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  1. Injin has averaged 1 post per hour every day for 4 years ROFL 24 a day The man clearly has no life, no mates, no passions or hobbies and zero perspective! He is certainly not getting sex is he!
  2. A forum is such a fluid thing don't you think, all those twists and turns
  3. I would not work in the UK if you paid me. Currently in Bern on 24k a month CHF in IT with a flat that costs 1400 chf all in that has a jacuzzi bath and is in a nice area (there are no not nice areas in Bern) Just nice and nicer. See sig.
  4. I have lived in Munich 3 times and am now living in Bern. The UK is an absolute cesspit in comparison to these places on just about every issue I can think of. I am just thankfull that I am allowed to live in them without much fuss. It would be awfull if you were not allowed to move around so freely as then I would be stuck feeling like my sig
  5. Yeh I read that but didn't really understand it. Increases in the price level (inflation) erode the real value of money (the functional currency) and other items with an underlying monetary nature (e.g. loans and bonds). However, inflation has little effect on the real value of non-monetary items (e.g. goods and commodities, gold, real estate, companies´ capital and profits, Debtors who have debts with a fixed nominal rate of interest will see a reduction in the "real" interest rate as the inflation rate rises. The “real” interest on a loan is the nominal rate minus the inflation rate (approximately [33] ). For example if you take a loan where the stated interest rate is 6% and the inflation rate is at 3%, the real interest rate that you are paying for the loan is 3%. It would also hold true that if you had a loan at a fixed interest rate of 6% and the inflation rate jumped to 20% you would have a real interest rate of -14%. Banks and other lenders adjust for this inflation risk either by including an inflation premium in the costs of lending the money by creating a higher initial stated interest rate or by setting the interest at a variable rate. As the rate of inflation decreases, this has the opposite (negative) effect on borrowers. I thought inflation DID affect the value of houses etc because if house value is at say 250k and then you have 10% inflation you have a nominal house value of 240k after taking into account the inflation?
  6. Can someone explain to me how debt is erroded by inflation?
  7. Things are bad and will get worse. However not everyone will be in the same boat. The GF and I take home over 16k a month between us so I would not say things are bad for us. For every bad Im fecked story I can find you a person who is doing rather well.
  8. Yeh that is a JOKE. I have over 20 years in IT and testing, billing CRM, CORE and VAS, Fraud you name it and have worked for ALL the major Telcos and I still sometimes can't get past the asshole Job Agent!
  9. There are greater impacts to the wider economy. I know a salesman in the Munich BMW and he has seen a distinct drop in his figures since 02 gave the whole thing to India. The Indians spend zero in the local economy! They eat cheap and sleep cheap and don't buy cars etc. One day they will come for your job too.
  10. I disagree, arrogance has nothing to do with it. In my 12 years working in Europe every single place has been English speaking with English documents. Sometimes I might only be there for 6 months and then im in a totally different country again. Should I spend all my waking moments trying to learn all these languages then as I move around from contract to contract? It's not arrogance its praticality. Now im in Bern where they don't even speak German they speak Swiss German which sounds like Dutch!!
  11. Here is Switzerland we are seeing more and more Indians replacing IT staff across the board. Eventually no one will have a job I guess. I have been outsourced 3 times now! 02 gave the whole department to Wipro and Techmahindra in Munich and there has not been a job back there since and that was over 2 years ago. Our head of IT here just spent 3 weeks in India and is full of beans now, sickens me to see him to be honest.
  12. They get votes because 99% of their voters are as thick as ******ing Pigshit and the other 1% are lining their pockets. Humans are on the whole a pretty stupid bunch looking for someone, anyone to lead them like the sheep they really are.
  13. So let me get this right. The WHOLE system collapses but we still have a stock market and gold trading ha ha. The man is a fool. If what he says will happen happens then we will be tins of beans and survivors mode overnight!
  14. 56 as the optimum crusing speed for fuel efficiency is an old fallacy (just like the 70mph speed limit). It is car dependant. My GF's Mito (diesel) gives us the best efficiency at 80mph and my Aston is at 86. Of course that is according to the onboard readout.
  15. SEO is NOT marketing! Any company relying only on SEO for its traffic is doomed to be Google slapped at a moments notice.
  16. Actually you are right! Why stop the precendent at the renters. Of course anyone with a house has equal humans rights to property LOL Modern day man seems to know no bounds to his stupidity
  17. I get the feeling we are lurching from one crisis to another with ZERO good news in sight. The funny thing about this feeling is I am actually ok and so if the GF but at the same time I am still stocking up on ammo and beans
  18. Heres a linky for you If this catches on (it will) The BTL brigade with have something more to worry about
  19. Nonsense. It does not get any pages views at all to my mind because as a site it does not exist. The site is just a portal login to the users main area. It's a glorified CMS and each user has their own area so if you manipulate those stats then yes of course it gets more pages views as each user acceses his area multiple times from the same starting point. Page views my ****.
  20. I Cant see facebooks adwords revenue competing with Googles un less it also becomes a search engine as it just does not have the same reach.
  21. I Agree Facebook is impossible (hard) to monetise apart from Google adwords style advertising which simply will never generate billions. Googles WHOLE adwords and adsense networks together do not generate that amount of revenue. Yes they could start charging for memberships but then they will see their loyal flock dissapear overnight! The only thing I could see them doing is branching out and offering holidays and hotel bookings etc. But as a previous poster rightly said if you can seel your 500 million subscribers a 1p product then you are still making good money just not 60 billion!
  22. Meanwhile over in Telco I'm on £800 a day and being bombarded with offers and the GF just had a rate rise over at 3. Happy days.
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