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  1. Sorry this post was in relation to bittylicious, trying to multiask and failing at the moment! and I cant find the option to edit a post
  2. I've used them a few times with no issues, but their buying price at the moment does seem a bit steep even factoring in their usual high rates
  3. I occasionally buy a 12" value pizza from Sainburys, it used to be £1 it is now £1.50. Im sure when I was at uni in 2000 the same pizza in Tesco cost less then 50p
  4. I wasn't sure either, the gap between insanity and reality is getting ever smaller with some government decisions...
  5. I think it can be summed up with a paraphrased quote from Terminator "Listen, and understand. That government is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you buy a property" They will keep creating new props until it no longer suits their own interests to keep more people onto the merry go round
  6. Sorry to hear about those who have lost or are about to be made redundant, good luck in whatever you chose to do next I work in IT (yet another one) and things are not too bad, we are hiring additional people within the dept as we have a lot of work on, however other depts in the business will be making people redundant due to restructuring
  7. Handy thread as I often get the acronym wrong, for ages I thought VI stood for vicious interest until I realised my error
  8. The flat I live in was built around 93 and I rarely hear any noise, even then I only hear noise if I am sitting reading or doing some other quiet activity and then it is very faint and is not an issue. However I am on the top floor so this could have an impact
  9. I have a friend in Crete who I am meant to visit this summer, if I do I guess I'll get a real vibe for how things are over there
  10. I worked for small IT software house with around 30 odd staff, we went into administration in May and there was a management buyout in July Between these times I was looking for another job and was very little out there without taking a paycut or working much further a field. Since the MBO we are now down to around 18 staff with many people returning taking paycuts (I was one of the lucky ones to get a pay rise) but until this happened I had no idea how bad the situation was.
  11. Nice find, I played San Andreas a lot and there is a lot of 'things' like that on the radio
  12. So how does the stopping of analogue radio effect events eg Snooker at masters, F1 race at silverstone where people (me) take along a small radio to listen to the commentry while there. Will these events have to broadcast in digital ie I need to buy a new device or can they still broadcast in analogue?
  13. Sorry did you just say the words liar loan not in red and not in font 72???
  14. Ah sorry for the confusion. I meant the actual map itself, ie Lancashire will be blue if it is in tory control, red for labour control etc.
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