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  1. Hi everybody at HPC, Well here I am again, made a post about a month ago now about buying a 2 bed house in Dunstable. Well since then the estate agent has informed us there has been several offers on the house well above our offer of £100,000 upto 110,00 I am lead to believe, but they have stuck with us because we have done as we said we would ( sounds fishy already). Any who, got a surveyer in last week just for piece of mind and was informed the house needed a whole new roof upto £8k repairs as ruff estimate, so naturally we pulled out and thought nothing more of it. Well get a phone call today from EA saying that the seller is offering to drop the price by 10k, this all sounds a bit fishy as surly they would be going with the mug offering 10k more? So now what to do? Cheers for listening
  2. Thanks all for replying, Reasons for not buying: More price falls to come, another wave of finacial s**t hitting the fan (not looking at you Latvia) plus the fact you are talking to someone who agonises over every big ticket item he has ever bought, sorry just down right tight. Lots of work to be done on house did I mention it needs all new windows and doors at some point, on a busy main road, (but once inside love it.) Reasons for buying: Kind of showed the Mrs the bedroom door without opening it now all she can think about is wallpaper and gardens (I know I'm a coward), not getting any younger now 32, don't want to be paying this off forever, fed up with thinking about the houseprice situation and don't want to continue lining my landlords pockets. Have disagreed with the houseprice situation since the early 00's and have always maintained that these prices where unsustainable, even when it has made me unpopular.
  3. Hi everybody on houseprice, Yes yet another ftb looking to buy, been reading posts since about early 2006 but have never posted due to not wanting to be ripped to shreds by some of the big brains on here. The wife and I have seen a two bedroom house in Dunstable up for £100,000, which is a reposession and needs a lot of work doing to it, two new ceilings in both bedrooms, new carpet throughout and good lick of paint, but despite all this we both really like it. We have a large deposit saved of £35,000 (part of which was saved while I was at uni and the wife supported us both) of which we will be putting down £25,000 and currently earning just short of 40k between us, job wise I think we are both safe, I work in a care home as a Chef and the Mrs is a Learning support adviser for a local college. Had the offer accepted and also have a mortgage, so are ready to go, but there is something stopping me from going ahead. Currently renting a two bed flat for £575 a month, and can't see rents coming down round here anytime soon. Thanks for listening.
  4. Hi, Have never posted on here, felt I didn't have the financial knowledge, but have been reading from the side lines since early 2007. My question is if we are really heading for a depression, as many on this site believe, why are so many other people posting about putting in offers on property?
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