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  1. Brexit for the rich is the whole point, I have recently come to believe. I think many of those rich want an American style Britain. I expect increases in rentierism, corruption, money laundering, tax avoidance, taxes increased on the employed and small businesses. I'm always surprised by the media coverage of USA with regard to policies, politics, healthcare etc but little coverage of Dutch prison policies, how Germany's states and federal aspects interact, healthcare, loads of stuff, Norwegian state fund. Seems more interesting and useful lessons to learn from such diverse approaches. Different languages across Europe, but geographically similar. The US just seems so alien to me. Healthcare being the source of bankruptcies, gun culture, fear culture (difference between US and Canadian use of guns?). US selfishness and use of power (Trump) isn't looking good. WTO and multilateral trade deals replaced by unfair deals. Would have been rosier under other presidents. For the UK, I'm just expecting more and worse of the same trends and crap that have happened in the last few years, not less. I'm resigned to it. I'm too old to go abroad. I don't post much. I'm tired. I don't want an internet dust up. Just my rather downbeat assessment. I need to think how best to help my family survive / prosper whatever the future brings. Still lucky to live in a country like the UK at such a point in history. Could be much worse. Still prefer if UK had implemented some basic residency requirements, minimum accommodation standards, all the things the UK could have done. Still idealistic in wanting land value tax instead of vat and employment taxes. Real rather than representative democracy. But future is a kleptocracy of state supported (employment tax funded) socialism for the oligarchs.
  2. NorthamptonBear

    RyanAir - UK harbringer

    Some of this might be demographics and peace. I looked into being a helicopter pilot 20 years ago. Training was expensive, wages were awful (global - general pilots, not North Sea or other specialists). From memory it was $25k a year. Some airline pilots reportedly switched to IT for more money. It seemed that lots of Vietnam and maybe Soviet Afghan era military pilots had flooded the market. Ditto for heavy multi engined transports/airlines I guess. Now many of these people are retired, militaries generally are smaller, the glut of state trained pilots must be fewer and so we are back to industry or self funded training and certification. Self funded pilots need to recoup their loans. Industry ones will be poached for more money and are possibly a bit rare as a result. Train drivers come to mind, paid well I believe, train companies poach from each other rather than train?
  3. NorthamptonBear

    Opera on Android security certificate

    Thanks all. I'll just use Chrome for hpc for now.
  4. Can this be left on the main forum for a few days or shunted off to the infrastructure bods to fix? Android, chrome works, opera (or opera mini) used to but doesn't now (2 weeks). Complains of bad certificate. Won't go to site even if I say proceed anyway. No other sites affected just hpc. Worth fixing in my view as might affect other browsers eventually, possibly Google / other search engines. So hosters might lose hits / revenue (hint; hope for attention). Since changes to chrome (keeping inactive tabs serving adverts/using resources), chrome crashes and is slow when you have many tabs.
  5. I seem to remember that Vlad has at least one pad here and probably a few through companies/associates. Vlad is restricting passports / external visits. He is encouraging domestic holidays. At least for the little people. Both his rivals and current supporters have parked/laundered money here. Often bought when in favour in Russia, then moving here when out of favour or under threat of being outmaneuvered by rivals at the court. It does have an effect on normal people. Lots of houses bought and empty. Overpriced as it's insurance / laundering. Next best houses bought by rich rather than super rich. Ripples out until renters in London buy BTL in Leeds as investments. If houses were cheap enough, I'd consider moving to London for work, so would others. Instead 'we' drive or train big distances knackering ourselves out and having a worse family life. 'We' in quotes as I tend to avoid the commute unless I need to but would earn more if I committed to it. This therefore is another side effect, less talent, efficiency in London. Together with empty houses and squalid living for many crammed in. Just land value tax the real owners on their global property (minus local land value taxes). Anything where the true owners are hidden are seized and auctioned.
  6. I do wonder if a few people ignore the fees or end up putting them on the mortgage. £1700-2500 I've seen/noticed. Not relevant to me so I discard / take little notice of those mortgages, but many must pay them for big mortgage debt properties (London/South-east/help to buy).
  7. Thanks. I don't watch it that keenly. Some huge fees on many mortgages, when I include them it makes a big difference to my situation.
  8. Fees are high for small mortgages and by your examples may be increasing. Without /low fees 50% loan to value Variable 2 year £145 fee 1.25% Fixed 3 year 1.84% Fixed 5 year 1.94% HSBC a few days ago if relevant to you Fixed 10 year 2.49% These are current, I wish I had historical. Mortgage meter seems to have disappeared. Any alternatives?
  9. Landlord is a business. Renter is a consumer with limited negotiating power. The effects on renters and their children of eviction are huge. It should not be possible except where they have committed a criminal act or gross action. Therefore renter should have some basic consumer protection. I'm all for minimising government but trading / minimum standards, contract terms and licensing are cheap and effective ways to regularise compared to courts. Responsible landlords should welcome all of these. So just a few of those landlords then. The rest - two million plus psychopaths, narcissists and predators can shape up or get out. Oh and pay some tax while they're at it. Land value tax preferably, business rates otherwise and S24 etc as a poor third.
  10. NorthamptonBear

    Desperate banks slash rates on high risk mortgages

    I have to remortgage. Assuming 50% loan to value (informed guess) I have to decide whether fixed / variable, how long for fix and whether to pay huge fees. So I have to guess where mortgage rates will go and I'm undecided. Durham Born's view seems to point to low interest rates for a while (5-10 years?) and then a hard rise. Others point to usa rate rises and UK forced to follow. For info, here are some options:- 10 year fix at 2.49% no fee first direct 5 year fix 1.94% no fee HSBC 3 year fix 1.84% no fee HSBC 2 year fix 1.75% no fee Monmouthshire 2 year variable 1.45% no fee Nottingham Lifetime variable currently 1.64% £1000 fee. Perhaps there is a no fee option. More research required. 21 year mortgage. Hopefully overpaying a little. So most are cheaper for me with no fee as the mortgage isn't big compared to some (big for me!). I earn well but seem to have nothing left over even living frugally. Decisions, decisions... Views welcomed and I won't hold anyone to them! The media seem to be suggesting higher rates are coming but plenty of different views and I'm a natural contrarian anyway.
  11. NorthamptonBear

    Labour party political broadcast on housing.

    Corbyn is not Blair. What is Blair? (Shudder).
  12. NorthamptonBear

    My neighbours

    You would have to change the locks (probably against contract) and install cameras for some peace of mind. Most BTL that I have met have been thoroughly untrustworthy (not all, but ones with multiple properties definitely). I consider them to be akin to pimps or traffickers in morals and mostly thick. All keyholders should have criminal checks. They should have mandatory courses and exams. Licensing involving gas/electricity, safety, tax, criminal, inspection, certification checks should be mandatory. Minimum energy efficiency should be required. These clowns and creeps should not have any influence on people's lives, especially young adults, vulnerable people and families with children.
  13. NorthamptonBear

    Renter surge could throw Tories out of power

    The more Corbyn is attacked, the more I'm likely to support him. I'm not a natural supporter of Labour. In fact I did join another party and supported them for decades. He considers his decision making and is genuinely interested in coming to the right conclusion. These nuanced views don't come across well in soundbites or taken out of context. The appalling and contrived list (above) is an example. He wouldn't have ordered troops into Iraq. He wouldn't have ordered an ill considered suppression of some afghan tribes in order to appease their long standing oppressors. He wouldn't have done the Sauds' bidding starting or inflaming various wars and supporting nutty religious fanatics. He probably wouldn't have reduced police funding like Teresa May. The streets would be safer. He wouldn't have been bribed by the land bankers or the bankers. I don't think he can be bribed. He is hated by the establishment. The stronger and more rabid the attacks, the more support he will get from many.
  14. NorthamptonBear

    Capita share price in freefall

    Rent seeking, high barriers to tender for work, hopes for future employment for some, happiest with usual suspects, dislike of independents. Rent seeking. . Curse of uk

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