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  1. Couldn't agree more! Hardly anything is shifting though so perhaps even a "under offer" shows that there is interest in it. If I was selling I would think twice about it, it causes a lot of confusion from potential buyers and even delists the property from rightmove unless you tick the right sstc search box. T1
  2. My understanding of "Under Offer" is that a price has been agreed but the buyer cannot proceed, normally because they have not sold their house yet. T
  3. At the university I work a lot of the academics "work from home" once or twice a week.
  4. Renault and Peugeot probably need to retrieve the tooling and machinery from the factory to switch it to another sub contractor.
  5. Ha Ha Ha From reading this it sounds like they would defer stamp duty not axe it! The buyer would still have to pay. I cannot see this making the slightest difference to the market. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7542393.stm
  6. I reckon my house will lose £50000 from peak, but the next house up the ladder should drop by at least that much if not more so I don't think i've lost anything.
  7. This is a good source of info regarding debt from the CIA https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/th...r/2079rank.html
  8. Alliance and Leicester are offering 18.9% for £1500 They are encouraging people to borrow more than they need by whacking up the interest on smaller amounts. Why don't you get a credit card with 0% on purchases for 12 months??
  9. I have a house, mortgage is just over 2 times joint salary. I want prices to crash but I am not convinced that they will crash. That is why I class myself as a "neither", but with bearish tendances
  10. The good thing about HIPS is that it is an upfront cost for the seller, at the moment the seller can kite fly at a high price and if they don't sell so what? HIPS will make the seller think more seriously before hand. I think HIPS will mean less houses on the market, I don't know whether prices will go up or down because of it.
  11. I wouldn't STR, we are settled where we are, there is the hassle and cost of selling to think about, plus the rental costs. Also I like the idea of "owning" my own home. House prices would have to drop by over half before we fall into negative equity. Bring on the crash I say because the rungs on the housing ladder will shorten, I do not think it will crash though, just stagnate.
  12. Hello Doomlord, I think your link has been hacked, because a lot of pretty ladies have flashed up when I click the link
  13. I am afraid there probably not a lot you can do about the EA, if he is trying to get a bit more out of you it is probably the vendor pushing him. Did you offer a lot less than asking? What you can do is just communicate through your solicitor. If your solicitor is any good they can normally tell if there is any BS. I wouldn't go straight to the vendor, if you p155 off the EA he/she could ruin everything for you. EAs can be complete B*****DS when they want to. Good Luck With Everything Thommo1
  14. You could make her an offer less than she is asking for, she won't have any EA fees and she would have a quick sale. I don't think much to the interest only mortgage though, if you can't afford a repayment mortgage don't bother. As Europa has pointed out it depends on your future earning power, if you're going to have large pay increases it might be worth stretching yourself now.
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