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  1. Why do Marxists only drink herbal tea? Because all proper tea is theft!
  2. Brown. Stable Door. Bolted. Horse. Muppet! Remember we were just doom-mongering cranks. Gordon honestly didn't see this coming and anyone who did was shouted down. Ooooo!, That makes me MAD!!! :angry:
  3. Present company excepted I hope. G.O.M! But yes it is unremittingly grim. Pound shops & sh1te, frequented by JJB store card holders. But you could say that about just about every town in the UK. I think its all horrible. Lived in London, awful. Lived in South Wales, awful. Visited many nondescript towns through work. Awful, awful. By the way. Work in electronics too. At least until the end of the month. The whole lot is going. Redundancy for the 3rd time since leaving University in 1994. Ho-Hum!
  4. D'oh! Some people just don't get it! Does anyone have any grasp of current affaires and how we got to this mess? Prices coming down to 3.5 salary is not the point or the problem. Supply & demand of houses is not the point either Its the CREDIT available!!! When there was loads of stupid cheap credit sloshing around it didn't matter what your salary was. The banks just threw money at people. Those days are now long gone. I remember scratching my head and thinking who can afford to buy that house, at that price, in this area. Has a bus load of millionaires suddenly moved into the n
  5. Priced To Sell......(Priced to sit there on Rightmove for years more like) On Street Parking.....(Oooo, what a selling point, there's a road outside) Act Fast.....(Still there 4 months later - Act Fast before it goes to auction) Fixed Price....(Hopeful & ultimately pointless)
  6. Wakefield Council could lose £9M down the back of the sofa. They are well known for being incomeptent. Until recently they were well down the league table as an under-performing council. But this proflagracy is crackers! They are slowly killing this town. The Bull Ring is a bombsite and Queen Victoria is on the move AGAIN! - Leave the pidgeon encrusted tart where she is. The horrible plastic "West Gate Run" is mostly boarded up (Unity Hall and that). The new market hall is an empty failure. Even though the council say otherwise. This year they cancelled the traditional bonfire and firew
  7. I'm surprised that no one has picked up on this news yet! The ill-informed chubby funster is leaving BBC Breakfast News.......For Working Lunch! Next stop the One Show. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7622790.stm He used to be the business correspondant for ABC news in the US....This explains a lot.
  8. Sorry, to be picky. But a house is only worth what the buyer WANTS to pay. I could have afforded to buy an over priced asset 2 - 3 years ago, but it wasn't worth it. What a buyer CAN pay got us into this mess. The Bank will lend it to me so it must be OK.
  9. I take it that Inside Track's suckers, sorry customers had their portfolios on 100% I/Os fixed for three years? Oh, dear, there will be some VERY unhappy people out there soon.
  10. I am literaly gobsmacked my old son! How can they still sing this old tune and not look silly. There are appartment builds in Leeds that have just been left. Not mothballed, not delayed, just LEFT. Safe as Houses, matey!
  11. Yep, noticed this on Rightmove a while ago. Gfromls had some info. Looks like abit of a **** up to me. See Thread........... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1004007
  12. "My nice little earner" The pixie girl in the bowler hat should have lost some of her charm now. I'd love B&B to come unstuck just for those horrible smug adverts.
  13. GOM - I've dropped my bacon butty! If I could/would pay that much, it wouldn't be in Ossett & it would have some land with it too. Absolutely Crackers! - But in a town where those old tower blocks on kirkgate go for £115 a throw and you have to brave the chavs in the Ridings to get to the lift, nothing should surprise me. Exactly who in Wakey earns this much money to afford these prices?
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