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  1. I seem to remember mentioning in another post about the 99% of peeps that don't do internet marketing right! I guess this is one of the 99 then. So easy to start a blog, so difficult to keep it going year after year Mark.
  2. Yes internet is the way to go but as with all things there is a right way to go and the way 99% of other peeps do things I was lucky enough to join Stomper (and actually get in) http://www.stompernet.com/ It's $800 a month membership but worth ten times more than that in knowledge to be honest. Brads wedding favours site makes 800 grand a month by the way I know a couple of guys that just have adsense sites and make a few dollars a day on each site, thing is they have over 1000 sites so are raking between 40 and 70 grand a month doing just that one niche. No I dont sell motors but I do have a passion for them. I dont Ebay either although we do have a member in Stomper who is a granny and is a millionairess at just that! She is called Sydney Johnston. I have lots of websites and they all do different things to be honest. Mark.
  3. Accounts! What are those? I live between Dubai the Balearics and "visit" the UK, pay no tax and all my businesses are on the internet so I can run them from anywhere in the world. Who needs accounts. Mark..
  4. Yes I agree living at home in your 30s is not good but we are talking about somone who has been spoilt by his parents who have always been there for him! I was trying to show that even if he had bought a couple fo years ago on 1500 a month what type of life is that? All your money is gone no matter what you do. That's no life. As it is the 10 grand he had saved up he has invested in one of my companys as a share holder and so he has nothing to worry about as I have guaranteed him 30% return year on year on his 10k and also profit share too. His parents are just sore because he went with my advice and invested in business and not houses thats all Mark..
  5. I have a very good friend who works in Peterborough. He is an only child and lives at home with mum and dad and pays NOTHING! He is also 30. So anyway he gets to keep his whole 1550 a month take home pay. He drives a golf TDi and has about 12 payments left on the loan he took for it. He has always wanted a 350z so we went and looked at some got some figures and he decided he could easily afford it because it was only a 100 quid a month more than his golf with his golf payments paid off by the new loan. His DAD hit the roof ranting about how he should have bought a house a few years ago when they advised. He also ranted about how worried they were that he would not be able to afford to live!! I put together this little email to show his parents. Hi mate Perhaps you should point out to your folks that had you bought a house you would now be right in the middle of a big smelly pile of pooo J 1. Let’s say you had only borrowed 100.000 (hardly a nice house more a 1 bed flat in Bretton. Martins house was 120 grand) 2. The interest rate is now 6.25% and rising (Barclays fixed) 3. Over 25 years your monthly payment today is 659.57 4. Your council tax is let’s say band C (My mums is let’s say that’s 75 quid a month 5. Your water rates are 25 quid a month 6. Your electric is 25 quid a month 7. Your house insurance is 25 quid a month 8. Your food bill is 150 quid a month 9. Your TV license is 11.29 a month 10. Your old car payment at 300 11. Your car insurance at 80 a month 12. Your petrol at 150 a month 13. Your car tax at 15 a month Have I missed anything? Lunch at work perhaps? Still I guess you could always not eat during the day! Ok grand total for living in your paltry 100k property is 1515.86 a MONTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What exactly are you missing out on here? AND I bet I have undervalued your monthly expenses!!!! Living at home with mum and dad enables you to enjoy your money exactly because you’re NOT tied into the debt burden that is a house. Now let’s assume that interest rates keep rising this year (they will) and they hit 7.25% by xmas 07 100K at 7.25% = 722.81 a month That takes your monthly total too 1579.10 monthly As you can see even living frugally you would be right royally F******!! And if interest rates go over 7.25%?? well i’ll let you think about that one mate Mark. PS I did tell him not to mention my name as I do get on with them
  6. Hi All I read daily HPC (amongst others) and have to say I smile at how even my freinds who have almost ridculed me over the past few years are now also joining the bandwagon (God I LOVE being right) But I am also worried. Whilst im lucky in that I have no debt and am fortunate to have a job that pays me 130k tax free yearly I am at a loss as to what to do to prepare for the coming doom, gloom and general global anarchy we might face. It's a feeling of I can see all this coming and dont know what to do or indeed where to go. So I was wondering what all you guys think? I know what you think about what's happening and what is going to happen but what do you think about what to personally do to secure your's and your familys futures? Do you have any plans at all, are you buliding an ark? Can I have a place on it thoughts? Mark..
  7. Love that And what exactly are these other sources? Im not sure you understand how much reliance we have on oil my friend, it doesnt just run cars you know! What about plastics, fertiliser, etc etc. You simply cannot JUST replace an oil based economy with other sources without some form of societal regression, not to mention no more economic development, wars over the remaining supplies (we are already seeing this phase) I would suggest reading Stephen Leebs book on oil at $200 a barrel. there is a whole lot of strife to be had before we actually run out Also of note is that you cant use these other sources to make things with like you can oil. You cant use electricity from nuclear to make things! Please enlighten me to these other sources and what each will do for us to replace oil? Mark..
  8. So What do you all advise to do? I am cash rich but dont "own" a house (Mortgage debt) I am living and working in Dubai at the moment and want to get myself a home in the UK but honestly dont know what to do! Advice would be welcome. Mark..
  9. Hi Guys I have to say I love this site and your many and varied opinions BUT how do I position myself to capitalise on what we all see taking place? What do I do to benefit from what we all (most) believe will happen in the UK with the housing market and also the economy? I lost my house in the last crash by the way, it went from valued at 180 grand and was finally sold for 48K!! This time around I am cash rich but dont own anything. How can I put my cash to best use to then? Mark..
  10. If I were you I would retrain and get into IT. LOADS of jobs worldwide in IT especially in the contracting sector. Mark..
  11. Socialist Governments are always the same huh Nice idea until it comes to the implementation of it! Mark..
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