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  1. Is'nt it illegal to refuse to accept legal tender? I thought it said "I promise to pay the bearer" and all that?
  2. Thanks. God my spelling was attrocious in that post LOL I was called to a meeting and just hit enter. Anyway away. Yes been away for 12 years and am now in Bern. I fly back because of family and the girlfriend is working in London and each time I just think God what a shit hole to be honest. I think Gal sums it up nicely. There are apsects of the Uk I love but generally 3rd world springs to mind and a general feeling of run down. I call it the elastoplast nation. Got a pot hole put an elastoplast on it, got major energy problems? Just put an elastoplast on it and it will be alright. The Uk just does not think long term at all. In my career the youngest person we know is 32! There is no one coming up behind us at all. This is in IT contracting mainly in telco testing and dev. There is no new blood coming along. Short termismn will be the UK's downfall to my mind. I do Believe what I said mind. I do believe there is a global managed default going on behind the scenes. That to my mind is the only reason we have not had global collapse.
  3. I think we will see stagflation witrh inflation so in real terms the house will drop in price and price outpaces it with ingflation. I believe that at the moment there is a carefully managed default underway between nations.
  4. It will solve it for me because I will use a bank that has English back office staff. It would solve it for eveyone if everyone did the same when a business or bank offshored its services.
  5. I made the decision to leave Barc this week because im fed up talking to Indians in customer service!
  6. BUT the same thing WILL happen again. We have our depression and then we WILL have another boom. It's how the game works. The only difference is the next one I will play to the hilt.
  7. You don't live in your mini with your wife and kids so hardly a good analogy is it.
  8. This is correct but it will only remain on your record for 6 years and then it is gone.
  9. The European directive on this is that the bank have 12 years from default not a never ending undefined period of 12 years. I am not proposing anything just stating how things are. It is up to YOU if you commit fraud not me. Im not using hearsay im talking from personal experience after being pursued by Eversheds for 75k in the 80's for 12 years.
  10. I think more the point is that there is only a VERY small pecentage of people and most of those are on here that understand or even think about the economy and then factor that into their decision making. MOST people just live their lives from day to day and believe the brainwashing they recieve about property and money. Can we really blame these ordinary economically uneducated people that a crooked casino had been setup just for them to partake off and play in with the pied piper of fat crusty and sidekick phil to lure them all inside? I do not blame the people that partook I blame the crooked elites that set these games up in the first place.
  11. [insult removed by moderator - last warning] The bank have 12 years to pursue the debt after repossession. The resposession order will be registered on their credit file and remain there for 6 years when it will dissapear. The bank may sell on the debt to one of the parasitical debt mangement companys that abound in the UK and then they will pursue them. If they opt for bankruptcy all their debts (possibly depending on circumstances) will be written off and the official reciever will determine what they can afford to pay their creditors during their bankruptcy period. The bankruptcy will be registered on their credit file and remain there for 6 years and then drop off (disappear) They are better off with the bankruptcy option because that will mean the bank cannot pursue them for 12 years for the outstanding mortgage debt. The banks and most lenders have a check box where you have to declare if you have been a bankrupt when you apply for accounts or loans. If you dont check it there is no easy way for the bank to verfiy you were, as once your bankruptcy is over and it has dropped off your credit file the bank would have to apply to the bankruptcy court to check your record and they never do this if you dont check the box as it is too much work. Your old bankruptcy will only ever come to light if someone dobs you in to the bank or lender. As The Uk is a nation of backstabbing doo gooders and curtain twichers that love doing this sort of thing the best policy here is to move address before reposession to a new town and register your bankruptcy there, then it wont be in your old towns local papers and hence no one that wanted to see your fall and gloat about it will know! Unless you're a idiot and tell everyone your business that is.
  12. I looked at that option but the costs are ridiculous to be honest as you're looking at around 2k for the weekend and then can only do 100 miles per day! We have enjoyed many trips around Europe in it and to the lakes in Italy and it has been magic really. Ive done 36k in 3 years with not a single issue, most reliable car ive ever had to be honest. I could keep it but my point was more if I go OUCH at filling it up and I earn 15k a month what do other people think on more average salarys!
  13. My Aston now costs me £100 to fill up and I get about 230 miles for that. Two years ago is cost me about £70. It's time it went along with the girlfriends Alfa and we will have one car between us. I have enjoyed leasing it but it's costing me about £1500 a month to have and most of that time it sits in the garage. Thankfully we did'nt buy an overpriced house and both rent. Although I rent two places and so that has to change also. We earn between us £21k a month before tax so God only knows if we feel the need to trim down what other people are feeling with the high mortgage and the kids thrown in! I dread to think.
  14. I should have become an economist. If you get it wrong you just say it was unexpected and you could not have forseen the events.
  15. 25 litres of petrol weighs about 25kg! How does 25kg of something burning produce 40kg of something else?
  16. I'm sitting in Switzerland and get 400 days unemployment insurance at 70% of my monthly rate if I lose my contract. Very nice...
  17. I could not agree more. I hardly post here anymore as I do not now believe we will see our much hoped for crash. The game is rigged and the VI's and the banksters WILL prop it up. As such I have determined that I just need to play the game and earn more money and have concentrated all my efforts on this activity.
  18. It seems phase 2 of the rape of IT is udnerway then This will do nothing but drive down wages even further. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/8051349/India-trade-deal-with-EU-will-allow-thousands-of-immigrants-into-Britain.html
  19. I put 4.26p in the Aston once as I had forgotten to pick up my wallet on the way out and did not want to run out on the way home. It was my parking change in the centre console LOL. I got some looks in the garage too and just smiled. PS I'm a renter
  20. You were/are in the position to move to a house worth three quarters of a millions pounds (Not that it would be worth that mind you) and you're WORRIED ROFL Why are you wasting your kids time and your money sending them to uni? Total waste of time. Educate them yourself in entrepreneurial skills and money management.
  21. You can rent it here http://www.tuppashare.com/store?p=4241 I wanted a HPC and I ended up with armageddon...
  22. +1 The stupidity of Human beings trying to predict anything amazes me let alone for the next 100 years. We can't even predict the weather from one afternoon to the next let alone world events! Now where are my Runes.
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