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  1. In her case a deliberate misunderstanding of the markets, turn Adam Smith on its head to justify rentier capitalism
  2. I use cash more since I started shopping at markets more. What a terrorist I've become
  3. Nearby also some old 'concrete' council houses, you can tell the 'mortgaged' ones as have been reclad in brick!
  4. Was watching some new builds go up near near me in a former vicarage garden, and they seem to be largely timber frame construction with considerable use of insulation panels in exterior and interior walls. The bricks now seem to be for purely cladding the exterior, probably something to do with mortgageability?
  5. Well that is the problem usually. Those with most to hide are the idiots wanting to bring this kind of stuff in, and they usually end up coming unstuck!
  6. An LVT would pretty much end this farce. Hence why I can guarantee it will never be introduced. Tories donors no longer able to hold country to ransom over land. You are right to assume the government is the enemy. The cabinet might as well be Spectre
  7. Cleaned out a wealthy husband and slowly bankrupting a company. Ideal Tory. They have been doing this for centuries with their faux 'boom and bust' crapitalism
  8. He seemed such a clever sensible chap. Now at Sky he's been got at and become a rentier shill. Such a shame. I'm sure he'll be well rewarded
  9. Well done lad. You now own 25% of a shared ownership package, can vote Tory and vote for austerity (for others). Assume a moral superiority over other renters (even though you've mortgaged to the hilt to buy a secure tenancy) oh and better still you cop it for a full insuring and repairing lease. Welcome to Tory Britain. Do unto others, as they will have done unto you. Hopefully it won't flood too bad. In another 30 odd years, you will be a welfare rapist contributor to BBC Radio 4 'You and Yours'
  10. I think the MPC is going to have to hike a little. Worth some popcorn for moaning and groaning from the ho moanerz and BTL "how could the government allow this to happen."
  11. Surveyors say buy more houses. Needless to say this infommercial is picked up as news/fact by the BBC news whoring/silo site. Are we doing any good, repeating it here?
  12. The curse of HPC strikes again Today GBPUSD recovered most of previous days loss's despite negative GDP revisions.
  13. Had to laugh when Brady said both firms wanted them. I thought yeh, they would make perfect estate agents Kudos to the guy that walked out. Should have punched Sugar. Stuff your "investment " basically.
  14. Boo Hoo. How dare Osbo attack the 'strivers' in their quest to capture the economic rent of the genuinely productive
  15. Its not so much the houses, but the land they stand on. Really a house should depreciate like any other good like a car, unless substantially renovated or improved. What needs tackling is the unearned economic rent of the land they stand on, of 'land' owners capturing the product of wages and profits, from the locational value of their land without lifting a finger to earn it. We need a land value tax. For capitalism to actually work we need to: 1. Tax work and profits as little as possible 2. Tax land rents as much as possible. To those that think its politically impossible to implement land tax's I'd say that little to no income tax was a rather massive carrot. This is not extremist leftism either. Its the economics of Adam Smith, Ricardo, etc which the neofeudalists in the Tory party and the cheerleaders in the Rentiergraph and CityAM that are turning on its head
  16. I'm afraid to say I have a belief system that is hostile to the country as well You could say decades of HPI and rigged game monopoly capitalism have radicalised me. If anyone should go and fight, send in the rentiers and hereditary land owners. They are the ones with anything to loose My 'price' for supporting this country is an LVT and massive land reform, and turfing the hereditary bums off their stolen land and out of power for good. People have recently said to me "wow you have really turned to the left now" No I haven't. I'm still a capitalist, which isn't the shit perversion we are currently presented with.
  17. Just shows the London bubble market is overvalued by at least 40%
  18. I would think the Dentist would be looking to add to his BTL's. When I first saw this article there was a Polish woman queuing to buy flats for each of her kid's studying in London. A likely tale. BTL's more like. The rentier tollboth economy continues full speed ahead. When you need permission to go to the loo and have to pay £5 per plop, to your foreign rentier overlord hopefully people will wake up and it will finally kick off, but by then it will be too late. Like Labour before it, the Tories are selling everything but the kitchen sink to oversea's rentiers
  19. I doubt the EA gets a copy of the email, unless you have consented in some way to have your data (and 'private' conversation in an email) harvested.
  20. Lies damned lies, and Osbo's Tory tax credit statistics https://lampfrey.net/wp/truth-lies-and-tax-credits-1-osbornes-odious-comparison/
  21. Funny how only the plebs have to fit in with globalisation, unlike rentiers, landlords, landowners and our crap politicians. Next war, and I'm on the other side (although I'm too old). What would you be fighting for? BTL landlords and the Windsors? British Rubbish Values? What are they exactly. Property flipping? Fck them, they can do the fighting.
  22. I assume there is a time limit that Tories have before the 5300 switch from being hard working to feckless scroungers?
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