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  1. 1 minute ago, Blod said:

    The show features High Court bailiffs who as they constantly point out have higher powers than normal bailiffs. You should deal with any action taken against you as soon as possible lest the defendant saddle you with greater recovery costs.

    They still can't force entry though into private homes. Only hope they have then is a car that is not financed parked near the debtors home. And at the end of the day they are business people themselves. It needs a lot of high value stuff not only to settle the debt but to pay their own fee's. Only worth using against business, or against tenants where you need a speedier eviction.

  2. 8 hours ago, jiltedjen said:

    Following two episodes of posh houses no money, the last episode of the season featured a London estate agent.
    I think the bill was paid out of the wage monies by the looks of it.

    I suspect the next season will hot up a lot with much more struggling nice house broke people, and a load more estate agents going bust. It seems to have only been the last 3 episodes which seems to be showing a housing slowdown, and i guess the delay must be at least 6 months between filming and TV.


    If you are a business then you are a sitting duck for bailiffs. They can even use reasonable force to enter the premises.

    Everyone else, my advise is. Don't open the door. They don't have half as much power as they think they have. And some of those scenes on the show I suspect are staged

  3. 5 minutes ago, Pindar said:

    That's what the Franco-German power axis has done - with Thatcher as its agent - to Britain since it joined the "EEC" in 1973. It's not a coincidence that the former "Coal and Steel Community" wanted to lay waste to Britain's heavy industry and energy supply. Look at tory policy (and it was the tories who illegally signed Britain into the EEC in 1973) to see that it was merely EEC/EU policy being implemented. Thatcher then proceeded to make Britain dependent on France/Germany for its electricity and water supplies in the 1980s by "privatising" (a.k.a transferring from public ownership by the British to public ownership by the French and Germans) them. Britain may have "won" the war but it has been asset stripped and converted into a cash cow for the benefit of the continental power elite ever since. Not a coincidence.

    All the problems with the UK are down to the UK. The Tories just love to sell everything off and this is what happened. We were not forced to sell our utilities off to foreign rentiers. The failure is entirely Tory.

    Now we are leaving the EU, who you gonna blame now? The EU, immigrants, single women on tax credits? its never a fecking Tory is it?

    If I were a senior Tory I'd have an overnight bag packed at all times and a fast car readied for the airport. Things are going to get ugly

  4. not so much immigrants but 40 years of Thatcherite failure that has resulted in low investment low productivity crapitalism, which just so happens needs lots of low paid immigrants. Fix the economic system.

    We used to build our own nukes in this Country but thanks to Blue Reich, now need to borrow off the commies to lend to the French to build them for us. Total fail

    If you are going to run the economy like Mogadishu, this is what you get. We used to have high tech mills here in the North. Now dance studio's and car washes.

    Oh but I'm forgetting the Tory success. Ex Council shitholes in Delapre Northampton now go for £250K apparently. What a success story.

  5. 6 minutes ago, madmax2 said:

    here it is in black and white



    plnning initially refused, then granted on condition that they share in the profits on increased prices. Quite frankly, our government is now using this mechanism to fund themselves and will do all they can to keep prices higher than they should be,

    Don't quite agree with what you are saying. The Council is saying the investment in the Elizabeth Line will inflate prices (they are correct it will). They want their share rather that these windfall gains being trousered by speculators who have done fook all to fund Crossrail.

    Basically Land Value Capture and I'm all for it.

    Same in Manchester where all the carpet baggers are moving in expections of making huge gains from the back of HS2. They get the profit. Us mug taxpayers get the expense. I am sick of paying for infrastructure that is making Londoners and other freeloaders seriously rich.

  6. I can no longer listen to Radio 4 or "You and Yours" in particular (I call it Whinge and Moan).

    Listener base seems to be welfare State rapists trying to socialise any losses whilst hanging on to unearned ill gotten gains (inheritance, HPI you name it)

    So not at all surprised its boomer listeners are phoning in saying "well our house hasn't risen in value"

  7. 3 minutes ago, JustAnotherProle said:

    People living in Shipping containers...has it really come to this?

    The "millennials" need to start taking this to the streets or we are all screwed.

    not really as container living doesn't really solve the real problem which is unaffordable land. Also no boomer would allow a container city anywhere near them. They need "breathing room" remember? :huh:

  8. 4 minutes ago, Barnsey said:

    Yup the Chinese will be able to drop in and check up on their BTL's which most of Manchesters professionals are being rent farmed for. Our politicians will end up hanging from lamp posts with any luck when people discover this is permanent and not temporary

  9. 7 minutes ago, durhamborn said:

    Exactly right crashmonitor.Terraces around me can be had for 1993 prices if you are prepared to spend £10k doing a £25k one up.My house doubled (standard semi) like you say from 2001 to 2004 and would probably go for the same price now as in 2004,so down over a third in real terms since then.In inflation terms,with the few quid iv spend on new windows,new heating etc its probably increased zero in price from 99 when i bought it.

    Not much BTL around here other than locals who buy the odd one and very little immigration.

    My postcode is showing down 41% since 2007 inflation adjusted.Id say thats right.

    was seriously thinking of taking a look at your area durhanborn,  but pretty settled here in West Yorkshire. All set for crash speed here too, provided Norther Shithouse idiots don't start inflating too mch

  10. 13 hours ago, Millaise said:

    Someone on HPC has suggested that if holding a degree is a genuine productivity enhancer, then the government should enlarge the Open University, and make it free, MOOC style. I was massivley short-changed by university, and the idea of standard, high quality training material delivered for zero or very little cost by video or electronic document appeals to me.

    I agree. But that doesn't have the youth available for three to four years rent farming away from home. charging them £80-90 for serviced apartments with internet. Seems to be the only successful business model here in Huddersfield at the moment. Only good thing is that the likes of "Unite Students" have put a fair few mom and pop amateur Rachmans out of business.

  11. What I found distressing about this show, was the huge sums being demanded by London landlords for what was former social housing. I was routing for the tenants regardless of the circumstances. If they could win a few months free rent, then good for them.

    Also the use of High Court Sheriffs to speedily evict rather than waiting months for the County Court guys to get involved

  12. when the future is either
    1) neofeudalism or. 2) neofeudalism

    8 hours ago, ARENAPUA said:

    I think the real action will be Corbyn winning the next general election.  Si1 made a good point - reset is not a problem for those with nothing to lose.

    At the last general election,  I think the young finally found their voice.

    Up to then, I think they felt what was the point, nobody listened to them in favour of the property haves aka old people who were more likely to vote.

    There has become an increasing realisation of the potential of their voting power and more and more people are becoming very angry.

    In many ways I think Corbyn would be a disaster.  But I'm more than happy to push this reset button and let the chips fall where they may. Otherwise it will simply be more of the same.

    Maybe this is what is actually needed.

    Agree 100%.

    But you can't rule out the Tories stealing another election by throwing money at boomers or wannabe boomers in the form of Help To Buy

    Will be voting for Corbyn. I've drifted increasingly leftwards in recent years. I actually don't think capitalism works at all (all it does is transfer the economy on a plate to ho moaners in my experience). Probably fixable but no political will to do it

  13. 27 minutes ago, Rave said:

    PCP deals are being pushed for bikes pretty much as hard as they are for cars now. The number of people using bikes for day to day transport has been in decline for many years now, albeit that scooters are more popular than they were in, say, the 90s (though I suspect people are being put off buying them now because of the likelihood of them being stolen and used for robberies). You can buy a commuter bike for a £1k deposit and £79 quid a month or similar, I think.

    The majority of bikes are (I would say) are sold as 'toys' and used purely for leisure. I reckon the state of the market is probably a pretty good leading indicator of economic confidence (or just the health of the economy in general). Sales of posh bikes absolutely went off a cliff in 2008; and an arbitrage opportunity arose when the pound tanked- lots of desirable used bikes got bought up here and exported to Europe, which kept used values quite high here for a while afterwards. It's anyone's guess whether the Brexit fallout will cause that to happen again, or whether there'll be a glut of used bikes on the market here- I'm certainly hoping for the latter, but not getting my hopes up too much!

    I think theft is a problem. Someone had a scooter outside the block of flats were I live. Had it chained to the railings which was also a disabled ramp as it was the only fixable point. The Council complained and that was the end of someones scootering ambitions. I think an electric bike would be more practical in flats, provided I could get the thing in the lift

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