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  1. Rentiers making money in a Rentier Paradise. Honestly you couldn't make it up. Its a blooming miracle anyone else can! UK highest rents in Europe. http://www.citymetric.com/politics/these-maps-show-britain-now-has-highest-rents-europe-1172 and thats even when you strip out the poor countries
  2. One thing I though was that UKAR be forced to offer tenants of its mortgaged properties the Right To Buy, perhaps if their landlord was in default of his mortgages.
  3. Thats good news at least. Voted for cut in tax credits and housing benefit
  4. My guess is that they won't vote for pensions or housing benefit to be cut!
  5. Come off it. If P/t London dog walkers can earn £30K a year, a hell of a lot of people slaving a way in a shit office 40 hours a week must be underpaid or not really doing anything productive. Divide the firm's turnover by head count. IIRC the idea behind tax credits was to give firms a cheap/cheaper work force, as it would be far easier to just tax the firms. Except they never really taxed the firms! Even let some firms like Vodafone off. We even have firms earning billions out of the UK that don't pay any corporation tax at all. You'd have to follow the money really and see who was really lobbying for tax credits at the time. I doubt the 'one eyed loon' was wholly responsible. Indeed its yet another idea borrowed from the USA. I strongly suspect the Labour government wasn't swayed by the massed and powerful lobby of single mums!
  6. We've had this discussion before countless times, due to numerous threads started by the wonderful wonderpup. The lower orders are expected to act morally (usually requiring a huge great stick to make them work) whilst the higher orders are expected to act in their own interests (and need only have a juicy big carrot dangled in front of them). ie Greed is good! I'm a bit pee'd off with the tax credit situation myself and wasn't aware it was giving incomes as high as £40k a year. However if you can 'earn' that amount by just knocking out a few sprog's it hints at something else I've suspected for a very long time... you are being massively underpaid in the jobs you do. I find it incredible now that 15 years ago I walked into a job that paid £25k a year which grew into nearer £50k a year with various `benefits` etc, but now if I were to go back into the job market, I'd still struggle to get the £25k a year, during which time house prices etc have trebled! I don't think single mum's on tax credits are the cause of the compression or 'squeezed middle' by any means. They are being made one of the scapegoats however.
  7. Me too. I think its great. Last time I drove the fours or so down the M1, I thought why can't a computer do this? Also Google cars, will make it a lot safer for low powered transport users such as cyclists.
  8. I think 'tax credit envy' is up there with 'social housing envy' on HPC! Cos people with both caused the financial crisis of course, as the demand for 'spare bedrooms' crashed the economy. When will people work out they are being played?
  9. Like a lot of things I missed out on the great tax credit bonanza. Its clearly ridiculous someone should earn £40K a year 'doing a few hours at Tesco' and having a few kids, but I think they are masking a more deep seated problem. A distinct lack of secure well paid FULL TIME work. And also the fact that you have got single mums off their bottoms and actually doing some hours is perhaps a result, but if we still had the mill/factory work of the earlier part of the 20th century I doubt a lot of this would have been needed. And also of course once again. To have kids you need a father, and where are they?
  10. Tories have been peddling this myth for 230 years. Poor Laws were blamed for making the poor feckless with a tendency to breed. In reality they were poor because they had been kicked off the land by the propertied class who voted, and operated the legal system in their favour. http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/jun/23/skivers-strivers-200-year-old-myth-wont-die?CMP=share_btn_tw
  11. Tend to agree with RK that this is all a transfer payment and ends up being spent in the economy. So if you spent all your tax credits on booze, fags and petrol most would end up with the government! Will be interesting to see what happens to aggregate demand when all this gets cut and everyone is scrabbling for the few full time jobs left.
  12. Sure but would you want to remain in the NE once all this ends? This tax credit nonsense has basically kept the region going. Lets face it, all this came about after all the great (State) industries were sold off or collapsed, and nothing has come into replace what was stable, well paying employment. Ho moanerz got bribed with rent capture on their properties so have continued to feel wealthier. The rest got tax credits. I'm all for clamping down on this and that 'scam' but there have to be alternatives in place and I can't see mass full time employment making a come back anytime soon. This is still the economics of the Monopoly board. 'Ooh look at me I own all the properties and have hotels on Park Lane etc,, now I want the rent , scroungers' Its ridiculous. Where are you supposed to get it from?
  13. Singaporeans buying in London. Meanwhile in Singapore 80% of housing was originally publicly owned http://www.citylab.com/housing/2015/03/how-singapore-fixed-its-affordable-housing-problem/388451/
  14. Its the 'free market' and foreign capital that seems to be buying up the houses though!
  15. Fair enough. So I assume there is a now a huge pool of unfilled 30+ hour vacancies. Employers are crying out for staff but no one is interested because of the 16 hour 'tax credit scam.' I'm sure you are right but sure this was because employers wanted flexibility and a 'just in time' workforce. In fact I'm fairly sure supermarkets used to promote this workstyle. 'Work for us, and still be able to fit in the kids' and so on...
  16. Not convinced thats a scam. Round these parts 16 hours is what you do as full time work just isn't available!
  17. That isn't quite Cameron is saying. He seems to be saying if you are low paid its your fault because you prefer to be a benefits junkie. Higher wages are not likely to follow and Tesco suddenly having to pay proper wages again with their financial situation? Hmm should be interesting.
  18. Well if he cuts WTC then all the marginal self employed tax credit funded business's will just march back into the Jobcentre's I'd have thought. Indeed they might be marginally be better off. Will show Cameron and Osborne's recovery to be a sham at the very least, as the Jobless figures mount Removing tax credits won't create more jobs or force wages up. Exact opposite I'd have thought
  19. Exactly. The only reason Cameron and his ilk want you our working every hour of the day, till you are 70 or drop, is so he and his ilk can charge you more rent, and ensure you pay over the odd's for a house.
  20. Assuming the higher paying jobs exist of course. Bearing in mind local firms here, are stuffed with foreign (EU etc) grads on NMW. Round here the jobs don't really exist unless you get in at the local NHS trust, the Council, or the local 'Edububble' the University. Otherwise its a precarious existence, of warehouse work, 'care' telesales, etc I know people well into 30's that have never known a permanent job, some even have 'a degree.' The 'jobs for life' at 'the ICI' and David Brown's vanished a long time ago. On the other hand property prices are relatively cheap and the countryside is quite nice. Good luck! Buy in West Yorkshire, before Osborne spreads his London rentier gravytrain further North with his 'Northern Shithouse' project.
  21. Well you are right, but like all markets for every winner there is a looser, and with property the body count is stacking up. I think it will get a lot worse before it gets better. At the moment the stage on the monopoly board has been reached where the players generally still have some property and have managed to even accumulate a house or two. Once all hope is lost, and every roll of the dice results in just another rent demand, is when things will kick off however
  22. Reading my Twitter feed, growing realisation that Boomers have stolen the gains of the commodities boom in the form of a red hot housing market. Could get quite nasty.
  23. Well the problem is the unproductive now outnumber the productive as every home owner is now a rent seeker (and a highly leveraged one at that) with each house capturing economic output, whether its let out or not. And by majority, bear in mind most houses now are out earning their owners. People like this 'free wealth' even if its doing them out of future work and prospects. Not many have started to join the dots yet of where this 'free wealth' is coming from. Like the Lotto its a competition, and largely being stolen from the landless. Pretty soon the majority of the electorate are unlikely to tolerate this situation, so we can expect the situation to get much worse in the short term, as everything but the kitchen sink is thrown at the property market and the rentiers. We will see a rise in so called 'Libertarianism' but this is the usually fakery, just rentiers trying to lock in their ill gotten gains.
  24. I really don't understand why housing has to be a scarce resource. Not exactly ingots of gold or plutonium is it? Even the 'bedroom tax' was farcical in a way. If all people 'aspire' to is a spare bedroom which is basically some 2x2 and plaster board. Yet to the rentier Tories it has to be that way. Where something can be in abundance, artificial scarcity has to be created, and rents charged. Its what makes your proud to be British I suppose. And yet we have hereditary rentiers allowed to have spare estates let alone rooms, their families stole vast acreages of commons land through several generations. The thieving isn't insignificant either amounting to something like 61% of UK landmass, acreages never really paid for at all, and we bung subsidies at them as they now regard themselves 'stewards of the countryside' Tories talk about 'aspiration' but the bulk of the land will be in the perpetual hands of the few. Some land near has been in same hands since Magna Carta. Yeh very aspirational and dynamic. What a joke!
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