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  1. Gtr London FTB - No offence taken. I have thick skin. Try me at State of Origin time though. Boy do I bite then. Get a tad aggresive. ha ha ha. that's why I stay at home. "He is IMO an evil, misogynistic racist." I prefer to think that he is a fool and doesn't know what he is doing. Then again he would make me question my philosophy of providing aid to whomever needs it and that is saying something. Torachan
  2. Oh yeah. In Aus right now... If you are down (figuratively and in reality) people will kick you. Yep F#$K everyone else as long as I'm alright Jack. Anyone who has to ask social security for help is treated like scum. I know because I went with someone who left her abusive husband to look for help. She was treated very poorly. When I stepped in things changed. SOmetimes pumping weights does help. Torachan
  3. Gtr London FTB I wish I could disagree with you I hope that hoWARd honestly believes what he is doing is right. I prefer to think that he is a dumb #$%k as opposed to being an evil man. The sooner Queensland asserts it's independence (the deal at federation was not kept) the better. Torachan No offence rest of Aus but I think we made a mistake at federation.
  4. Sonny - don't stress. it;s bad for you. Look up cortisol. it is a real big killer (anectdotal evidence). Relax. Have a few beers. shag a few shiela's. laugh. accept that things aren't going to be perfect late for work? what is it all going to be finished before you get there? Torachan relax Australia ain't going anywhere fast
  5. Speaking about real estate Sonny - probably save until the preverbial hits the fan. I honestly believe that things are going to be very messy and that no-one will be spared. With a few bob in your pocket you can move in for the kill Torachan
  6. You don't need to say anything. You don't have to justify what the Daily Express say's. suggest she calls them. It's no fun being the bearer of bad news Torachan
  7. Hey did anyone see the score for Australia v England re Rugby (both codes)? Geeze i'm mean wouldn't do it if I were in the UK tho Torachan
  8. good call re thread going way off topic yep that;s about it Torachan
  9. nah, got tested for drugs though. not fun. My flat mate got pulled over for speeding. Told the copper to hurry up because he was in a hurry. 2 hours later he got to leave. ha ha ha. although without a badge and a gun it would be a brave person to try that on with this fella. God he was a mean bugger Torachan
  10. Gwailo Dude - any place has it's positives and it's negatives. It's kinda like glass half full or half empty. It all depends on YOUR attitude and what is important to you. Do your research i'd hate to see you move here just to hate the place because you think we are friendly. Speaking of which my mate was charged with assault. Guilty as hell. Was accused of being a racist and fair dinkum he told the judge "i'm not racist. I hate everyone". Got off. Hell I was there when it happened. was there for the trail and there for the fight that happened outside court. Life is full of opportunties (my mate was put into a mental health ward for a few weeks then got out and joined the defence forces.... crazy like a cut snake. I would never cross him because he won't stop until he gets even... crazy) Torachan ps he was from Cyprus nice fella
  11. Quote from the above article Households should be able to cope with their rising debt levels as long as illness or unemployment does not strike and interest rates do not rise, a lot of conditions put there illness - who plans on getting cancer, having an accident that puts you in hospital, suffering from an acute mental illness ? unemployment - sorry suckers hoWARd's first big change is to make it far easier to sack the worker. Hope you like the bed you made interest rates - sorry did you believe his lies? you idiots! A proven track record for being free with the truth yet you believed him when he said that they would keep rates low? What was their first press release cum winning the election? let me think... was it that interest rates are going to rise just not as high under labor? come again THEY ARE GOING TO RISE? Just for your information the gov't does not set interest rates. Torachan
  12. What happens if they start a war and no-one turns up? Conversly What happens if they start a war and EVERYONE turns up? I like the middle path. Blow up the poor in a far away place with minimal friendly casualties. get me some cheap oil. we can be happy then Torachan
  13. Mr Tickle " use the force " Have used this before.... I believe the exact words were "these are not the droid's your looking for." "what?" me "move along move along" Police have no sense of humour
  14. Hey Martello... there are plenty of drunk Aussies and Kiwi's who are keen to add to their score to keep these ladies amused I think it is the bigger sucker theory Torachan Beer - helping ugly people get sex since the stone age
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