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  1. Any word on this? A staggering number of flats are being built in Wandsworth right now. At least a dozen blocks by the river another half dozen in town. I can't see how these chaps can sell yet more at the brewery. Plus without a tube it's just not v central... These are central London prices
  2. Agreed. Poor transport links. Beginning of outer suburbs. Who'll buy them? Homes can cost £1 mil here up family homes.
  3. I think what is happening 500k to 1.5 mil is property tax in the form of stamp duty plus theat of mansion tax over 2 mil has ironically pushed prices up in this lower bracket. People migrating from Fulham etc.
  4. Tonsley area SW18. Converted houses now consistently selling 1 mil plus. Anecdotally people realising Earsfield as 'nice' but cheaper. Surely this area has now peaked. Ram Brewery appears to be going ahead plus CJ tube a re possibility. Flats by the river being bought by Chinese, why?! I'm still sitting it out waiting for rates to be hiked. Anyone still watching SW18?
  5. There are pockets of Earlsfield 2 bed for 550k. Don't be put off by lack of tube. Not bad on the overland. I'm looking here myself having given up chasing Wandsworth Town? Imany ways Earslfield is nicer
  6. www.realmestates.co.uk To revisit. SW18 in particular Tonsleys still rising. Take a look at Realm Estates family houses (Victorian 3 bed converted up to 5 bed plus side return) now go for 1 mil plus almost without exception. There was a brief dip after 2008 crash if you were lucky ie no supply. This is about 33% rise in 5 years. I am still a renter in this area and pay GBP 2500 for family house. Buying a house here is now permanently beyond me and with new child on its way moving to Streatham. Observations. 1 It is still much cheaper than to rent than to buy in this area - why? 2 This is still very British. Ie. no wealthy French bankers like in Fulham or wealthy everybody like in Chelsea. This is still a fairly run down area with no tube, poor high street, some crime etc. Why are prices so high here? There is not Chelsea overspill. I know my neighbours who are city workers, lawyers, professionals who beg, borrow and steal to buy here. I do not know the new entries well enough to ask how they raise 1 mil. These are folks in their 20s and early 30s. 3 one observation in the 5 years I lived here there are a lot more kids, rather than young couples. People are making do with less space. 4 33% in 5 years is not that great growth when you consider inflation and sterling. However it does mean its beyond those of us or earn pounds...the Ram Brewery development may or may not happen, if it does my instinct is it will finally trash this area which remains despite its grubbiness a nicest area. But it's transport is crap and 100s more people will finally kill it Goodbye Wandsworth! Any comments appreciated
  7. I have only watched small area of Sw18 'tonsleys' since 2007 and prices have gone up 30% or so. 3 bed terrace was 600 now 800 on average. Some extended properties loft etc now selling for over 1 mil. Small stakes I am surprised re Balham. Thought battersea balham clapham Wandsworth etc basically one Market. Any other observations SW London appreciated
  8. SW18 Wandsworth update - my interest especially Tonsleys Since I posted here first about this area 3 years ago there has been virtually no change in price up or down - so down in real terms but not a lot The 3 beds still going for about 650k to 700k (where you can extend). What I have noticed is extended (ie loft done) are going for more than ever. Tonsley Hill 4 or 5 bed just sold for 840k I am still looking to buy here for about 600k with room to extend/improve Any anecdotals appreciated
  9. Try up the road in Wandsworth. You can get the same property closer to Central London and the commons for about the same price. Its not cheap though...anywhere in SW Ldn
  10. Piggy Would you care to comment on Fulham vs Wandsworth - is there any correlation? I watched Wandsworth for many months - I am a renter there woul like 3 bed house. What strikes me is Victorian terrace in Wandsworth - Tonsleys/behind East Hill is now 600k for such a house (down from 700k at peak). What suprising me is Fulham seems to be in the cr&ppy bits not dissimilar in price?
  11. Really? In which case buy some commodities and make your fortune. Leverage yourself up. But actually you have no idea where that money will go. Nodody does. When the Fed cut before the other central banks a lot of money went into oil - which then collapsed. There certainly are people buying up distressed sales of property commercial and residential & if There money is out there it's aslikely to find its way to property as it is to commodities in a Global recession that diesn't really look like ending
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