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  1. I sadly get to spend a lot of my life in hotels up and down the country. The prices crashed back in '08 and '09 but I've noticed they have shot straight back up this year. Eg a bog-standard, bland, soul-destroying single room in the Holiday Inn in Glasgow was quoted at £128 per night a few weeks back. They are even worse down south - I think the Holiday Inn in Woking is something like £138 for a single - back to the '07 prices. I think B&B's in the larger cities are now up at around £50 again. The best value is some of the old coaching inns and pubs that now have rooms. You get some very high standards plus a proper bar downstairs with some decent local food. Much nicer than chain-hotel mediocrity. I never understood how a lot of hotels survived. Then I was staying in this place outside Dublin - country house/golf course type of thing and was sat in the bar one night and got talking to the manager of the place. He said they just broke even on the rooms - it was weddings where they made their money. We are talking back in the boom years - he even had to have a helicopter pad put in because that's what people wanted. Nuts. Utter madness. Ireland is the place to go to see the effect of the recession on hotels. I used to stop in the Berkely Court on Landsdowne Road (changed it's name - no idea what it's called now). Back in the boom years people like Michael Jackson used to stay there in the penthouse at £6000 a night. These days you can get a room there for about 50euro/night. There is also a massive hotel complex out in City West on the edge of Dublin - two huge hotels next to each other by the golf course, they must have a couple of thousand rooms between them. Last time I was there there was about 30 cars in the car park. The Irish hotel industry is an utter train wreck. Way too much capacity.
  2. TBF, you should be ashamed of yourself
  3. As usual I've been clobbered by this lot again. Thanks to bitter experience I now check thoroughly any coding notice that comes through. Sure enough there is now an unexplainable tax underpayment of £400 that they want back over the course of the next tax year. No explaination, nothing. So I phoned them up and the poor sod who answered frankly didn't know what they were doing and told me to write them a letter (!). Write them a letter? This is the 21st century? So I said goodbye and rung them straight back and got someone who was on the ball. They are now investigating it and are going to let me know... I know from experience that I will get two or three more coding notices between now and the summer before they get it right. I have to say that out of all the public services that I have to deal with, HMRC are the worst of the lot. Claiming back tax relief on pension contributions took nine months a few years back. I pointed out to them that when I genuinely owed them money (£1500) I was sent a letter saying pay up within 28 days or it goes up 5%. But when they owe me money they can take nine months over it (they did pay some amount for lost interest if IIRC). I feel a bit sorry for the poor sods who man the phones at HMRC. It just seems such a disorganised mess.
  4. I was in that pub a month or so back. He's still there and all his bar staff are easy on the eye. I was drowning my sorrows after a visit to a pizza place cost me nearly forty quid for a pizza and a pint. Must be great if you can earn and save the local currency with a view to coming home after a few years. For foreign totty then I have to say that a visit to Poland last week was good. Mind you, it was the only good thing about the place, the bit I was in was horrible.
  5. The most pitiful sight in any workplace is that of the "Company Man". Excruciating.
  6. A bit sad really. You expect people to air this stuff in private, this just makes him look childish. If I was a prospective employer of his then I would think twice about employing the man. No style. No style at all.
  7. Yep. Here's the answer. My work has sent me all over the UK over the last ten years, and Shropshire is a well kept secret. Don't tell everyone though...
  8. Rightmove is just asking prices. Asking prices are all over the place. You can see rightmove listings with two bed flats next to three bed houses for the same money. I don't think asking prices reflect reality.
  9. As usual Cynicus has some ideas. He doesn't specifically mention house prices, but you can see where this might end up.
  10. There's an American guy I know - a geologist in the oil industry. His company relocated him to Aberdeen. He stuck it out for six months before he gave his company an ultimatum: relocate him out of there or he would quit. Now this is a genuinely nice bloke, but he couldn't get his head round people actually choosing to live there - he'd lived all over the world and he thought Aberdeen was just too miserable. Fortunately his company saw sense and relocated him down here in Richmond. As for Teddington prices - they seem down but holding up better than the national figures. Rents have dropped a lot though.
  11. I would guess the average salary in Saltdean to be someting like 20-odd K. It's just a suburban sprawl outside Brighton where old people go to die. Still, who wouldn't want to live in a concrete box converted from some old Butlins hotel? Worth 450k of anyone's money... Clicky It's a polished turd. Fits the overpriced shithole tag perfectly. I'm from down that way. Gobsmacked.
  12. And it probably wont make me very popular, but you can't have irresponsible lending without irresponsible borrowing. And yes, the finance community should take the majority of blame for their exotic CDO's and CDS and all that stuff, (lets not do all that on a Friday night) but I think that the overborrowed and irresponsible who thought that massive leverage on property would make them instantly rich need to take a long hard look in the mirror....
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