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  1. Definately something strange going on in BT9 A couple of months ago there was a real buzz with what I would say was properties selling for 30% above the "bottom". There are three homes for sale within a few doors of my house 1) apartment sold for a very high price a few months ago ( 30%+ above what the bank sold them for ) . Sale now fell thru 2) house asking 30%+ more than sold for 2 years ago . was told an offer of asking price had been received but couple of months later still for sale 3) Big house sold within couple of weeks. has now reappeared for sale again and think is asking 10% less than previously. bank funding issues ? some other factor ?
  2. Cool here is an example http://www.propertynews.com/brochure-property-stats?p=ASGPRO1806&SearchID=339994285&page=11 you can see multiple changes going back to 2011 I guess you still have to go back to using the LPS website for RV tho
  3. I wonder if Pp has thought that their success in recent years could of been that BUYERS liked what set them apart from PN Now they have lost what differentiated them from the competition.... Now you just have two versions of the same thing - a description and a few pictures....
  4. i noticed the changes maybe a week ago ? and logged in here and was surprised it had not been mentioned but I see its covered now Yeah the removal of price history and handiness at which you could view RV is a real bummer ( i'm neither buyer / seller as bought 3+ years ago ) I always viewed PN as pro seller/EA and Pp as being pro buyer Without the price history function and RV there is no difference between PP and PN anymore................. Time to go back to how it was in 2008 and use PN and PropertyBee !!!!
  5. NAMAwinelake ‏@namawinelake 2h2 hours ago It would be fascinating to see NAMA's own minutes of its meeting with NI DFP in Dec 2012, particularly what it has to say about Millmount. 5 retweets2 favorites Reply Retweet5 Favorite2 More NAMAwinelake ‏@namawinelake 2h2 hours ago Ian "Two Merc SUVs" Coulter is now a director of several Lagan companies, and is recorded as a director of Lagan Salt Limited 2011-2014. 2 retweets2 favorites Reply Retweet2 Favorite2 More NAMAwinelake ‏@namawinelake 2h2 hours ago Four months later, NAMA announced a €12m investment to develop Millmount with the construction contract going to Lagan Homes. Hmmmm. 4 retweets3 favorites Reply Retweeted4 Favorite3 More NAMAwinelake ‏@namawinelake 2h2 hours ago Item #1 on Dec 2012 meeting agenda between DFP & NAMA was Millmount, a residential development in Dundonald. No mins of that meeting.
  6. THE BLOGGER SHOULDN'T OF BOTHERED WITH THAT LAST BLOG Y DAY STARTING TO SOUND VERY DAVID ICKE! I notice from that Irish News article a strongly worded letter from the Belfast accountant to Tughans..."sought an explanation as to why the money owed had not been paid." This is NAMA's list of procurement notices which might help shed light on Belfast accountant reported by IN today https://www.nama.ie/about-us/our-work/procurement/ NI's (and Dept of Finance/Personnel's) most senior civil servant before NAMA NI Inquiry from 10.35 this morning http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-33630208
  7. http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/17/news/robinson-s-lobbyist-son-has-access-all-areas-at-stormont-195824/ Robinson's lobbyist son has 'access all areas' at Stormont
  8. http://trueeconomics.blogspot.ie/2015/06/17615-10-cases-worth-asking-nama-about.html The sale of NAMA's NI loan book (bad for NAMA as it made a €280m loss, bad for NI economy) just tip of iceberg?
  9. http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/treasury-preparing-to-step-in-over-budget-crisis-1-6845151 Treasury ‘preparing to step in over budget crisis’
  10. Frank Cushnahan was 'well known and well placed http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/10/news/frank-cushnahan-was-well-known-and-well-placed--179030/
  11. http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/regional/well-connected-ex-banker-who-has-been-given-some-key-roles-by-stormont-1-6843497 Well connected ex-banker who has been given some key roles by Stormont
  12. I notice there is still a big difference between PIMCO and NAMA on why PIMCO was no longer involved in the bidding. PIMCO say they withdrew. NAMA say they were asked to withdraw. Not to mention Daly claiming F Cushenden wasnt savy to crucial information , Rowntree says the opposite. ( Someone mentioned Daly has ommited his years at AIB from his linkedn ! )
  13. Dont see too much mention of the tapes and these could be explosive! i mean if these are secret recordings then they should be able to nail all those involved. http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/04/news/secret-tapes-stored-on-7m-nama-deal-162532/ 30 hours of conversations between some of the key players implicated in the alleged scandal were recorded over a period of several months. The recordings, made ahead of US capital management firm Cerberus buying the Northern Ireland loans portfolio held by the National Asset Management Agency (Nama) for £1.3 billion, are currently held by a legal firm in Belfast. Last night the 'owner' of the recordings, who The Irish News has been asked not to identify, confirmed the tapes were with lawyers for "safekeeping" and would be remaining under lock and key for now.
  14. I'm fairly confident we will see answers now the "British FBI" as they are being called are on the case. Would love the real FBI to get involved !!!! Feel free to contact them with your concerns! https://tips.fbi.gov/ BR, C and T are frantically trying to work out how to get up to 20,000 man hours of billable income lol Ian appears to be a lot of trouble. I wonder will he reveal what/whom the money was for.....
  15. Just something I noticed from todays statement from Frank Daly in regards to Frank Cushenden: "Whilst the former NIAC member was no longer a member of the committee at the time of the disclosure (he had resigned on 8 November 2013) and never had access to confidential information." This does not correspond with what Spotlights McAuley and Rowntree says in this video from the 2 minute mark who state clearly that they would have had access to this type of information. Spotlight investigated Nama claims - BBC News
  16. National Crime Agency, British equivalent of FBI, is to lead investigation into the sale of #Nama property portfolio
  17. All you need is $$$ and a bit of tweed
  18. To misquote Abraham Lincoln "you can DUPe all the people some of the time & some of the people all the time, but u cannot DUPe all the people all the time"
  19. http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/09/news/fbi-could-help-psni-probe-into-nama-claims-176373/ FBI could help PSNI probe into Nama claims(this is what i would love. these guys dont mess around and dont give a f*** about "the powers that be" in little ole NI )
  20. http://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/confusion-over-meeting-of-cerberus-and-peter-robinson-1.2278101 US investment house insists meeting was ‘official’ but Sinn Féin say failure to get McGuinness authorisation means this cannot be so http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/09/news/peter-robinson-s-son-denies-involvement-in-nama-deal-176369/ Peter Robinson's son denies involvement in Nama deal
  21. i have racked up £555 on these films while away from work. i am somewhat addicted.... interesting article i just read: https://scicrit.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/private-eye-going-clear-and-the-uks-new-libel-tourism-centre/
  22. haha very good guys. anyway have a great evening im away on business here in London so i'm just gonna log off the internet and chill out and watch one of those pay per view films that you get in those fancy hotels when your away from NI working in London. Using my company card yeah.
  23. Irish News have now removed the claim that Martin McGuiness was involved in secret meeting with Dan Qualye and added the twitpic he sent at the time, although their claim that neither put the meeting through the First Ministers offices is the same for both. http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/07/08/news/secret-cerberus-meetings-between-peter-robinson-and-former-vice-president-of-us-174449/
  24. im guessing 2 mill for someone who has been known to wear nothing but a smile ?
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