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  1. The house I rent in peterborough (5 bed detached) was on for 320 at peak and is now around 230. He offered me it for 240. We pay 950 a month and I have two mates there while I am away so it costs me 316 for my UK base I have no intention of buying unless I can get it for say 175 as then my two mates will be giving me 633 a month to live in my house. I will stay renting for the next couple of years methinks.
  2. As a previous poster stated. This Guy reckons 3 to 5 years and as always without the available facts who do you belive on matters so HUGE as the end of civilisation
  3. I did set a timetable and she did not keep to it so she won't get anymore
  4. I lent her the money for the car yes as she promised to pay it back which she has not (yet) and it was only a couple of grand so not an outrageous purchase.
  5. Oh there are My bro rang me the other day and promtly said our niece wants to buy somewhere and we need to lend her the deposit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is despite the fact I lent her 2.5k to buy her car and have had 50 quid back in 2 years LOL! But anyway this is what we are up against im afraid. I said no of course! There is no way I would help my 22 year old niece get into 25 years worth of debt!
  6. Meanwhile just over the channel you could have this
  7. Possibly true in the early days of the recession. In the 90's people did not have access to as much personal credit and credit card juggling as they do now and this will slow each persons ultimate fall.
  8. This would work quite easily BUT you have to play it tight and correctly. I.E You have to make payments and then gradually drop off and then an odd payment etc so it looks like your flailing. If you do anything other than that then you could be pursued for fraud as opposed to just debt recovery! As life is a game and morals are made up by the current society in occupation of the planet my take is learn to play the game
  9. I think most sectors will suffer during this recession with the UK suffering the most "because it is best placed to suffer"
  10. He probably got her Here they like the money
  11. I myself took the view of fast cars, snowboarding and travel and as such have not had children as have most of my peer group. The ones that have had children no longer do anything with us. They dont come snowboarding, they dont go on holiday with us or karting etc In fact we never see them. Of course it is a personal choice and I make no judgements on the reproducers it's just not for me.
  12. It is quite cathartic don't you think
  13. Are you CG? As that is exactly what he would say when I asked him the same question Apart from in his world EVERYTHING is 100% guaranteed
  14. And the money for these higher prices is going to come from
  15. In the morning as some background noise I put on BBC world. Grim I know This morning I was sort of listening and I suddenly reliased that every single story was depressing in some way. Not that the story was depressing just the way they spun it made it so. For example... Microsoft didn't make as much profit as they are used too! They still MADE 3.5 billion but apparently they are now in a PLIGHT!!! To put this in perspective they have paid all their running costs and wages still made 3.5 thousand million dollars and are in a PLIGHT! I WISH I was in a PLIGHT! Every story they present is spun in this way to the negative. So onto the next little Gem It appears that musicians are struggling because since the credit crunch started the likes of Paul Mc and Elton et al have seen their wealth drop by 25% to some 450 million each! Does that qualify for PLIGHT? is it even news? So I would just like to say mod edit (swearing removed) rant over
  16. How do you envisage one protect ones self?
  17. India will be the death of ALL industrys as far as I can see but especially IT. I am seeing more and more Companies go down the Wipro and Techmahindra route and of course the more that do this the less jobs there are left in IT etc for the local western population. o2 in Munich are in the process of outsourcing all dev, environment support and testing to Wipro! The future does not look good im afraid.
  18. Come on this is simple. The new series of apprentice has started and the world has been bowled over by (Britains Brightest Buisiness talents) As such confidence has been restored
  19. You did'nt expect civilisational collapse to be a walk in the park did you? There are quite simply too many of us living in a way that the earth (or indeed current economics) cannot support
  20. Great article by Fred Appologys for the long read Linky Here
  21. I like James but essentially if you believe him you do need more than a tin hat and some beans! You need to learning weaving and real farming
  22. Oh dear not another one that has been taken in by Al and his buddies A better link and the full interview So on the one hand we have A professor that has devoted his Entire life to studying such matters with science and on the other we have a politician that made a DVD lol lol lol
  23. When I lived in Dubai I was always amazed at the stupid prices people were paying for breeze blocks in the desert As much as I did enjoy living there and I would also go back the property ramping was excessive in the extreme! Still it was mainly driven by thick English expats and the like brainwashed with the bloated UK market so no suprise there I guess. The Indian workers always looked so tired when i saw them on the buses going back to the camps. I always felt for them as I had it easy and could not imagine working 12 hours in that heat 6 days a week.
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