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  1. Any idea when we will get a run on sterling so I can short it a 100 quid a point
  2. I have noticed increasingly in articles the propensity to mention a houses worth. Take this story today from the mail This bit And the relevance of the house price? is it A. Jehovas witnesses should not have 500.000 pound homes B. A sad loss to society of a man that had managed to get a 500.000 pound home C. The guilty man was jealous of the 500.000 pound house and hence this was partly the motive for the killing? D. lets use every opportunity to ram home to the UK populace that house prices (especially high ones) are a good thing so we will slip references to them in at every opportunity!
  3. I thought we (supposedly) used 85 million barrels a day (just how and who counts that anyways)? But anway if it IS 85 million per day then 100 million is finished by the time I have had my morning coffee the next day, some surplus that ehh
  4. I find it funny how this issue and indeed most all issues spiral back to too many people!
  5. He might be happy to live in a multicutural society but no one asked me and im not happy to have that forced on me.
  6. You wont survive though because if we get to the point where you need to use your gold coins I will be stealing them from you with the help of my guns
  7. Did I read that right? (skint) Boyfriend convinces (gullible) girlfriend to go into 2.8 million of debt to help out (skint) mates A marriage made in heaven that one eh
  8. It's appropriate you should post this because I WAS going to vote conservative at the next election if only to get labour out but I realise that of course they are actually not that much different and we will have years of the SAME! I have now decided to stand up for what I believe in and vote UKLP instead. Their ideas and manifesto match how I think in so many areas. We need REAL change not MORE of the SAME as far as I am concerned.
  9. They would hate you anyway just because you're not as stupid as they are!
  10. Everyone won't know about it though because NO ONE reads anymore! They are all either busy listening to the meeja and or on facebook and twitter (the baby monitor for adults)
  11. I would choose neither as I would not want to imortalise him.
  12. MR EG needs educating Use Robo Form pro for all password storage and automatic generation (my passwords look like this jH/%"s!?mhL and robo form remembers each site so I dont have too. It is also 448 encryption blowfish! Use AVG for your anti virus Use Zone Alerm pro for your firewall Use Super Anti Spyware for malware Use Malwarebytes for deep trojan sniffing With that lot you are VERY secure online. Make sure you run root kit scans using AVG bi weekly Trawl the forums to setup Zone Alarm correctly DO NOT USE Internet Explorer in any flavour, use FireFox latest version Keep your operating system up to date with automatic updates.
  13. I think this has been covered before. I have 4 firearms in my home A tactical m4 semi auto in 5.56 calibre A target Rifle in 7.62 calibre An FN class Sniper rifle in 8mm A tactical pump shotgun All legal.
  14. I always wondered does a mad person know they are mad! Or an evil person know they are evil. Or do they like our Hamish here think they are normal?
  15. And there is the problem! He did'nt own anything did he
  16. I look at those prices and just want to puke. They are FLATS FFS.
  17. Don't worry if this vid on nationalists site is correct in its figures islam is coming to a world near you very soon
  18. They mostly live in and around Peterborough Jobs for them are Sales (stationary) 32 Graphic design 35 Manager (specialist packaging) 47 Sales (mobile phones) 33 Sales (mobile phones) 37 Sales (AMEX) 30 Sales (stationary) 32 Sales (cars) 30 IT contractor 36 IT contractor 35 Kitchen fitter (own business) 32 To a man they don't read or buy books. They don't increase their knowledge as far as I can see. They don't participate in any forums or chat groups. They ALL spend ages each day on facebook and twitter! They all have I phones so can do that on the go too.
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