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  1. Unkind. They were looking for a 'statement property'
  2. I know of someone who commutes to London from Leeds, via Leeds/Bradford airport. Might make more sense than living in another country (though some would say Yorkshire is)
  3. The roof over my head is provided by a professional body, an ALMO. They have a proper repair reporting service which even works weekends, and the conversations I've had with my housing officer have been professional and functional as it should be (not that I've had many). For key things in your life you have to deal with professionals. You wouldn't for example take legal advise from a bloke down the pub. Same applies to landlords. If they are not a proper registered business with an office, and contactable officers and so on then don't deal. Hiding your property empire behind a letting agent doesn't count either.
  4. Actually a very good time as landlords hate a void over this period
  5. Why on earth would building social housing be inflationary? On the contrary I'd have thought. Just more desperate nonsense from those that printed off 325 odd billion to bail out banks and housing market. Considering the mass chronic malinvestment conducted by the private sector, the State could hardly do much worse. We throw billions of debt to pump up EXISTING housing stock, and have the nerve to pump this propaganda out without any sense of irony. Global financial capitalism has FAILED FAILED FAILED time and time again, but yeh lets have more of the same
  6. So true what he says about liquidity. When 'investors' are looking for an exit only so many can get through the door at the same time.
  7. The fallacy of the secret pool of tenants waiting in the wings, to pay higher rents. Might exist in landlord dream land but not in reality
  8. Socialism in action? Really? LOL? Follow the money
  9. Think you still need to pay for some information. There is still a market in quality investigative journalism IMO. The problem is they still want to charge for absolute tush, and in many cases, pure rentier propaganda
  10. +1 Hence why I susbcribe to the WSJ not the FT. But love googling for their free articles. I believe free is fair value in many cases
  11. This should be interesting to say the least. I live in a Northern mill town. Some mills were pulled down completely in the 70's/80's and 90's and many of the area's where they have stood have been reclaimed by nature, though obviously they are strictly brownfield. Now local boomerites have been opposing planning permission for redevelopment, as they need their 'breathing space' (Hitler 1932) in order words copious amounts of dog toilet facilities for their perpetually incontinent pooches. So lets see the building commence. I think I'm going to be disappointed though
  12. Never an article about those wanting to work/rent forever so a few rentiers can retire early and live off them.
  13. Its interesting how this policy was developed to create a constituency for Labour. It ended up effectively destroying them
  14. Will the mortgages of out of work boomers be paid out of these 'savings accounts?' Aah thought not
  15. Have the Tories really thought this through, or just playing politics to make Labour look the party of welfare? 1. Budget surplus planned = aggregate demand removed from economy. 2. Now savings based welfare. Great idea.. but welfareless societies tend not to be high spending, consumer ones. As err everyone is saving like mad 'for a rainy day.' 3. Then there is all the 'savings as stored housing wealth' all the unearned economic rents captured by landlowners and homeowners, without them contributing a single bean towards it (only taking from what I can see). Could be a great popcorn moment ahead or pitchforking ahead for the Tories.
  16. They are great trousers. I can recommend them if you want to show off a big portfolio.
  17. In two words, No. What you should be asking is why the Private Rented Sector is so appallingly dire that social housing tenancy is now looked as a golden ticket? I can remember a time when you would be laughed at for even considering a social tenancy. I had an Uncle once.His greatest ambition? To get a Council house. And this is when new build semi's were being built and for sale for a few thousand pounds. Buying your own home in the 70's was a 'no brainer.' Have you ever watched "How To Get a Council House' and looked at some of the wretched, mouldy badly maintained housing being offered in the social housing sector with the added bonus of potentially violent and anti-social neighbours? Most of you would refuse any offer from a Council, even if you were bidding on them (which most or all of you aren't). I don't envy lottery winners, because I have never done the lottery. The gains made by home owners could be described as 'good fortune.' As someone well remarked (either on here or on Twitter) was that 'good fortune generally doesn't get shared around much.'
  18. The block that Dobson lived in, only became Council due to a cancelled road scheme I believe. Any why shouldn't he continue to live there if he can afford it? Social housing was never conceived originally as a 'dumping ground.'
  19. hehe forget so easily what I have written many years ago!
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