Oil rigs are 6-7 weeks I recall from conversations. Pretty hard thing to manage for short stints. Then all the flights, entry needs to be agreed. It really is complex. No swapping out individuals
  9. 5-30 days delay. Possibly longer. People get ill 5-10 days later. They might be asymptomatic and pass to several people in their household (more delay). They're in hospital / ventilated - many for a LONG time but finally succumbing and so deaths can take a really long time to get registered. There was a report (can't find it) of a hospital ICU that had only 3 patients left in it - 2 close colleagues of ICU staff and one other NHS worker. Then VE day happened - A&E full from fight injuries, some people getting affectionate in street parties (hugs, kisses). 5 days late
  10. Thanks for info. I'm not sure what the answers are to any of this, how long might people be quarantined on a ship? Could a captain/senior officer self-certify that they've been at sea long enough?
  11. I've visited or transited through a number of countries which checked temperatures - earliest I remember was in 2006. More recently these have been automated (like cameras). We were stopped in a country a few years ago because one of us was hot. It was picked up automatically in a transit area and serious looking people with protective gear came over to check the person. All ok as the person had been doing something (innocent) that had got them a bit flustered. We were allowed to proceed. I don't know what the protocol is in those countries when they detect/suspect a real infection. I s
  12. With respect to New Zealand, 1) Take temperatures before flying 2) Test passenger before flight - such a long distance, might (should?) get a result back before landing (reliability of test may be an issue). 3) Test results / science may allow those who are 'immune' a different status. 4) Non-immune arrivals quarantine for a period in free spaced-out accommodation with food provided. Perhaps in glamping / cabins spread out a bit to minimise interactions. Might be welcomed by those with jet-lag (at least for 1-2 days) or those who came for nature (which is presumably a big
  13. When the history of this is being written, I suspect that good commentators will recognise the advantages of competent science-based policies, Vitamin D, good GINI scores, selflessness and less Air Pollution. They will also recognise the effects of the selfish individualists, chancers, liars, polluters, fossil fuel lobbyists and wilful ignorance of science. A special circle of hell should be reserved for those controlled or manipulated by media-influencing rich media owners / buyers / influencers and especially the fossil fuel proponents.
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