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  1. Still laughable that Tories think anyone on 30-40k PA in London is a high earner! Market rents should be capped at social rent levels. That would be the 'right thing to do' IMO In my opinion socialising the rents in the form of social housing, or better still an LVT is essential to the success of the free market economy. Singapore would be a case in point. Because that way 'the few' can't capture the profits and earnings of the economy, via escalating land values, or rentierism. Interesting the 'Tory boys' can't see this fatal flaw of capitalism. Land is not Capital! Because many of the classical economists could. Or they choose not to see it of course
  2. The problem with market rent is that 25%-30% of population still can't can't afford it though. Market rent might work if you had proper land reform and possibly an LVT. Something that isn't going to happen. The rentiers were happy at one time with social housing as they still got to fleece 70% of the population, Now they have got greedy.
  3. Would think higher costs of getting around (depending on type and extent of disability). Guy next door to me was always getting taxi's. Now he's got an electric moped/wheelchair thing to get around. Mind thanks to technology those are not as expensive as they were
  4. If there is the work Could understand this more if mill owners were sitting around with factories idle due to workers wanting a life of feckless idleness sitting in front of Jeremy Kyle all day, eating crisps.
  5. You can live well in the North on 20K. Think I get by now on less than I used to put on my Oyster card!
  6. I've said it before and I'll keep saying. 'Social housing' wasn't a problem when I joined this board around 2005. Social housing was hardly ever discussed. Now it seems to be that everyone in a social house is onto a good little number. Now we have 'social housing envy' 'How dare someone have a 'reasonable rent' get repairs done and have a secure tenancy?' BURN THEM! All of this is because of TOTAL MARKET FAILURE Some of you are being taken for fools by the Tories (as usual)
  7. You are not trying to get into the Government gateway site are you? Be easier to hack the CIA!
  8. Usually they phase these changes in to allow for people to make adjustments. So won't come into effect on the 12th Then again think we are being played. Scare the living daylights out of everyone with a drip drip of scary news, then the actual budget won't seem to bad. Then again they have all those boomer election bribes to pay for.
  9. There are some old tenements in town, early social housing built early part of 20c. A few years ago they were refurbished as student studio's, but whole families were probably brought in them. Not making a case for tiny living. People live in boats and caravans, but 60/70's 'Parker Morris' standards seem to be a long forgotten 'golden age.'
  10. When I moved to Droitwich to work in 2000 had a tiny little flat, but loved it. Just got to be organised and declutter.
  11. My 70's ALMO flat is a tad just under 50 square meet too.
  12. There is usually month end demand for EURGBP as UK settles some of of its accounts with the EU (depends on trade deficit which is usually awful - but check the Daily chart). Or so I've been told. The experienced big time traders might be able to confirm or deny. Anyway it can be quite bearish for the EURGBP if it doesn't pick up around the beginning of the month. Someone has managed to pick up this months EURGBP at bargain prices or the currency is in profit taking from shorts exiting within (former) Daily demand level (liquidity).
  13. EUR/USD down 169, USD/JPY down 124, EUR/JPY down 343 pips.
  14. Well they do apparently, but the problem with affordable housing is that it isn't very affordable
  15. Agree with comments, and she could cash in and sell but no, she must have a little rent serf installed paying her mortgage
  16. Terrible news. Evil banks and evil government trying to get their hands on the unearned and largely untaxed 'wealth' of 'hardworking families.'
  17. Higher prices have brought forth a lot of supply. Its a good time to sell not buy. Suspect the ZIRP/QE/H2B induced 'distribution' phase has some while to run yet (still lots of feel good news in the media - never been a better time to buy blah blah). Those holding onto unrealistic pricing will miss out when the rug gets pulled from under them. Government will want a housing recovery with the 'floating supply' under new ownership, well under way by 2020. Memories are short. All guesswork of course. I've no idea really! I'd be keeping an eye on UKAR/Mortgage Express. I still think landlords are being treated with kid gloves relatively speaking, so as not bring forth too much supply at lower prices and depress house prices.
  18. Isn't there supposed to be 'healthy competition?' Oh silly me, capitalism is for the little fella
  19. For some reason today can't get gov.uk or the pension site. Everything else is fine. Update. Working.
  20. Good detective work Venger. I know people who live in Ridge Road N8 so I'll ask She is also here http://www.coolhurst.co.uk/tennis/tennis-coaching/
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