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  1. Let the market decide what is built and where, with the help of Land Value Taxation. Get rid of the socialist planning czars who only enrich existing owners of land. For the few to decide that 95% of UK is inviolate imposes a massive tax on everyone else. Now if the country bumpkins are prepared to pay for their exclusive, gated, "white flight" protected greenery? You know in parts of the "industrial north" nature has recovered remarkably quickly, to the point that local NIMBY's now regard it as 'green belt'
  2. Hospitals are in trouble due to the cult of rentierism (PFI etc). Incredible the government is about to compound the error by allowing the rent extractors into schools. (Academies). Only this week we saw an academy chain stripped of its schools. The Executive Headmaster on £120K no less
  3. I'd be quite comfortable renting, providing there were more rental options. The trend at the moment is remove options entirely (especially in the social sector) The really evil thing is trapping people for the long term, in a short term letting solution.
  4. Interesting article by Ed Conway. Two thirds of BTL landlords earn less than £32K per year. Least able to withstand rate hike. http://www.edmundconway.com/2016/03/the-unexpected-victims-of-the-coming-buy-to-let-crunch/ I've long suspected rented housing will go through a distribution phrase. Prices will be allowed to drop and rates hiked to change the ownership of the sector. A bit like a "shakeout." Think the government would prefer to see larger, corporate more professional landlords (for financial stability) but needs to maintain healthy home ownership to stay elected. That said I think things have changed forever with housing with them becoming priced as "Giffen goods" for the wealthier.
  5. I can't either. Very odd indeed. Includes Killer bunny in that group which is odd as he is happy for his wonderful "capitalism" to decide outcome of almost everything else. Not at all surprised though. We parted company on Twitter when he regarded Scottish land reform as dangerous socialism. WTF has feudalism got to do with socialism or capitalism for that matter.
  6. "no more" but I suspect existing boomer IO borrowers will remain locked in
  7. Someone was saying that the very generous public sector pension was an incentive. Probably worth another 20% on wages apparently. Probably not for much longer!
  8. The more key voter demographics get up to their neck in debt to buy overpriced bricks and mortar, the more I think the temptation will be for governments to keep kicking cans down the road. Their chosen model of debt based owner occupation, cannot be seen to fail. I'd prefer to see repudiation and rejection of prices and more and more debt. Instead there seems to be greater appetite! Then again up here in the North, I am pretty much out of the loop. Rents, prices not really going anywhere.
  9. They would both be totally bankrupt many times over, were it not for the homeowner free money machine. Saved by HPI!
  10. Interesting. Fred believes the next crash will be around 2016 based on the 18 year land cycle. China also is subject to an 18 year cycle of land boom and bust. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/2000510-economists-explain-why-our-economy-crashes-every-18-years/?photo=6 Weird, because you'd think the West and China would follow the example of Taiwan which believes in taxing land, not wages The next big crash could be so severe it could lead to war.
  11. Might just as well buy 20 houses and stick Syrian refugee's in them, now.
  12. The rentierisation / toll booth economy continues apace. From cradle to grave rent seeking. Also sneaked the rentierisation of education through academies. All public land to be sold, (Infrastructure Bill). Thatcherism Biggest CON ever perpetuated on the British public. No market liberalisation at all. Returned us all to 14th century serfdom
  13. Which is why you need a form of LVT to ensure property is forced back into use. Would love to see a form of Ebay auction process for rented property where people can bid and prices can find a market level, rather than rentiers and letting agents "ordaining" prices from some ivory perch.
  14. Looks to have boarded and insulated it with carpet which will make it more comfortable. Also a van doesn't give the game away like a campervan. If I did this, would probably find a huge retail car park which at night is nearly deserted, apart from a 24 hours Tesco and Macdonalds, few out Beckton way like that.
  15. Common sense prevailing maybe rather than "tulip mania." Conned into paying premium prices, for what was brownfield shithole part of London
  16. Oh dear, how sad http://www.cityam.com/235984/battersea-panic-stations-investors-flee-luxury-scheme-as-up-to-2m-is-knocked-off-some-asking-prices
  17. A government scheme that incentivises buyers to overpay for houses. Who would have thought it? http://www.insidehousing.co.uk/business/development/government-schemes/lenders-against-starter-homes-unless-policy-is-changed/7014211.article?utm_source=Housing60&utm_medium=email&utm_content=article_link&utm_campaign=H60
  18. No need. Just tax the land rents. Won't happen of course, as the "one percent" love their free ride.
  19. Yes I think the mass post war council house building was also a great benefit to the economy. Enabled the State to capture the economic rent, rather than the over entitled shysters on property 118 and their financiers, that we have now
  20. I think the capitalist, fast food industry, sugar, grain based products, which create premature heart failure are doing a pretty good job and keeping pension liabilities down. Here in Huddersfield, we are likely to loose our infirmary and run it from PFI indebted Halifax, so lots of extra deaths in transit on the Elland bypass. Really serious cases can die en route to Leeds.
  21. Could result in people living longer as they have more reason to live. Many retired people didn't survive long as they loose purpose. Also the heavy labour, dangerous jobs like mining have gone. Look at the number of business people that just go and on, not to mention High Court judges and so on. Could result in a lot more 100 year olds, doddering on making State deficits worse. Just makes me think that the Tories don't realise that a fully automated/algorithmic economy is just round the corner, or they do and they and their rentier friends capture all the gains from it through land, whilst the plebs are worked to death to buy their pocket hankerfchief sized plots. Hope I live long enough to see politicians hanging from lamp posts though.
  22. That is very unfair. He was consistently above the 2% inflation target and having to write constant letters... once his pension fund was safely invested in inflation proof gilts and out of equities (which crashed)
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