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  1. I could not agree with this more. I have worked with many many Indians, hell my girlfreind is Indian although British born. They have an inbuilt inability to say No for fear of losing their jobs. All reports are always green across the board and everything is hidden for as long as is possible with that infuriating side to side head shake. However the people that make the decision to go offshore don't understand software dev and test anyway and this is the problem. They just don't get it. They look at dev and test and think anyone can do it and yet they can't. Hence you get failing projects and ever poorer quality. The average Indian tester could have his whole screen flashing red with a scrolling message saying im in error and because it is not part of his test case he won't report it and or even notice it!
  2. + 1 I think this passage is quite apt "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." NWO anyone?
  3. I have been outsourced now 3 times and now here in Switzerland we are seeing Indians on the floor. I'm fast running out of places to run to! I'ts fast to. At 02 in Munich the whole department was gone in less than a year to Wipro and Techmahindra! They will take ALL our jobs and they are very good at doing it to. They start off with a few testers and then once they have their foot in it's invites over to India and oh look we can do the whole thing for you from management down, all you need is the CEO and the shareholders!
  4. HI Guys Is there a site out there in ether land where I can see Bank savings interest rates on 6 month and 1 year accounts over the past 5 to 10 years?
  5. I think that what this site has shown unequivocally to my mind is that none of us can predict the future. I have given up on the UK as I am not prepared to hock myself to a bank for the rest of my life for a mediocre dwelling. Not to mention the reasons mentioned in my sig I have also given up caring whether there is a HPC in the UK or not. I just don't care anymore.
  6. Yes we could do with a manged fall without the economic consequences to the rest of us eh. Oh well it's all ******ed anyways. Goldsmith was right, even here in Switzerland we have a whole damned floor full of Indians. They are gradually encroaching in anything remotely IT across the whole of Europe. There will be no jobs left in this sector.
  7. Hey Mark, Again your predictions are correct. The property prices are taking a knock, seem soon that you predicted! So where is a good place to buy in UK? Speak soon soon. He still has not totally got it though hence the question. But sweet moment for me after all the years I have had being slated. Bring on the crash part two, I am so happy and vindicated I am going to have a cigar.
  8. Or alternatively I passed through London, LAX, etc etc airport a couple of months ago, heading to Asia/Pacific region. 2 hr stopover. First time visit. The airport is hell. I arrived at midnight and couldn't move for the crowds. The shopping area was like a poor remake of "Dawn Of The Dead". Bleary-eyed zombies, scowling for the most, marching from shop to shop. I never bought a thing, as the prices seemed to be on par with what I can buy back in the EU or via the internet. Any "savings" were miniscule. You Dubai HATERS crack me up. I lived there for two years and loved it, it's all down to personal taste but some of you lot really WANT the place to FAIL. Of course it won't but that wont stop you hoping huh. For me I love the oppulance, the service in the hotels, the million things there are to do. Yes there are dusty building sites but so what you generally don't see them from the beach anyways.
  9. That is pretty much my position now. I used to be Uber bear. I read all the doom and gloom scenario books like the Long Emergency and friends and I lapped it up. I lapped it up for ten years and then basically went **** that circus ****. Now my attitude is different. I am now in the game for my family and friends, I enjoy my life and love my Aston. I look to the future and I plan ahead. However I still have my guns in the cupboard just in case the SHTF in my lifetime and you come to steal my beans.
  10. That's what I thought. There is NO benefit at all. Just rent as you say and save at the same time whilst waiting for further (inevitable) falls.
  11. What do you guys think to these schemes? http://www.rentnow-buylater.co.uk/
  12. So generally investors with large pots of cash.
  13. Who is the person (or persons) that all this money is owed too? Who has so much money that they can lend to Nations like this?
  14. Some on here have been predicting the worst since the boards inception! Sooner or later they are bound to be right and will say "I told you so" Where is CG when I need him.
  15. I can pretty much see this myself. Today I lost my house Tommorow I might lose my shirt The day after the hounds of hell will be loosed on society Things will be really loose from then on After that we all lose Just for those that don't know the difference between lose and loose
  16. In my office which is now in Switzerland we are talking about if we will have contracts in 6 months as even here the Indians are moving in en masse. I have been outsourced 3 times now and see this trend increasing as each year goes by until there will be no contracts left for anyone.
  17. I went into hibernation for a while and have just surfaced and am surprised to see some things have changed but not as much as I expected them too. Here we are in 2010 and yet I see no depression yet? I remember buying Freds book back in 07 and I could see it then but as of yet it does not seem to be materialising. I am also seeing house Prices on Hampton back at the 300k mark up from 240k a year ago
  18. Oh contrair! CG could. His answers were always 100% guaranteed!
  19. Borrow money from anyone or anywhere just so long as you can buy property!
  20. No. people will moan and complain and then pay it ROFL. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose
  21. You could be talking about the UK apart from the Social support part
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