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  1. Or anywhere non-military. It's terror, it's evil and it's a desperate attempt to terrorise Zelensky and Ukrainian cities into submission. It won't work, and I hope those that decided on this type of bombardment will be punished. I also hope that the artillery, command and ammunition can be targeted to prevent further shelling.
  2. No. In most wars explosives kill more than bullets. The use of Russian artillery to bombard cities is particularly bad as it seems to be indiscriminate, hurting more non-combatants and therefore a war crime. Calling the Russian soldiers names and demonising is counter productive. Something like 40% of Russians (according to some random news report) have Ukrainian relatives. I don't think that most of the troops want to be there, harming any Ukrainians. There are some nutters, there always will be (Chechens included), there will be a lot more scared, badly trained and undisciplined Russian soldiers looking for a way out. We want the Russians to go home, not with hatred for Ukrainians, but hatred for Putin and overthrow him. The Ukrainians are mostly targeting high-value targets, command, control and the like. They're taking prisoners. Every prisoner spreads the word at home, to many relatives, breaks state propaganda. A well treated prisoner is worth more than a dead Russian soldier. Committing atrocities would stiffen Russian resistance. The key is to separate Putin from other Russians.
  3. I agree with you too. I also differentiate between Putin, his inner circle, outer circle and poor sods expecting to go on exercise. It's the use of artillery that seems to be particularly upsetting for many.
  4. Putin - thick, scheming and evil thug. He's scared now. Probably worst time in his life since being an illegal taxi driver. He can't rely on anyone or anything.
  5. From an early age Schwarzenegger had principles and an open mind it seems. Nobodies perfect I'm sure (before the nonsense equivalence and spin starts) but that video aimed at Russians themselves might have an effect outside & hopefully inside Russia
  6. And to flesh out your last point, Putin/FSB blew up flats killing 500, injuring 1500. Then acted tough, blaming it on Chechens. That did wonders for face/name recognition leading to election win. I think we should have less realpolitik and more principles sometimes. Possibly not now (get Ukraine done), but I'm not keen on influence, policies and actions of Saudis and Xi.
  7. Solicitors Regulation Authority talking about ethics - might get a few disbarred, especially the ones colluding with PR, private investigators and security. Law, lies and thugs tying up good people.
  8. My emphasis and hopefully something that is reasonable to most. Next time (if not already), might be Saudis, China, Murdoch, Koch or some other unpleasant lot doing us harm. Best to understand what's happened and prevent similar in future.
  9. I'm a realist, patriot, all-round good egg. I weigh up risks, often very conservative but when right I make large bets, actions. Putin MUST be stopped.
  10. Fair points. Putin might have saved the west by his stupidity and recent actions. Opposition to Putin is bringing people together.
  11. EU spends 4 times as much on defence than Russia. Russia's conventional forces haven't done well. Nuclear forces are unknown. I suspect Putin isn't sure if anything still works. Putin is finished.
  12. Yep. Putin gets embarrassed and a coup follows. Most likely. Putin cannot be allowed to win. Putin must be crushed.
  13. agents of political influence will be activated. They will call to “immediately fulfill Russia’s just demands, and not drag the world into a new war” - here the task is to quickly propagate the message that “the war was unleashed by the West, but Russia cannot not to answer.”
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