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  1. Wonder what effect plan to level Council estates will have on Right To Buy. If you are going to end up being compulsory purchased. The pay outs have usually been pretty pathetic. Former tenants forced back into debt, or forced out of London completely as unable to buy locally from compensation terms.
  2. Not really practical unless you want to be evicted and credit black listed at the same time. Was watching "Can't Pay, Take it Away" the other day. Tenant being evicted from what looked like a former local authority flat. The rent ? £500 per week.
  3. Yes like anyone that owns land. Its a free ride thanks to 'economic rent'
  4. Love the "how dare they stay put" tone of the article No one forced them at gunpoint to become landlords But basically in England anyway, ignore the S21, wait for repossession proceedings
  5. Scrap the BoE says Adam Smith Institute http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/bank-of-england/12092171/Scrap-Bank-of-Englands-powers-after-century-of-boom-and-bust-says-think-tank.html After a century of boom and bust, and 'free banking' system before was far more stable. Well Haldane said he can't wait to be replaced by a bot. Let the algo's rule!
  6. Well in the Housing Bill they did away with lifetime tenancies (for new social tenants). So where existing secure tenancies remain, demolish their estates, so they won't! We will just turn a blind eye to the fact much land in the UK has been in same hands for nearly a thousand years, and will always be in the hands of the same few thousand families
  7. But people in that demographic are in a better position to buy. For some reason housing in the UK has to be private debt financed. I'm moving out of social housing as they are just dishing out vacant flats to druggies, people with something called ADHD (?) probationers. domestic violence abusers and so on as they have a higher band on the waiting list. To be fair the local Housing Officers are getting sick of it, as they have to deal with all the complaints. Although the bedroom tax had created a dire shortage of one bedroomed accommodation, my local ALMO has been giving a flat each to some 'couples.'
  8. He's right. Tax Land Tax everything as little as possible. Will we do it? Nope in fact we will do opposite. We are a rentier state Why bother when you can bypass doing the hard stuff and capture other people's wealth through land?
  9. Last chance to offoad before the market slides. WARNING WARNING!
  10. They don't get it. Premium brands worked when they were quality and made in British factories People only want to buy sweat shop tat at sweat shop prices, not premium brand prices Why do you think Jag's, Range Rovers, Bini's and Aston Martins are still made here?
  11. Think we'll see a bounce soon. Demand going back to 2009/2010 Plus HPC contrary indicator more or less dictates it.
  12. All fanciful idea's that will never see light of day I'm afraid. Tax land as much as possible Tax everything else, as little as possible.
  13. 80% of Singaporians are publicly housed so maybe they have do their rent seeking here, as the British elite doesn't give a damn about its citizens?
  14. Looking slightly better today following fairly solid 3rd tier data (services PMI) and PMI's suggesting 0.5% GDP growth final quarter. Of course could still be a case of selling the rally
  15. If Rightmove cared about data integrity then once a property goes in to the db, then its in for good. Even if it sells and comes back onto the market years later. Unless the intention is to deceive buyers and frustrate price discovery
  16. Reading the article further on it suggests the order book is growing and customers will not have to wait longer for their boats
  17. Bet it all on black More fun and free sandwiches at my local casino
  18. Googled for "SIPS extension company" and found a few I think. Here is one http://www.homeextensions.co.uk/structural-insulated-panels-sips/ In fact an old boomer bungalow up the road from me, was massively extended using them. Didn't know what they were at the time. Wish I'd taken photo's!
  19. Someone was saying that hotel fire in Dubai was an insurance job. Property prices down -11%. Commercial property projects at saturation point. http://www.thenational.ae/business/property/new-dubai-property-projects-at-saturation-point-after-torrent-of-announcements
  20. Love to see the confidential discussions between the barristers bringing the Judicial Review and the probably chances of success, and their 'prospectus' on Crowd Justice website! The £50K is just to launch the application. More funding will be required in the unlikely circumstance of it succeeding!
  21. Trying to find their crowd funding here but can't find it? Unless I'm blind? https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/cases/
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