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  1. Who cares if it's likely to happen, if all is well I'm still on a temperate isle rather than stuck in hell hole dubai and if it does go all mad max I'd reckon my chances are poor to middling here and naff all there. Whats not to like
  2. Who needs it to stop overnight, as production cannot meet demand prices rise, I'd rather be stuck on a temperate island with the ability to grow my own than in a desert hell hole, particularly when the public desire to restrict what little natural resources are available to those already here kicks in and HMG obliges by saying sorry expats but you can't come back.
  3. Yeh but when that sh!t hits I'd rather have a bolthole in blighty than the sh!t end of the Arabian peninsula, like someone else said there's a reason the population was naff all until the oil.
  4. We're about £2.5k/y for 2 of us all in, easy when a single chicken and some veg does a roast, pie and soup-thats three mains for 2 and sandwiches for lunch for 2 for 2 days. Cook like your granny did and food goes much farther. Cook the chicken and turf it and eating is expensive. If I didn't like meat so much we'd go veggie-very cheap eating that.
  5. My sister keeps trying to tell me I should move out there. She's been there for 15 years and can't see how ******ed it is when the wells run dry. I keep telling her not a ice cube in hells chance.
  6. Which is why I left my original post with this'll start and argument, I think one thing and some think another and until a LL or T pursues it there won't be a definitive answer either way. I'm happy to leave it there.
  7. The definition of reasonable is?, this goes on and on, IMHO a tenant can always claim it is unreasonable-they are having folk round for an orgy at that time. This I never said, the tenant can carry out repairs for which the LL has been notified and failed to act upon. In this instance the tenant has stated that the relationship has irretrievably broken down, I'd hazard in that case the T intends to leave at the end of the term, the LL would have no case of I couldn't gain access to inspect as the T wouldn't let me, he's been made aware of issues and failed to act. The T rightly now wants nothing to do with the LL/LA presumably until the duration of the term upon which they will leave. The LL would have no recourse for damage they failed to take action to remedy in good time-in doing so they have admitted a lack of interest.
  8. They generally have a contract with the LL which will stipulate the inspections to protect the LL interests. They haven't done anything about the issues you've flagged because the LL is a tight ******* and won't pay for them. You can choose if it is reasonable to have the work carried out and set off the cost against rent but be sure the work is necessary or you could end up stuck for the cost. They aren't legally entitled to do anything in your home you do not permit, indeed they aren't legally entitled to enter your home without your permission (that'll cause and argument here).
  9. Doesn't matter if the tenant 'plays the game' or not, the law has been tightened up and is clear 'no protection, guilty and 1 to 3x deposit as compensation. It's meant as a punishment IMHO to deter LL 'playing the game'
  10. Interesting sign off you use, do you feel animosity towards yourself?
  11. The lack of buyers after its use'll kinda make it worthless, but in the run up all that force showing'll make it a desirable area. Although tongue in cheek, in case you missed that.
  12. You can pursue it after I think, but the rent will eventually have to be paid, the landlord and tenant act allows for it not to be paid until an address has been received in writing but it then needs paying. Do you have an address in England or Wales for the LL. If you do then you can start proceedings now, if you do not then you'll need advice from someone else as notices can't? be served on an address abroad. Of course not paying the rent would be an encouragement for the LL to supply the address in England and Wales which you could then use for the deposit case.
  13. Read Kaladroms thread. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=146492
  14. Never had the hassle so had no idea what the 'prescribed form' is but this seems to sum it up http://www.letlink.co.uk/letting-factsheets/factsheets/factsheet-13-procedure-for-increasing-rents-in-england-and-wales.html http://www.letlink.co.uk/GeneralInfo/Section_13_2003/new_section_13_notices_Form_4b.htm I doubt it would require the exact form of words there but would hazard a guess that the same information must be conveyed. If you're going to go after the 1 to 3x deposit for non protection I'd continue to pay the rent until you have that in the bag-you've done so so far- and look good before the court. Kaladorms thread on deposit non protection was before the rules were tightened up and makes for an interesting read so if your LL did not protect in time he's ******ed and you could end up with a charging order on the house.
  15. You should have not bothered to pay the rent, without the deposit protected he could not serve notice and 48 Notification by landlord of address for service of notices. (1)A landlord of premises to which this Part applies shall by notice furnish the tenant with an address in England and Wales at which notices (including notices in proceedings) may be served on him by the tenant. (2)Where a landlord of any such premises fails to comply with subsection (1), any rent or service charge otherwise due from the tenant to the landlord shall (subject to subsection (3)) be treated for all purposes as not being due from the tenant to the landlord at any time before the landlord does comply with that subsection. (3)Any such rent or service charge shall not be so treated in relation to any time when, by virtue of an order of any court, there is in force an appointment of a receiver or manager whose functions include the receiving of rent or (as the case may be) service charges from the tenant. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1988/50/contents my bold obviously you have to pay it eventually when an address is supplied but it could have been earning interest for you in the meantime. As for your current situ, there's a sticky on the DPS stuff, the law was recently (well not so recent now) changed to stop the LL having a get out of jail card. They used to be able to protect late up to the court case but now cannot do that. Check the dates of legislation changes to see if he protected in time and consult a solicitor. The LL can increase the rent whether you agree or not but there is a specif form of words required, never had the bother myself so read up on that here I'm presuming you never signed a new ast with the rent increase included.
  16. Yes, Europe has just stumbled on through another few months and the UK bluffing it all the way but with the US now saying they'll print until thier economy is well (like who couldn't see that coming), lets see the mid term consequences of US printing, further devaluation of the dollar, reducing Europe and the UK export competitiveness. What options will the be for us western Europeans, join the part and print some more to compete with the devaluing dollar, cash savings are fooked, they've been telling us for the last 4 years. Houses are going nowhere nominally and down real but it's better than down lots real with the risk of your bank still failing.
  17. I'm just thinking let it hold off for another couple of month, let the market rise with the gratis moola and I'll be selling out and buying...£30k more and I'm buying for cash, nice spot in York with a decent sized garden to grow my own and sit in with a spade to take out the starving hordes. Houses are going nowhere in nominal terms and will still be worth a house in what ever new currency we end up with. I might well be holding onto the metallic stuff for a couple of decades...its the toilet paper I'm sitting on thats got me shitting bricks.
  18. Aye, true, York is a nice city but that's a shitty part. The worst parts of York are nicer than where I grew up. O, it's also on the floodplain, but I'd still heartily recommend living in York and not Nodnol
  19. Volume, sale prices? I was looking at one today, from the inside looks like some codger dies in it, it first came on in Nov last year at £210k in a shitty part of York, steadily reduced to £170k today- about £45k to much for where it is. They can ask whatever they like but that won't get volume up and won't be the price they sell for. Just looking £177k is ceiling for the rood, last sale 2008 at £170k. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32092891.html?premiumA=true
  20. Could you give me the reference to that, is it '(b)the landlord or, in the case of joint landlords, at least one of them has given to the tenant not less than two months’ notice [F2in writing] stating that he requires possession of the dwelling-house.' I always thought there was something else that said otherwise but can't find it.
  21. I never understand the "I can dip into the overdraft and get the thing I want"-but if you do that you'll have less to spend next month because of the interest, "but I need the thing today", why not go one month with out and have enough and more every month thereafter, "but I need it this month" My mother does that :angry: incapable of understanding she goes without every month because she won't go one month without :angry: :angry:
  22. The contract becomes statutory periodic if you remain in residence past the expiry of the last day of the contract. Your contract terms remain the same as they were with the same rent unless a notice of variation has been served (they can serve this later if they wish and you would have to pay or leave). You have to give the LL one months notice in writing and they have to give you two months notice in writing. The notice must include the full one or two months of a tenancy period. If your rent is paid weakly then it is 4 weeks notice from you and (Ii think) 8 weeks from them. If the tenancy period is longer than one month then it is a tenancy period from you and two tenancy periods from them, one or two full periods notice must be included. Eg you have a contract where the tenancy period is one month and the contract comes to an end today, if you remain resident through to tomorrow and give notice then, the earliest you can bring the tenancy to an end is 8th November and the earliest they can request you bring the tenancy to an end is 8th December.
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