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  1. Damn.. You've hit a very good point there! In case anyone doesn't know, the housing bill will make it so any future changes will put social tenants onto new 2-5 year tenancies with periodic reviews.

    Maybe this ties in with social housing LHA rates being brought in line with private rented rates. I've read that the LHA rate changes will inevitability affect some pensioners, sheltered housing etc.

    I wonder if the plan is something like this:

    1. Abolish social housing akin to London hunger games and set a strong floor on HPI in conjunction with HTB et al

    2. Encourage enough punters buyers to secure younger votes for 2020.

    3. Phase out BTL and let the big boys/Tory donors buy them up.

    4. In conjunction with part 3 and the Housing & Planning Bill, allowing the emphasis by developers to be on 'starter homes', enabling bigger profits and HPI.

    Wonder what effect plan to level Council estates will have on Right To Buy. If you are going to end up being compulsory purchased. The pay outs have usually been pretty pathetic. Former tenants forced back into debt, or forced out of London completely as unable to buy locally from compensation terms.

  2. Wonder if this is the Tories way of cleansing London of it's poor(ish) and ethnic minorities by pretending to help?

    Well in the Housing Bill they did away with lifetime tenancies (for new social tenants).

    So where existing secure tenancies remain, demolish their estates, so they won't!

    We will just turn a blind eye to the fact much land in the UK has been in same hands for nearly a thousand years, and will always be in the hands of the same few thousand families

  3. Rather than demolish these places it would it be better to refurb them to a decent standard and rent them out to a different demographic. People who work for a living - for a modest increase in the rent to contribute towards the refurb costs. I suggest low to medium earners who are either at work for the most part or do charity work.They will appreciate the homes more and look after them better. I know I would.

    The scum element who cause problems on estates like these (read: too much time on their hands) can be rehoused in some prefab elsewhere.

    But people in that demographic are in a better position to buy. For some reason housing in the UK has to be private debt financed.

    I'm moving out of social housing as they are just dishing out vacant flats to druggies, people with something called ADHD (?) probationers. domestic violence abusers and so on as they have a higher band on the waiting list. To be fair the local Housing Officers are getting sick of it, as they have to deal with all the complaints.

    Although the bedroom tax had created a dire shortage of one bedroomed accommodation, my local ALMO has been giving a flat each to some 'couples.'


  4. https://mises.org/library/will-2016-be-end-current-skyscraper-boom

    Considering what's just happened in Saudi, there could be a lot of political unrest there.

    Someone was saying that hotel fire in Dubai was an insurance job. Property prices down -11%. Commercial property projects at saturation point.


  5. We've discussed this at length in the other thread, but I also think this is doomed to fail because (a) the ability and willingness of the courts to interfere with primary legislation are strictly limited, ( B) they can't afford to keep the case going and © they may already be out of time.

    They are selling this to their donors on the basis that s.24 offends against some alleged principle of taxation. That is quite simply a non-starter. If common law and statute law conflict, then statute law must prevail. They might have some kind of case under EU law, but it appears their chances are very slender and a case of that complexity would be appealed all the way to the European Court of Justice. The costs would run into millions.

    Finally, judicial review proceedings must be brought as soon as possible, and in any event within three months. They have convinced themselves that just means three months, when it most certainly doesn't.

    Love to see the confidential discussions between the barristers bringing the Judicial Review and the probably chances of success, and their 'prospectus' on Crowd Justice website!

    The £50K is just to launch the application. More funding will be required in the unlikely circumstance of it succeeding! :blink:

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