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  1. Yes I agree. I would never go for the outdoor pool one as I well know it would NEVER be used ever. Indoor pool possibly or jacuzi but not an outdoor. There are some lovely houses around 400k in the Peterborough area but we will see how the year pans out, no rush for us.
  2. She who must be obeyed and I do want a home and we went to look at this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/new-homes/property-34397630.html Very nice but it's a stone house on a new estate of stone houses and I looked at it and thought 350! They want 599k. For that money in the same area you can get this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32284111.html?premiumA=true or this http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35287607.html or this with a pool http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36306413.html Pricing is bonkers but then I guess we know that
  3. She should read more. "Boom, bust and the depression of 2010" She might just might learn a thing or two.
  4. It was $25k a month tax free chap and I loved it there Dubai is like marmite you either love it or hate it. Most that hate it though have never been LOL.
  5. Vaugue yes I agree but they are all like that because job agents don't understand my job so they cut and paste the buzzwords. A tester tests software and systems. A Telco has hundreds of systems all doing different things and pretty much all talking to each other in some way too, so as a tester you have to understand all this software and you have to know how to use it and you have to know how to create test data and how to you use Tibco and use Toad and SQL queries and GUIs and PLSQL and Unix and and. You have to be a jack of all trades
  6. I understand you don't see it, not many people do and thats why I said blinkered. So Go here www.jobserve.com use this query in the IT sector Testing or Tester or Test or "test analyst" or "quality assurance" or QA not support not engineer not "business analyst" not programmer not developer not dba Top job on the page returned is this one Test Analyst - QA - Quality Center - Agile Location: Amsterdam Country: Netherlands Salary/Rate: Euros 500 - Euros 700 per Day URGENT CONTRACT ROLE! My Client are a Leading Investment Bank. A global organisation and a house hold name. A great company to get onto your CV. CONTRACT: 3+ Month Contract (12 Month Project) Paying up to 700 Euros per day (£611 per day) Roles & Responsibilities of Test Analyst:. Creating testplan. Creating testcases. Execution of testcases/scripts. Interpret business scenarios, converting them to testcases. Reporting on a regular basis. Draft test end report. Advise the project on environment more -> Posted: 20/10/2011 16:19:16 Start Date: ASAP Duration: 3+ Months Contract (12 Months Project) Reference: JS-CONTRACT TEST ANALYS 700 Euros a day. I would negotiate on that based on my experience and also the agent would know that because I have over 13 years in the game with great refs I am a def for the position. We would haggle as he is probably billing the client 1000 a day so has margin. I would probably get him up to 800 a day. 800 x 21 day average = 16800 euros BUT I would also negotiate an hourly rate and make sure I do 9 and 10 hours days thus bumping my 21 days up to 23 or 24 and thus not 16800 but 19200 x 12 = 230400 a year... This is the first job I found on the first site I looked at!! YES I have been insanely lucky BUT I created that luck by taking the steps I took, it did'nt just happen and knock on my door you know! I read the books, I got slagged off by my peer group saying I could not do it, who did I think I was, I had the fear, I had the loneliness being in Munich on my tod. I created the luck and I followed it through.
  7. Would have retired but ex wife took the property after the divorce and I took a contract with Nokia in Dubai. Long story that one and Im not gonna write it here but essentailly she was not that stable so I let her have the horses dogs and equine property. I also spent the first 6 years of contracting living the dream and spending every penny We get paid in CHF here so the conversion goes up and down of course but on average here a good dev is on around 120chf/hour so about 1000 a day if he works 9 hours so £710 x 21 £14910/month less tax of course at todays rate. A few weeks ago that was a lot more because of sterlings tank To the guy that said 240k my ****, you need to get out of England more as you sound very blinkered. My job in the UK pays about £550 day max at the moment but even that is 140k a year. I have seen it as low as £350 but of course that's why I don't work in the UK.
  8. True although that's a bit harsh. I prefer to think of myself as a trier. And are you really bullshitting if you know you can do something but just need a break to get that valuable practical experience and your foot in the door? I would argue not myself. I am currently a senior test manager now after having over 13 years of testing contracts all over the world in Telco. I'm in Switzerland which is the land of milk and honey for rates Tester rate here is £600/day for good proven experience. I agree with you on the difficulty to replace bit although my fears over outsourcing have come to nought. I have other interests now on the internet so would not mind in the least to be honest and I can always fix cars I am not averse to going anywhere too which always gives you a wider choice in the jobs market.
  9. All our lives read like a book when you start writing it down ha ha just that some books are less boring than others
  10. Ok here goes Council house family with dad working at Hotpoint as a welder and mum as a dinner lady (went on to become head cook before retiring) Mum and dad bought their house for the princely sum of £1900 and set about paying it off. Lucky them eh. I went to the local comprehensive but seemed to spend all my time skiving round my mates house who’s dad was a real gangster and bookmaker, we used to help him do the book at greyhound races and school seemed boring in comparison As such I left school with nothing at all and even skived all my exams. My dad wanted me to work at Hotpoint which I was resisting. Whilst at school we had gone on a weeks work experience with the navy on an inshore minesweeper which I had enjoyed very much so in a fit of trying to escape Hotpoint I went and joined up at 16. I did my basic training in Gosport as a junior seaman second class (there is no lower rank) and it was during this time that as a seaman that you can opt for submarines, at the time it was paying more money so my mate and I did and we were shipped off to Dolphin in Portsmouth to learn how to be a jolly jack tar of all trades The navy teach you this because they need everyman on a submarine to be able to do everyone else’s job for many reasons not least safety and fire fighting etc. So you learn your own job, mine was tactical systems working in the control room and you also have to do what is called your part three which is a mahoosive book on the whole submarine and you have to learn each compartment and then be tested on it by the compartment head. If you pass part three which is normally conducted on your first 3 month patrol (on a bomber) then you get your dolphins and are considered one of the elite, if you fail you are kicked out to skimmers. This is why there is such animosity between subs and skimmers because we view them as failed submariners. Anyway I passed my part three during our patrol when the Falklands war kicked off and because we were at sea at the time we were sent down there. My nature being one of getting bored easily I started to get bored with being in the navy so one weekend I didn’t go back Went on the run for 3 months and then my sister just said look you cant be on the run forever and paid for my train fair back to Faslane where I handed myself in. I got court martialled and kicked out but with not having to do any DQ's because my captain liked me and he just recognised I am a free spirit. So free and jobless My mate was maintenance man at a nightclub in my home city and I was there one day drinking coffee when in walks Matt the boss, ah he says you’re the chef from the navy he says, Err yes I say with my mate smiling. Well let me show you the kitchen then which he did and we ummed and ahhed and then he said can you start Thursday (it was Monday) to which I said I could. My mate was laughing his head off. I mean I can cook but a chef in a nightclub LOL. He had told Matt I used to be the chef on the submarine without me knowing because he knew I wanted a new job. So I took the menus home and me and my mum went through them and cooked it all up in the kitchen so I was prepared. I started on Thursday night and shit myself The orders started coming in and I realised all it was was good coordination and making sure you got things out at the right time. I had some kitchen helpers and delegated and got through it. I also realised that the chef is GOD and no one dared tell me what to do or how to do it, I learnt that day that I could be anything and as long as I myself believed it then no one would ever question me and they would also believe it unless I gave them cause for doubt. I learnt how to blag that day. It would stand me in good stead later on I got bored and wanted to earn more money. At the time windows and doors were all the thing and I applied for a job at a company specialising in council house mortgages with a windows package thrown in. I got the job and went on my first appointment in Wisbech shitting myself again. The whole family were there my god I was so nervous. Anyway I just explained that they could buy their house for 60% discount and we would organise the mortgage for them install all new upvc windows and oh look its cheaper than your current rent is!!!! I signed up loads as you can imagine. Trouble is the windows part we got commission on and it was always we will get that once the job completes. I never saw a penny of nearly 30k of commission and one day the fraud squad arrived and took all the filing cabinets away and that was the end of that job. I tried a few other sales jobs after that but just got fed up being sold the dream with the reality being much harder to achieve. I got bored with sales. I had been tinkering with rebuilding an old JPS 3 litre Capri round the back yard and was also motorbike racing. Another good mate asked me if I could service one of his vans (he had a decorator suppliers) the van was a Renault master diesel and I found it very easy to do to be honest. Saved him a fortune on Renault prices and he asked me to look after the whole fleet of 24 vans and cars woot. I started my own garage business on the back of this one client servicing them at his yard as a sort of mobile mechanic. I would visit companies and say I was servicing this suppliers vehicles and could save the 50% on their dealers costs and rapidly built a big client list. If they rang him he would sing my praises. Little did they know that half the time the van was round the back of my mums being done. I would pick it up and drop it back off with the book stamped and all done and they were all happy. I got bored again and one day I was round my mates who was an IT tester contractor in the banking sector, this is now late 1996. I was in his kitchen having a cup of tea and on the table top was his monthly invoice of just over 8 grand. I nearly fell off my chair! I grilled him as to what it was he did exactly. I was heavily into gaming at the time and was building my own gaming PC's and so that night went home went online and bought "software testing in the real world" and a couple of books from Cem Kaner and Boris Beizer for good measure. I had also bought about a month before a photo reading course by Paul Sheele from the learning foundation and was learning that at the time so I thought it a good exercise to use my new photo reading skills on these new books. I fixed cars by day and I studied by night for 10 months. I felt I was ready. I sought out a professional cv writer and told her my plan that I needed to blag a cv and she agreed to help me. She crafted me a cv so it looked like I had been software testing in the navy (Cant be checked due to secrecy laws etc) and that I had left the navy later than I had. I also knew that as soon as you mention submariner people start imagining seaview and men in white coats Armed with this cv I sent it out for jobs on Jobserve. The phone never stopped ringing, what I didn’t know is that in 97/8 a lot of mobile Telco’s were starting up across Europe and they needed bums on seats. I got an interview for a job in Munich and went to London shitting myself again The photo reading had worked, they asked me the contents of a test strategy and I reeled it off. They asked me what I would put in a test plan and I reeled it off. I had never done it but I had all the knowledge of how to do it. They gave me the job. I drove to Munich on my own and sat in hotel on my own and my mum rang me and she said son the worst that can happen is that on day one they will find out you’re a blagger and have to give you a months notice and you will have earned 8 grand (it was 2k a week) You’re right I said and went to work the following day knowing that as long as I never told a soul the worst they could think is that im just crap. So day one was spent on introductions £400 quid earnt day two was spent finding a desk and getting a pc £800 earnt day 3 my boss comes to me and says I want you test CRM but as it’s a new system I need you to learn it here so here is the user guide and documentation. Ok I said how long till we start testing? 3 months he says!!!!!!!!!! So let me get this right I thought. You are going to me pay me £400 a day for 3 months to learn a system from your books so I can test it for you! Hmm paydirt. Never looked back. 13 years later Im now on 240k a year with work till end of 2012 booked in. Happy days being a jack of all trades. Sorry that was so long but some people seem to think I’m a bullshitter.
  11. How do you measure success? After leaving the Navy I did'nt know what i wanted to be or do so tried different things. When I saw my mates monthly contracting invoice I trained myself to do it and have been doing that now for 14 years Scared of commitment? Hardly.
  12. Missed my point by a country mile. I did'nt say you could do anything and everything. I said there is nothing stopping you trying different things until you find your place.
  13. Your child will be practical if: A: When you're painting and he comes over to see what you're doing and wants to get involved and help. You criticise and him and then shoo him away. He will associate all learning with pain and be crap at it and never offer to help daddy again B: When you're painting and he comes over to see what you're doing and wants to get involved, let him make a right mess of it, show him how to do it correctly, praise him and love him. He will associate all learning with fun and reward and embrace it with gusto. Your responsability as a parent is to create your child
  14. Yes ok a tad hard. I will never lose my skill base because there is not anything I can't do Been A submariner A chef A salesman for various from windows to cars A mechanic with my own garage An IT contractor A computer fixer Etc etc Jack of all trades me. This is my point though. All of us can be anything we want to be. I could be a Neurosurgeon. I might not the best at it but if I studied I could learn all about it. I could also become a tree surgeon if I wanted to, again get the books and learn then get some tools and just do it. What is stopping me here? What is stopping anyone apart from a lack of self belief and laziness?
  15. Two people I know have just got jobs. 1. Mate, age 22 just landed a graduate training job with BMW which includes 3 months in Munich, nice 2. GF, contract ends at 3 end of this month, had interview yesterday for new contract and got it with slight increase in daily rate to £400 3. My current project runs to the end of next year so I seem to be ok here and even then here in Switzerland I get 70% of my monthly rate from my unemployment insurance if they give me the boot The jobs market will always be either A: Bad B: Worse than bad If you're unskilled. What do you expect anyway if you're unskilled, anyone can do what you so you're not needed, are never needed and that IS your fault for not getting off your fat lazy **** and training your mind. With the internet there IS no excuse because for the first time in history you have the worlds knowledge literally at your fingertips.
  16. Now there's the thing 2006 to 2008 = Dubai $25k a month tax free 2008 to 2009 = Munich £11k a month 6 months off fishing 2009 to present Switzerland £20k month Hmmm don't seem to have affected me one bit.
  17. Just sickens me that ALL of these types tell you constantly to protect yourself but they never say hey Mark you know you should short oil at 5p a point with a stop of 300 points and that is a good strategy for making some money in this downturn! They spout and spout and spout and actually say nothing at all of any value to ordinary man. PS You're probably right, let's face it it's guys like him that probably bought Greek debt in the first place the idiots!
  18. Yet more useless information!! DONT tell me what to do tell me HOW to do it please or just STFU
  19. It's amazing really that since I started here I have had a £35 an hour rate rise LOL Of course I don't get paid anymore Swiss francs but I do benefit when I transfer money to pay my UK bills.
  20. Because of the rate situation and because im paid in CHF I now earn 11 big macs an hour and am feeling rather fat
  21. In 2007 my landlord offered me his 5 bed house for 320k (I was renting it for 950) In 2010 he offered me the same house for 240 today it is 229 Is that not a 91k crash? It's a progressive thing that is going on all the time at different speed for different people. There will never be a day when you wake up and say ahh today the crash happened! If you are waiting for such a day then you will wait a long time.
  22. Better still teach him the two things he really needs yourself. I'm guessing you don't know 2 or you would not want him to go to uni in the first place. 1. How to look after himself, cook clean and mend stuff. You know, have a logical mind. 2. How to make money as his own boss. Education is a hobby and nothing more unless you want to pursue the sciences and actually contribute something. Generally It's for the slaves of the world that can't work out the game for themselves.
  23. Could not agree more with this. My peer group are clueless to be honest. They STILL believe that property is the way to go and yet not one of them has any savings to mention. They earn it and spend it like it's going out of fashion. I don't talk to them anymore about anything relating to house prices or the economy. The GF and I just plan for ourselves. However here in Sunny Switzerland and because the UK economy is toast I have had another £10 and hour pay rise .680 last week .730 today. Yippee Harrods here I come with my wad full of francs
  24. The GF and I went down to see the Evoque launch and enjoyed it. We shall be buying a fully loaded one in Jan 12 for about 43k to go with the Z4 Cab she just bought for 30k Squeezed? Ive never known it so good in IT contracting thanks. We both contract and NET between us about 18k a month. Not everyone is squeezed in a reccession, it depends on your skill set and ability and willingness to follow the work around.
  25. Really! What about the people in Afghanistan! Whatever you think about the Taliban it is THEIR country not ours. If the Afghan government sent troops to the UK so they could impose their vision of democracy (sharia) on us I would fight them and I guess that would make me the Taliban eh. One ideology fighting another. Each convinced it is right! It's a moot point though because just like in Vietnam they can't win and will get worn down by attrition over time. You simply cannot win a war in Afghanistan and you're a fool to start one!
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