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  1. Car dealerships. Leasing companies with a lot of BMW/mercedes/Audi diesels. This includes Manufacturers leasing. People are putting off purchases for an extra year due to uncertainty of economy and what kind of vehicle to buy. I expect lower new car sales for a few years. Fields full of dealership owned cars with little chance of selling near cost. Independent garages could do very well as much cheaper for servicing. Dealerships might do well from servicing / fixing those older cars, but on balance I think not. Sales teams for new cars will be reduced. Anyone who can access a decent company car scheme should consider electric (Tesla 3 instead of BMW 3/4/5 etc; SAIC MG ZS EV instead of Qashqai) due to benefit in kind of zero. I can't think of many circumstances where fossils are the better choice. Anyone who needs reliable charging away from home or work sites needs access to Tesla Supercharger network. Alternatives are poor. Taking car allowance rather than company car was generally the best choice. Not now. Employers with Corporation Tax liabilities would be wise to use the 100% First Year Allowance and in most cases grab the charger install grants while they can. Electricity is so cheap it's not worth metering, but becomes an extra employee perk and avoids charging stops even on long commutes with modest cars/batteries and will be expected by visitors (customers). Employees can use salary sacrifice to get a better car with pre tax salary. All costs paid for by employer (tyres, insurance), so ends up cost neutral at worst depending on scheme / age / mileage. Private mileage dead cheap, claim 4p a mile for business use which is less than cost to employee (2p? Much less on economy 7 or Octopus tariffs, let alone solar or powerwall). EVSE (charger) cost from employer and grant. No-brainer according to the spreadsheets I've seen. You can see why the Model 3 was the best seller (of ALL cars, irrespective of fuel type) in Netherlands (BIK) and Norway (sales tax) in 2019. Both business and personal leasing will be expensive for fossil cars as the depreciation is huge compared to BEVs (battery electric vehicles). Figures from early adopting countries show Teslas particularly are rarely sold by owners. The USA version of Autotrader lists only 140 for sale in the country. Much lower than comparable volume cars/age. Prices range from a bit under to marginally over the original purchase price (insidevs, cleantechnica or teslarati has figures). Norwegian, and increasingly other leasing companies are seeing high residuals for BEV and sinking residuals for fossils making fossil leases increasingly more expensive and risky. Some UK BEV owners have sold used cars for more than they bought them two years before. Unusual for cars to appreciate (excluding collectables) but the supply is really constrained compared to the high demand. Very rare for a BEV owner to ever go back to fossil. Many stories of multi car owning families avoiding fossil car use even if exotic or premium weekend cars are available (911, muscle car). Old cars lie there unused until people understand their new BEV, how to best use and feel confident to sell old fossils. In the morning the car is defrosted, warmed, ready to go. Ditto in evening using phone app. Everyone else scraping off the ice, warming engines while BEV drivers just go. On phone so excuse typos, hard to post links. I think BMW is toast over next 5 years. No idea what Toyota are playing at. All the legacy auto makers have huge debts, workforces, pensions, useless capital and machinery. One or more will demise very quickly.
  2. Sounds like a good idea to combine solar, battery and electric vehicle. Powerwall2 has two special modes 'storm watch' is one which Tesla activates to ensure powerwalls are fully charged from the grid prior to known outages. California powercuts leading to odd situation. Electric vehicles fine (if solar and powerwall2). Fossil cars can't get fuel as pumps are electric with few stations having generator or solar backup. Tesla superchargers will soon have power packs (BIG batteries) and solar for complete independence from grid for small outages (storm watch) or indefinitely (solar covers average usage). https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-powerwall-owners-pge-outage-gas-shortage Only a few gas stations remain operational in CA amid the power outage, resulting in long lines of vehicles as owners attempt to acquire fuel. Ali Alezzani, a manager of an Exxon station on San Pablo Avenue in El Cerrito, noted to the Chronicle that tensions are currently so high, some gas car owners almost got into fights while they were waiting for their turn at the pump. Videos taken of gas stations across the state hint at extremely long wait times as large numbers of car owners line up for a chance to acquire fuel. ... While Tesla owners with residential battery systems and solar panels are practically immune to the effects of PG&E’s widespread shutdown, CEO Elon Musk has pledged to improve the company’s Supercharger Network by installing Powerpack batteries within the next few weeks. Musk also mentioned that solar panels will be added to its Superchargers as fast as possible, in order to acquire clean, 24/7 power. ... Tesla’s electric car and energy storage business is designed to promote an ecosystem that allows customers to achieve energy independence from the grid. By using the company’s electric cars together with its solar panels and home batteries, owners could essentially power their vehicles and houses with the sun. This, ultimately, is Tesla’s endgame, and if the performance of Powerwall 2 batteries and solar panels in PG&E’s current outage is any indication, a good number of homeowners might very well end up purchasing batteries and solar systems for their houses after this incident. ... Plus vehicle to grid will help fragile grids. 90 kWh in some Tesla's. Model 3 is 70-75 I think. Other EVs next year likely to range from 50 to 100 kwh (run a 2 kw kettle for 25 to 50 hours. Advert breaks and tea making are supposedly big stressors on the grid, especially when lots of people are watching the same broadcast). https://thedriven.io/2019/01/30/batteries-on-wheels-will-change-the-grid-and-the-way-we-use-electricity/ led by manufacturers in Japan, where the issue of back-up has been a major focus since the Fukushima nuclear disaster, ... There is 90kWh in a Tesla battery – that can power an average house for four to five days, including air conditioning. “It is a significant amount of energy – we are not talking charing up for five minutes and leaving the battery flat, we are talking about days. ... means that (consumers) have an option to significantly reduce consumption from the grid. If you have solar on roof and the vehicle able to be plugged in, and you combine that with a small permanently installed battery in your house, you don’t need a big battery to make a difference.” Kennedy says a small household battery could provide electricity – stored from the solar panels – to cover 95 per cent of use. ... Should it rain for a week and the battery gets depleted because of insufficient solar, an EV with vehicle-to-grid technology can simply be charged elsewhere, such as a supermarket or other infrastructure, and bring it back home to power the house. “All that missing at this point is enough storage. There is a real risk here that utilities … get left behind as people start putting batteries in by themselves and do what they want.
  3. Wherever I look in England*, I see incompetence and possibly corruption. Looking at USA for ideas instead of our neighbours. I compare USA criminal industry to Netherlands, but the media doesn't. Do Sky and BBC have correspondents based in each EU country building up deep knowledge, bringing interesting ideas? I think they are more likely to have 'Europe Correspondents' with little deep or useful knowledge. The editors show little interest in showcasing effective ideas and solutions. Infrastructure in England seems dreadful compared to Europe. I understand it's similarly bad in USA (roads, bridges, drinking water). Everything in England that I think is dreadful originates from Westminster or in my neck of the woods, incompetent, corrupt and ideological ****-ups from councils (Tory for the most part here, but Pathway was probably labour). £10 million lent to a football club/developer can't be traced (Northampton Borough council). Northants and borough councils bankrupt and having to cobble together some hare-brained merger of 5 local authorities with essential services being bid for by other local authorities. London as a money laundering hub, immoral war crimes by us or 'allies' with money and huge influence. I was watching some videos on the Netherlands recently. Being a country where war was fought on the ground (rather than just air-raids) and they suffered the 1953 flood, they seemed to have decided that they should look after themselves collectively and not individually. Stupidity is called out and therefore far less than UK. I can't imagine we can be independent as we need to be in a block with real clout, otherwise China and USA especially will walk all over us. We have a choice of which block we join - USA, EU or China. Of the 3, EU is most appealing and makes most sense. I have little interest in USA culture and norms. *I know England best and each 'nation' has some differences.
  4. There will be s gradual dawning for those who live long enough. I hope they turn on the press owners, dodgy politicians and the rest of those avoiding or evading EU tax compliance.
  5. Interesting. Is that life expectancy at birth? Because if they got through the 1930s and 1940s (before many antibiotics / NHS plus a world war) then their life expectancy from that point was a lot higher than the from birth number. Ie Child born in 1930 life expectancy 60 years. Many peers died from whooping cough, tb etc. Same person (now 20) in 1950 would probably expert to live to 70 plus after avoiding childhood illnesses and safer from adult ones eg tuberculosis curable, antibiotics and NHS helping preventative care. Plus probably better housing.
  6. Both my parents were dead just after 65. Only one grandparent lived longer than 65 (maybe just 60?). My three aunts have been pretty knackered since 70 if not before. None drive anymore. In and out of hospital. Few of my wife's uncles have made it past 60! A couple of aunts nearing 70 with increasing health problems. I can't imagine any of those at 70 retraining for big data analytics or artificial intelligence. What are they meant to do at 70 when they need help gardening, cleaning house etc. Answers: Citizens income (freedom dividend). I'll start calling it citizens dividend. Tax property and pollution (use of commons for own use).
  7. One big problem is the unproductive hoarding of assets. Use them or lose them (by choosing to sell to productive people). A street full of Saudi owned wrecked houses in Mayfair, parking money in farmland for inheritance tax reasons or a series of empty shops whose owners refuse to reduce rent to prevent their asset values dropping are not helpful to society, crime, enterprise and employment. Better for the houses, land and shops to be used, tidy and providing utility.
  8. I think the first category were used by the predators to bring in other girls. Some parents who tried to take action were threatened by the gangs and unsupported when reported to police and council (league tables ruled). I think investigations should include the criminals, their employers, colleagues and particularly the premises where grooming and attacks occurred. These might include shops, flats above and houses. Any negligence by owners or leaseholders should lead to confiscation with proceeds of sales going to victims either directly or for professional support or training. Any collusion with officialdom or politicians must lead to severe punishment and wealth confiscation.
  9. UK being behind Russia in maths isn't great. Am on a phone so difficult to view all info but certainly several European countries doing better in maths list. Most of the top ones are Asian with very intense teaching often with evening and weekend private teaching commonly used. I don't want the intense model as I think it causes other problems but Estonia, Finland and Netherlands look to be good candidates for study. Finland education is very well known. Little testing, pupil led project learning with very clever, respected, independent and trusted teachers providing mentoring tailored to each pupil. Very few teaching hours but lots of planning and professional training hours during a week. Very happy kids. No homework. Kids follow their passions with teacher support. I think Netherlands for crime prevention or perhaps better described as public safety interventions.
  10. Finland and Netherlands for school age education and further education. Netherlands for crime prevention. Belgium for monk brewed raspberry beer and a table full of 50 different beer glasses at night's end. Spain for collecting rubbish once or twice a day. France for fresh bread twice a day and riot police with wine in their packed lunch. Estonia for defeating the USSR with singing. Slovenia for chilled out Al fresco experience and Metalkova.
  11. Not countries I know well. I suspect UK politicians have few good lessons to learn from there but I don't know much about their education or healthcare. Certainly a lot of well educated Poles came here for semi skilled work. I believe Poland's plumbing courses may have provided many plumbers. Some of their builders are shocked at UK nailgun building practices but you can't expect screws to be used in a £300,000 starter home can you? Do they have effective apprenticeships, progressing via journeyman to master builder level like in Germany and other EU countries? Perhaps they just have effective quality control rather than self cert lowest bidder death trap style?
  12. The land, sea and other resources belongs to the society / entity (often called country, nation or whatever). Those who have exclusive or large share use of a resource pay an amount relative to its economic usefulness and whether used up (oil, gas). Citizens receive a basic amount that isn't means tested and enough to survive in cheaper areas. They may have move. They may choose to work (almost anyone not incapable or taking out time for child / elderly / relative care Eg spouse with cancer or retraining). Citizens income is cheap to administer and has no traps. People dip in and out of employment as life requires. Having a carer work while paying childcare, long term elderly care is not ideal for many or the state. Unemployed are not currently allowed, let alone encouraged to retrain in UK (encouraged in many EU countries). Income, vat and many destructive taxes are easy for the rich and chancers to avoid and hence expensive to administer. Land value tax is cheap to administer and hard to avoid. Publish the locations and taxes for transparency. Furthermore tax all global holdings of a business or person with ability to offset double taxation of the land. Publish all land globally with taxes paid. Transparency will clear a lot of criminals. The main reasons for missed appointments are probably that they are so far in the future and it is not unusual for an elderly person to be in hospital. Text message reminders seem to help a lot. Joined up it systems might help. You may be a veggie who doesn't like genetically modified food. Cosying up to the US will likely make that harder. We have discussed UK and US healthcare systems. Perhaps seeing more of EU ones might lead us to better choices. For that we need to seek out news / info on other countries. Not just the 24 news cycle shock horror of English speaking countries and particularly the USA.
  13. Land value tax on the economic worth or potential income of the land. Improvements by government (EG transport) then go back to the government, not speculators who force locals out with higher rents. Remove income, ni, vat taxes. Whatever you tax, there is less of. Windows, chimneys, employment (ni, income), enterprise (vat) or hoarding of land (often unproductively for speculation)? Window and chimney taxes changed British building design. Lack of tax on land has fed speculation and unproductive hoarding, Tax of services, labour and brains has reduced enterprise.
  14. I got a tax statement the other day. Contributions to EU was tiny compared to the rest. I don't know if accurate or not. Most ERG brexiteers want a US style culture. Less support, less state, more privatisation. Their future would see the end of the NHS, people standing on their own feet while being ripped off by vulture and crony capitalism where the connected get the spolis. I want a basic safety net, citizens income, land value tax, no income tax, no vat, food safety. It won't happen but a basic safety net was more likely in the EU than as a mock USA. Food safety in jeopardy with a bullying USA captured by big food crony capitalists. Health costs have no ceiling. The US way of having a large percentage with no or low coverage and an elite overpaying must be avoided. As a country the US has high healthcare spending with poor results. Why don't we learn from successful countries (many in the EU) when we look at crime, education and health. The news is full of US initiatives that are dumb and expensive. Why can't we follow the Netherlands on crime and prisons? Edit for autocorrect corrections
  15. UK politicians, police and more failed again. This seems to have occurred even in white British areas such as parts of West country. I haven't paid a huge attention, but some points have stuck in my mind. Late night hanging around by a few girls with troubled backgrounds, 'older boyfriends' for status / boredom who were really highly manipulative predators who then used girls to recruit other girls. Late night shops, men who could buy cigarettes and alcohol (probably drugs too). Seemingly shop workers and taxi drivers were predominant. So many people must have known. This was organised or networked crime. It needs to be heavily investigated and the networks broken up through mistrust of each other. These criminals must have trusted each other not to talk. That has to end. Active, intelligent interruption is required. Comprehensive intelligence gathering from those in the late night culture. Let the criminals be afraid of other criminals, the police, being found out and assets taken and prison. Also, lowest level police must be able to follow their instincts instead of forced down a tickbox, league table route. UK politicians are responsible for so much harm by not trusting professionals (police, teachers) and instead going the league table / management by spreadsheet way. Treat this as a network / spreading disease. Treat the victims comprehensively and let them see some justice and a positive future for victims. Prevent this from happening.
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