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  1. Yep 335 is my longest to date. I have no complaints, the quality is superb.
  2. For people to learn they first have to interested! They have to read and form opinions and all that stuff is frankly too much effort for todays mind numbingly stupid people! My own peer group read nothing and learn nothing. I love them as my mates but they are thick to a man on real issues.
  3. Yep my new Callaway x22's! Made in China. The bag Made in China and the waterproofs too. In fact everything Callaway sell is made in China and then marked up ten million % for me to buy and drool over
  4. Ha ha in what way monetised? Please explain? Do you mean few adsense ads provided from Google? LOL
  5. Wrong! The price of any commodity is determined by demand, supply and available means of purchase. It's the fundamental rule of economics.
  6. I could not agree more! It appears that we either have rampant millionairdom or rampant depression and no middle ground at all!
  7. You don't need to be financially savvy chap! These guys will do it all for you if you pay them 30 grand
  8. When it comes down to it I guess I would rather feed me and mine than you and yours!
  9. I am quite sure that website could be sued for liable! Bruno is quite bonkers isn't he.
  10. How exactly is the economy recovering? Are we in less debt perhaps? Or maybe we manufactured and sold more? How is it recovering?
  11. Oh I have done plenty of research over the years, inlcuding religion. I honestly just don't know. I think it's all a game and you just have to try and play it as best you can to your advantage for the time you're here. I do not think as humans we will ever get to the Star Trek utopia of the federation though and will always just muddle along with one failed system after another! As an aside I burried my old dad a few weeks back and as I watched his coffin lowered into the grave I could not help but think it won't be long before im following you and as such determined to enjoy myself as much as possible.
  12. No Bubb he will be one of the sheeple with a couple of BTL bought in 07 the twit
  13. It beggers belief to me that there are 23% that vote Labour How stupid must they be then!
  14. The economy could, might recover. BUT we will not see HPI again like we have unless the banks find some cash down the back of the sofa and then reduce the lending criteria back to 95% OR The guy flipping your Mc burger tonight gets a pay rise of 15% a year from now until eternity! Which part of UK average salary being around 25k do people NOT get? At 25k you can only AFFORD (without killing yourself with credit card juggling and seven extra jobs) to borrow 80K MAX and can only borrow more if some MUG will loan it to you during a credit bubble.
  15. That's handy because ive been looking at a supercharger for my Aston
  16. Hamish if you're real and you really believe your own hype. Why don't you pop over here and give them 62.5k cash then? You will be a go zillionaire in no time I am sure Of course you wont have any cash but Im quite sure it will look good on paper for a while as you massage the figures of what you're worth
  17. I wonder why Merryn is on progessive propertys mailing list! Perhaps just research into ********
  18. What it will mean is that people on benefits will have to use public transport and not have two cars and chavs won't be able to fly half way around the world for 50p Untill that happens oil is VERY CHEAP
  19. Yes a breath of fresh air huh I thought you would like
  20. Two of my freinds have now bought "as it's a good time to buy" I do not get involved with trying to educate people anymore (even my own family) I keep my thoughts to myself and my fellow enlightened ones. I could not care less if they lose money or not. It is zero skin off my nose if they do. I KNOW what is happening and I KNOW what will happen and that is good enough for me
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