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  1. I drive an Aston, does that make me a ******* by association? Or does it just make you a complete ******ing loser because you don't
  2. Insult you? What strange times we live in when a general is taken personally ROFL Do you work for Elf and Saftey perchance? or the PC brigade LOL. Bit insecure arnt we
  3. I guess expecting something without expending any effort (including knowledge and education) is a sign of our times eh But in short and just for you.... We are ******ed
  4. Yes houses and their cost will be the very least of our worries over the next ten years
  5. This is a long post (a change for some of you with only the capacity to read one liners granted) but it is also a very worthy read and hence why I posted it. Jim sums up nicely where we are at and where we are heading. I can't argue with what he says myself. It will be interesting to read your thoughts on what he says. Pheww
  6. Depression territory? Is there even a measure for what a depression actually is?
  7. My sisters did that on my mums carpet ROFL I have never laughed so much in my life watching my mum chase it and it pull itself along ever faster
  8. The upshot is that there are already a million homes that are unoccupied in the Uk today! Jobs will be the issue and with lack of jobs or indeed job insecurity people will not be inclined to "snap up a bargain" Immigrants will leave the Uk as jobs dry up, middle classes will leave the Uk as crime rises and the place becomes more bleak. Think Bleak House Think Empty Homes
  9. I have to take my points where I can find them as they dont come along that often
  10. I claim 1 point for being HPC's offical "very sensible poster"
  11. I did'nt take it that way and part of me agrees with you I guess we will have to watch and wait as we have done and see how it all pans out 2010, 2011 and onwards. I struggle though with a 500k gorgeous large house in Rutland selling for 50k! (90%) But then stranger things have happened at sea ehh and 500k to 250k (50%) Yes I guess that could happen.
  12. Have you been lurking for two years then I predict 70% generally but not across the board. There is NO UK hosing market! What you have is a collection of mini markets and areas, each will fall according to its own set of parameters anc circumstances. Some propertys will fall 70 to 80% some will fall 30 and some 10. Saying the whole market will fall by X is foolhardy, and what does it matter anyway? It will correct and thats what we wanted. We get what we want, we win. Now all you have to do is hold onto your cash and job and then you can benefit from cheaper housing. Fred is right though this is NOT the last bubble in history. We WILL have another one! We will NOT get a new system as the VI's and the Rothschilds dont want that! We will get the system they want
  13. I myself will be "investing in property" buying a house possibly in 2010 and even then I will look hard. Anyone investing in property now is a fool and as we know a fool and his money are soon parted. The delfationary cycle is nowhere near over yet! One could argue that if they are doing so well at it why are they charging 5k telling you how to do it and thus increasing their competition into the bargain But then you could just be a big fat Awooga
  14. They do exist! I watched V when I was a kid and saw them in it!
  15. It's not a tuff one to call at all! Just dont buy. Simple, end of. Enjoy your life, go hiking in the lakes, forget houses. Look at buying if you really must sometime in 2010.
  16. No it's peoples STUPID mentality! I was at lunch the other day with a couple who have several BTL that they have built up over the years. They had bought as their crown a Off Plan New Build Luxuary FLAT In Cornwall I think they paid about 325k for it. Maybe more. Anyway most of the conversation centered around how they were struggling to pay the mortgage because when they came to get one it was difficult to get and costly. After all this doom and gloom they chirped in with "Now is the time to buy though because there are some real bargains to be had" I smiled my most controlled smile and quickly left before I killed them both
  17. You're too late Injin! We already have our very own hitler and she's called Jaqui Smith
  18. Sadly Money "savings" expert did'nt save you lot much did it But hugs anyways as technically we are all in the same boat and it was not of our making.
  19. Who have they defrauded though? Other greedy men that wanted to make money for nothing more than pushing it from one place to another!
  20. What happens when we get to 13 in your list bear?
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