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  1. U could get a rough idea, basically on a mortgage holiday the payments ur due to pay are added to the mortgage, and continues to accrue interest on the ever increasing balance. If the mortgage is for 100,000 at 6% monthly payments would be approx 800 there for at the end of the period she would owe at least an extra 10,000. This would need to be paid over the remainder if the mortgage. You could quite easily end up paying 20 to 25k for a one yr payment holiday. But it is better than defaulting, and probably slightly cheaper than borrowing the whole amount up front.
  2. Surely this would be the ceiling! Anyone else purchasing a similar house on that street would be pretty daft to pay more than that price
  3. Sounds like someone who is jealous of us with final salary pensions
  4. The bank will/should ask where the deposit came from. I think it will affect their decision to lend a mortage if you borrowed the deposit rather than having it as either equity or cash.
  5. I think in the case of BTL's it is an investment. So this would be looked upon as something like a margin call when borrowing to invest on the stockmarket. Basically the bank would look at the value of your assets compared to your borrowing. If there is less than a certain amount of equity the bank could demand a payment to make the LTV for their 'portfolio' within the lending requirements. This would probably only be done if the investor was looking to either change deal, remortgage, or borrow more money. But IIRC the bank could request this payment at anytime. I may be wrong.
  6. I am have a good deposit saved and am adding to this every month. I am looking for somewhere I can buy comfortably and aim to pay the mortgage off within at most 10 years. I would like to buy somewhere within the next 12-18 months as I feel that I should be one of the few (proabably along with many on here) who will have a 15-20 percent deposit and able proceed quickly this should put me in a good position to negotiate on price and not pay too much for the property. I am sure that there will be much volatility in the market for many years to come but if I reckon in you don't overstretch yourself and can clear the mortgage off quickly these things don't matter too much.
  7. What rubbish!! How do you know that the 2 cats were left on the one room all day? 2 cats could not sh*t enough in one day to damage floorboards!! This is the standard line trotted out by pain in the ass LL's. If you don't want people to use your house don't rent it out stupid!!
  8. <sarcasm>Sure because we all just let our cats shit on the floor and walk round it!!</sarcasm> Stupid comment!
  9. At least with a Hotel you know that if you have a problem it will get sorted, or you will move. I have rented 3 places in the last 3-4 years since I moved out of my parents, 1 Pro, 1 amateur, and one unintended. I have found exactly the same problems with them all. If you have a problem trying to get anything done, even through an agency is like pulling teeth. Unable to get hold of the LL or after them being informed can sometimes take weeks to even get them to be bothered to do anything. I have never had that problem in any hotels, even in the worse ones I have stopped in. While I sort of accept your point that hotels are similar to renting, here you are getting a service, which is a clean room. If this is not fulfilled you have rights, you can demand refund or different room etc. In a rented property a LL offers no such guarantees, the service you are getting a roof over your head, warts and all, no real way to easily get complaints sorted except with your feet, and this obviously costs lots of money. Basically as a tenant you have no rights, and the landlord accepts none of their responsibilities.
  10. Simple: Uni students: Halls of residence (I know uni is technically LL but at least quality and security are more likely) Workers on short term contract: Hotels? Youth Hostels? Caravan? Holidays: Hotels again??
  11. Absolute Twaddle!! It people like you that make renting the pain in the ass that it is right now! Providing the property is returned in a good state what difference does it make to you? Thats what the deposit is there for.
  12. Hi again I personally think that the market is starting to get a little stagnant up here. Not all that much seems to be moving. Many propeties seem to have been on the market a while, and have been getting reduced slowly but surely. I can recommend Property Bee, you can see all the history for each record, fantastic utility! If you haven't got it yet I would strongly suggest you get it!
  13. Hi Dunno how many other people on here are from round this area, but I have lived here now for over 3 years, and I am noticing some reductions. Many houses sticking on the market, but the local EA's seem to overprice properties still! I am currently renting a house, 2 bed semi, the previous owner died and the daughter inherited it, had it advertised at 120k for over 18 months!! At this point the house still had single glazed windows, needed re-wiring and many other issues. So to get the place rented out the windows were done and the rewiring so it is a fairly nice place to rent. Literally just over the road another 2 bed semi has come on the market. Absolutely insane, anyone from round this area will know that it is exactly between 2 pretty crap areas, 144k!! Looking elsewhere round carlisle I think the message is starting to sink in, Houses are starting to drop in price, but still not shifting, so further to go yet. Just wondering what other people feel about Carlisle and how things are changing there
  14. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/rentersrights/ Please sign the petition above, I feel this is an issue that needs to be addressed, as you are all aware the way that landlords can dictate the way that you live No Pets etc. is ridiculous, I believe that the only stipulation should be that the property is returned in the same condition as when the tenancy started, Why should they be able to dictate stuff like this, do they think we will just let the cat crap on the floor and leave it?
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