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  1. Mortgage payments are £450/550 per month? I assumed the £1200 a month was total committments Most average rents in UK towns can be £600-800 a month. Even here in no hope Huddersfield you can pay that
  2. I think what could be amusing is the last minute attempt to get voters registered, the kind of younger, precariously housed voters that the Tories were only too willing to throw off the register
  3. And this is just Panama. There are other tax havens. Yes we are distracted from the £90K a year he gets in rent (which is more than an MP's basic salary). Also he paid his tax's on dividends from Blairmore knowing full well these funds are setup for very low taxed, if taxed at all capital gains. http://www.channel4.com/news/david-cameron-third-off-shore-investment-fund-linked-to-fat
  4. No longer it seems http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/adrian-childs-replaces-ray-boulger-on-ami-board/
  5. Well said! Agricultural version of the cup cakes business, with farm subsidies (rentier tax credits) thrown in for good measure make them report to the Jobcentre every few weeks I've no doubt many want to buy land. Borrow cheaply, get the State to run infrastructure to it, which is promptly captured as untaxed private wealth. Once again homebuyers and tax payers as the mugs
  6. Yes they showed his clip on the Marr Show. Blood pressure immediately soared above danger levels. Unearned, rent seeking must be protected at all costs
  7. See the video in the Daily Mail article. The average new build is the same size as an underground carriage! http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-3341412/Half-new-builds-small-families-RIBA-architects-warn.html My 70's flat is built to Parker Morris space standards. So probably now compares with a new build "house"
  8. Agree with a lot you say, but can't see sharing the pool of diminishing spoils with home owners, being politically acceptable for much longer. Then again I have been wrong before (last 10 years it seems!)
  9. I'm all for it in a way because I'm hoping a public spirited employee on minimum wage, or zero hours, will leak all the land ownership data, aka Panama.
  10. They all charge the same amounts. Once again the market doesn't provide a choice or competition. The rentier can pay £60 to photocopy an AST if he wants to and even more for credit referencing which everyone else except a letting agent, can get done for a few quid The only real choice you have is to avoid Letting Agents like a plague and look on Gumtree
  11. Icelandic PM already resigned apparently (unconfirmed - social media report) Update: Note: None of the Icelandic media are reporting that the prime minister of Iceland has resigned.
  12. My initial suspicions were 'false flag' as everyone led with Putin and his cronies. Now I'm not so sure the British establishment are getting dragged into it? But so what? Nothing will change, X-Factor back on soon
  13. 100% Spot on IMO The economy wasn't subject to 'reforms.' It was just handed over to rentiers
  14. 923 rental properties in my area of West Yorkshire but I've nothing to compare it with, as I've not looked for a while. Seems a lot to me also flooded with student properties. I'm hoping the new Unite etc student blocks are burning some fingers. If you live in a University town this might be a factor. You can rent studio's or one bed's for not a lot more than 'social rent' levels
  15. I thought it was to distance himself from angry members when his ludicrous legal action fails!
  16. I've said this before. There has been a ton of new student accommodation built in my town. Shared wifi, communal kitchens, cleaning. serviced rooms with a shower and so. Its temptingly attractive. Indeed you can rent a room during holiday times Back in the 60's had a dotty Aunt who was tone deaf. Had nothing but a tiny bedsit overlooking Huddersfield railway station. Washing facilities IIRC nothing more than a gas hot water geyser over a deep sink, and a curtain across. Researching family history my 'great grandparents' were almost certainly sharing a house with other families when married around early 1900's Yeadon, Leeds. Not saying I agree with it, but these times are probably coming back. To some extent space and living standards were set briefly post war with mass social housing building and now that is being swept aside and sold off, the slumlord attitude is coming back.
  17. Fred agree's http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jan/29/heading-for-a-crash-global-economic-meltdown-panel-repeat-2008-china-slowdown
  18. Bear in mind nationalisation really just bails out the existing owners. A bit like houses! Arguably Labour paid too much to owners of Stewart & Lloyds etc when they nationalised. They were more or less bankrupt and the socialists paid above fair value. Should have let them collapse, then stepped in. I'm probably one of the few people on HPC, to have actually worked in a steel plant! (Basic Oxygen steel making plant in Corby during late 70's) State invested heavily in new Basic Oxygen steelmaking but while I was there only saw one vessel working. I actually don't think capitalism works any more. State seems to be need to offer guarantee's to get any investment going, subsidise and so on. Of course once the State has put up the cash, the rentiers pour in to buy it at discount, and extract profits as rent (probably what Tata were doing). Other industries such as chemicals are pharma are similar, with the rent extractors feasting over the carcusses of dying industries. Replacement jobs of course, are deeply insecure jobs which require absolutely no capital whatsover. (Car wash, nail bars, shelf stacking etc). Proper capital is for land inflation and speculation only! If we stick with this capitalist death cult, we are faced with a miserable future.
  19. Hope everone is aware that a free land policy would help manufacturers, and deliver an instant tax cut were a plant forced to close.
  20. Meet the guy paying $400 to live in a box in someone's apartment http://www.vice.com/read/meet-the-guy-paying-400-to-live-in-a-literal-wooden-box-inside-someone-elses-apartment?utm_source=vicetwitterus LUXURY!
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