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  1. The Bristow park house I think I know the one. There is a YouTube video for it. It was nearly double RV but I'm guessing it was extended and RV not updated.
  2. You've 150 properties for sale in bt9: When u take out the student stuff and then divide the rest into flats ,small ,big ,medium houses etc there isn't that much in each category. Next to no new development in the area since 2007. Lisburn Rd is actually improving quite a bit in the stretch from Tesco down to Albany in terms of new openings of shops/cafes etc Just an update the apartment that was listed a couple of days ago in my street sold the same day !!! Asking price was about RV+30%
  3. mods please move to thread Ausdave provided do not want to provide links as gives away my neighbours etc was just an anecdote that I can definately see that the market is popular here at the mo
  4. so four particular properties near to me : -this one was asking around 500k and sold very quickly indeed -this was asking around 600k ( was definately too high ) and still unsold two properties that i know a bit more about: -one is asking about 38% more than what i think it sold for last year and got a lot of viewings. -one apartment is asking 36% more than what i believe the bank sold them for about 3 years ago and is only recently listed. seems like the market is really picking up in this area mods - sorry i know there was an old bt9 thread but couldnt find it so feel free to merge it
  5. http://www.propertypal.com/62-millbank-avenue-portstewart/316127/photo-3 listed today at twice RV .... lets party like its 2007 in Portstewart
  6. my comment was only tongue in cheek as if you asked the general pop it wouldn't be high on their emigrate to list. funnily enough yeah i've been to israel as my father was out there working for an 18 month period so went out for a holiday- did tel aviv , Jerusalem , Bethlehem etc. went on to Egypt after so was pretty cool. Still have Petra in Jordan on the bucket list........... tel Aviv is a bit like a Miami of the middle east . pretty cool and different from the rest of what I saw. Tel aviv has quite a tech boom going on in the economy and you'd be surprised the amount of companies that are Israeli that you wouldn't even know like SodaStream.
  7. its just above 7% per year to double in 10 years A 5% rise is plausible imho under certain conditions and that would give 62.8% over ten years if i was to take an absolute best guess i would say 3-4% a year assuming inflation goes back toward the 2% target a lot depends on where the global economy goes / rates / inflation vs deflation etc
  8. never say never! would ya buy a house in israel ??? up 50% in 6 years !!
  9. thanks all. be good to hear from le grand fromage !!?? interestingly two people have quoted past experience of similar jobs costing 85k and 87k on 3 story houses so can see it being more than i envisaged and hence why i asked the question !! will prob look to something smaller/more sensible for her
  10. Hi there i cant PM you - maybe as your a newbie>? thanks for the reply - much appreciated. She has been out in Spain since late 90s but wants to return to UK somewhere she can afford. She will prob get about 120k£ for her Spanish house I was looking at this property: http://www.propertypal.com/30-station-road-portstewart/313078 164.00 Square Metres according to the LPS website i know a house is like a mind field but its really just to get a very rough idea as i have never done a refurb job before Cheers Weebobby
  11. Hi I am looking at a property for my mum who wants to move back to Ireland from Spain but it is a big renovation / refurb job.... Is there any sort of per m2 way to guesstimate at a cost ? Alternatively anyone care to PM me and i will send on the details and you could guesstimate how much it might cost to rennovate? thanks weebobby
  12. I have been in similar position to you with investments and no house till a couple of years ago. Currently I would be tempted to go house first then the above investments with what is left. (A couple can actually invest now a sizeable £ in all of the above in a shares ISA and have full control.) But obviously if you feel house prices are too high than fine - you may be proved right. I remember thinking house prices in 07 when I was in London were too high before the crash , they look cheap now !! ( not that I envisage any house price growth here other than a few percentage points per year tracking CPI / wage inflation etc)
  13. ok marty - best of luck with your decision. hope it works out for you. I own a house now alongside - Cash - Equities - Bonds - Property (funds rather than individual properties) - Commodities - etc. I just think if you have the money , with interest rates where they are - sub 3% 10 year fixes, house prices have had huge falls in NI in real and nominal falls , your now 7-8 years on from the peak, its a great chance to buy in at *reasonable prices. I'm getting in now on a fee free 10 year fix @ 3.04% which allows 10% overpayments per year............. ( look back at my history i was a big bad bear in 2006 2007 etc )
  14. lets say mortgage rates offered by the banks go from 3% to 6% as a result of rate rises from the BoE. your monthly mortgage payments will rise by a third so u need property to fall by a third to offset vs fixing now for 10 years i have been a believer that low rates are here to stay and nothing yet is telling me otherwise ( no wage inflation / little general inflation etc )
  15. It was here in 2006 etc and was as pessimistic as the next man but in all seriousness if you have the money such as a decent deposit then why not buy?? Not only are house prices in real terms down a sh1teload since 2007 u have historic low interest rates. Let's say you've 50 grand saved with nationwide at 3% fixed for 10 years it's only like 386 quid a month on 100k.
  16. Haha seems everyone was following this property I think it's a bit unfair to get too carried away with this one as it was previously on for 795k When I saw this at 375 I was a bit like feck me that's a good price so not surprised it went higher. Don't think it has much of a garden and actually if u take a look it's a bit ugly outside but no doubt it's a nice finish inside. I would of def thought it's a 500k house tbh
  17. to be fair to the NI politicians they seem to continue to get a good deal out of the UK Government for the NI people IMHO. I would still like to see NI be bold and cut the corporation tax .
  18. Anyone heard of a HMO to be refused or is it a case of bringing the property up to the fire regulations and paying the registration fee ? Looking to rent out apartment in a uni area as going abroad with work. property is a 2004 new build in a purpose built block of just 3 flats ( flat 1 taking the whole of the ground floor, flat 2 all of the first floor and this flat is a duplex spread over all of the second and third floor.)
  19. anyone heard of a HMO to be refused ??? or is it a case of bringing the property up to the fire regulations and paying the registration fee ? ( property is a 2004 new build )
  20. also do you need to apply for a change of use to an HMO from the planning service ? Costs ? Can this be denied for example if too many HMOs in that area ?
  21. My mate has a 4 bedroom apartment in NI. He is moving abroad and wants to keep it and rent to students as it is near the uni - how would he be affected by HMO rules ?? The property is in a 4 story purpose built block built in 2004 I believe with just 3 apartments in total : flat 1 taking the whole of the ground floor flat 2 all of the first floor flat 3 his property is a duplex spread over all of the second and third floor. I said I would do some research online for him but I thought I might come here for a shortcut !!! I understand when renting to 4 people he would need to ensure the apartment meets all the HMO requirements. I know a friend of a friend with a 4 bed property who spend £1200 -1500 to get it up to standard with most of the work in the fire alarm system. (1) Do you know of anyone who provides a quotation service for potential costs of works? (2) One of my concerns is is it possible he could be denied HMO if for example the block of 3 apartments did not meet the HMO criteria as a whole block ? For example if the common areas did not meet the required standards. The property only has a stairwell and no lift. Or is this most unlikely in a development built only ten years ago would not be up to HMO standard in the common areas.
  22. I am looking at a repossessed property that is asking 145k ( rv 170k ) and someone else offered 125k last week which was rejected. I was thinking of trying to get the property for around £130,500 ( 10% off ) although I can see it going for about 135k.
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