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  1. I have been told in the past that tenants on this sort of land have been told not to try and grow anything in these due to the toxicity of soil!
  2. Cardiff Development on stop! Here you go Tulip. Property certainly does not only go up!
  3. Don't worry everyone we can always sell the DJ Shadow/UNKLE music that was played all through that Panorama show. FFS that was a scarey old programme and I have been a HPC convert for the last 4 years! Classic that the Crane guy being fatter than Declan. Anyone notice he was driving a new car. Me thinks that was on tick too! CREDIT CREDIT CREDIT CRUNCH (sung in a chas and dave style)
  4. Never mind the Elba, what about the SA1. The nightmare is coming home to too many people. Sordid is the only way I feel about the whole saga of the Boom & Bust economy of Charlie Brown
  5. Just looking at that photo essay of the great depression A photo essay of the great depression "Philipinos cutting lettuce, Salinas, California, 1935. Photographer: Dorothea Lange. In order to maximize their ability to exploit farm workers, California employers recruited from China, Japan, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the American south, and Europe." How profound.....
  6. "New measures at Heathrow and other airports, using biometric technology, to speed up the time it takes to get through security checks." You cant travel without ID card sonny!
  7. I would say that Swansea has got loads going for it, It is a lovely place to live and the people here are the most genuine people you can meet. Wales is very rich in resources and I value the fact that we get written off by so many pundits (Clarkson, A Robinson etc). Those with intellect and culture realise just what South, Mid and North Wales has to offer. Thats why thousands flock here in the summer to spend their hard earned Midlands/London money. My only fear for Swansea is the incessant ramping by the EA's to profiteer. FTB's are really hard pushed and the thought of living in one of thos
  8. What stagger me is that the builds on Addis, SA1 and surrounding areas have no transport, amenities or social space for the dwellers. Swansea was almost grid locked on Tuesday of this week. Dreadful situation. Good to hear that the high street is getting developed via compulsory purchase. Why is there not a tram link up the Swansea Valley? Why is the river not used as a transport route? Why is there not a train or bus station in Llansamlet trading estate (Behind morrison's maybe?)
  9. Just heard him on Radio 4. He was waffling on about how our economy was strong. When asked if savings would be guaranteed for 100% he side stepped and carried on with the sound bite of 'strong economy'
  10. I have not posted on this forum for ages but this is a very startling admission.
  11. Arghhhhhhhh everyone in work is talking about BB. The missus is watching it now. What the hell happened to the World. Orwelian visions of Utopia watching Orwelian ideas. Any way how the hell can i watch the top shows of dispatches that i have missed. Anyone.......!?
  12. No I was wrong that not a repeat its a different programme. How can i see last nights Dispatches?
  13. Watched the programme with the wife. At the end she asked me what happens when the banks call in the debt or the money is hyper inflated. Sigh, it was really depressing seeing those coal towers being blown up. I was shocked at how small agriculture was in that pie chart! The whole show stank of wanderlust for the uber rich. As I saw the chavs strolling round in that Derby town, I realised how much they are mocking us with their imitation designer clothes straight our of Sports World or wherever it is. I am fed up of saying we are in for a recession, in my heart of heart I know its only
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