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  1. It amazes me that someone can sink so low as to be living in a tent and yet still be deluded enough to want to fly a Rag outside it
  2. I am guessing he is a young man and young men should be experiencing life, NOT getting into debt for 25 years Next you'll be advising him to get himself a fat cankled up English wife and have two kids as the font and foundation of all his happiness
  3. I would take 3500k of your 7.5 and book myself on a P&O 30 day curise through the caribbean ending in San Fransico. Life is for living and experiencing fella
  4. Apart from the fact it is April 1st Why would anyone buy a plugin LOL! That's not a buisiness its a free tool and anyone could develop a rival tool quite easily if they could be bothered
  5. Yes I agree. They had dreams of easy riches with someone else paying their loan and did not think further than that.
  6. I like watching it but it does summarise quite nicely what is wrong with our society! Greed and avarice at all costs. Funny thing is they could not even clean a car properly! The boys took 3 hours to do the first one when my local Albanians do the whole thing in ten minutes ROFL. I would not employ any of them let alone for 100k a year!!
  7. The Aston was 90K and costs me 1173 a month + running costs etc so maybe about 1500 all in. That is 6% of my monthly Net take home pay.
  8. Yes I agree and we did indeed go on to discuss the groups of people it does benefit (mainly your list). My mate for example developed property from 2002 to 2006 and then sold the lot to move to Thailand a very rich boy.
  9. Yes happened to me yesterday. My house mate in the Uk turned and said to me as we were driving for lunch "You know it actually does not benefit anyone that house prices go up does it" Small steps fella, small steps
  10. I guess they are all thankfull that they are in it for the long term then
  11. It would also help if people stopped breeding like rabbits As though having children is the only way to a happy and fullfilled life!
  12. I read This Article in the times yesterday which i found most interesting. I never knew that price was benched against WTI and hence totally out of kilter with the world market!
  13. Could not have been that comfortable or successful to lose it that easily! Obviously it was a debt based lifestyle with nothing paid for and nothing owned!
  14. What? He's loosing the helicopter on the Brazilens? Or is he losing his own
  15. I got my contract extended to the end of this year so that's another 135k for me to bank. Every cloud and all that
  16. Most of my peer group earn 40k plus and two of them I had to lend a grand each for this years boarding holiday because "they didnt get as much commision as they were expecting" In other words they live like most people in the Uk from month to month and have not got a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of either!
  17. Yeh I noticed that LOL. Can one person be called "some" though? Where is old sibbers anyway! Strangely quiet today
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