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  1. The Watters letter suggests that pre-2014, "discreet" work with a value of 7.5m was being undertaken by NAMA accountant on Project Eagle, The only possible basis I can think of for 7.5m NAMA-linked fees in 2013 was for influencing NAMA, something that's generally unlawful.
  2. Irish News says Watters letter was given to Frank Cushnahan & not clear if received by Tughans. They have been saying for a while that in July they were "talked through" the contents of this letter
  3. NAMA - there is bound to be loads more to come out of this story from the police investigations and this will run and run. I would love to get access to who donates what to which political parties in NI........... the fact that in 2015 it still remains secret is not good for trust and confidence in the political system
  4. A unique Portrush home which incorporates 300 straw bales in its construction is to feature on Channel 4’s Grand Designs programme on Wednesday.http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/portrush-house-of-straw-to-feature-on-c4-s-grand-designs-1-6993955 2020 Architects (if its the same person) used to post on here a few years ago
  5. once again what the blogger blogs and others then deny bit by bit slowly slowly its all more evidence supporting the blogger no surprise why odds on a Roi Nov general election are now 1/3 , by Feb/Mar the SHTF on NAMA
  6. http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/10/05/news/accountant-watters-laid-claim-to-7-5m-nama-fee-282829/?param=ds441rif44T Accountant Watters 'laid claim' to £7.5m Nama fee
  7. I have read through JB's evidence to the DFP comm, it is more interesting than the media made out, and not a damp squib, as I have said. There are a lot more answers to be given. Asking people to reveal off shore accounts is an interesting request. Paul Girvan and Adrian McQuillan both moved off DFP committee. And replaced by Emma Pengelly & Gordon Lyons. Pengelly was Robinsons special advisor and only became an (unelected) MLA two days ago, and her husbands name has been mentioned in the NAMA affair.Snr civil servant Richard Pengelly (DUP Emma Pengelly's husband) apparantly was at talks on setup of NAMA NI advisory ctte Private Eye reporting on who was the one turned down for house of lords.
  8. More interesting documents released by irish government tonight also VERY interesting rumours doing the rounds about who the DUP nominee was that was rejected by the Govermnment watchdog for a peerage
  9. The point with Bryson is that 3 mths ago, his allegations were dismissed as "rants of village idiot" by 1st Minister, Peter Robinson but bit-by-bit he's been proven right.... Its just sad that in NI the only person willing to stick their neck on the line is a Bryson... He was the one out there 3 months ago naming the 5 people who were set to profit from the 7.5m in his blog. He was out there 3 months ago breaking this story http://www.newsletter.co.uk/news/northern-ireland-news/gareth-robinson-won-t-say-if-he-lobbied-dup-minister-1-6984019 Show me anything he has said regarding NAMA that has been proven to be false? Who ever is the various brains behind the operation is drip feeding him the info and none of it has proved to be incorrect to date. His blog entries had a sort of rag-bag touch, and were clearly written by different hands. Some anecdotes have come from the horse's mouth: people who had been told they could obtain favourable treatment from Cerberus before the portfolio was even sold if they greased a few palms along the way. There's someone fairly obvious who has undoubtedly been helping him for their own reasons, but they don't have the full picture either. The whole thing stinks and its really just a long wait for the facts to come out now the NCA and FBI are involved and its no longer possible for the powers that be in NI to keep the truth from getting out. Some interesting documents & information in Bryson's evidence pack now published by NI NAMA Inquiry http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/globalassets/documents/finance/inquiries/20150923-j-bryson---statement-and-documents.pdf
  10. to be fair to the blogger i thought his testimony was good. he kept to the facts and didnt make any wild accusations. All made the DUP and Alliance look very silly indeed for wanting his testimony to be held in secret. has anything he said been proven to be false ? not that i am aware of. just some carefully worded replies along the lines of " i never received a penny" .......... his last blog post a few days ago seems quite interesting seems these fixers might all have a new found of art works perhaps ?!
  11. Soooooooooo much money wasted in NI on people at the top looking after their friends......... Invest NI , NAMA etc etc etc
  12. I wonder if DUP's enthusiasm for Assembly suspension isn't linked to NAMA investigation? Who benefits from adjourned Assembly & the adjournment of a Finance Committee currently investigating NAMA scandal? All very convenient...... You can suspend the Parliament but you cant duck the NCA and FBI ! http://www.irishnews.com/news/2015/09/04/news/graham-tapes-feature-at-least-one-dup-politician-251274/
  13. I'd say theres been a few big boys getting in to BTL when everyone else is giving it a wide berth. i mean i know someone in portadown buying up property at 30-40k and renting it out for 400. to the opening poster of this thread UPS just listed two x 2 beds in BT9 for 100 and 110 today , could be worth a look
  14. i see the ashley courtyard property was unsold last night - guide 85k . best offer 85k.
  15. Stranmillis Wharf is nice and the price of a standard two bed there seems to have held up well at the 175k level malone Square is another development with similar priced 2 beds that were asking crazy money in 07 ( 1m+ for penthouses) both are nice tho it wouldnt be a great rental yield £600-700 ? on £175k+ but a nice development to live for someone young with generous parents!
  16. dont understand the LPS problem - get it sorted with a good solicitor. i bought a repo myself and can send details of who i used . they were brilliant!. about two years later they even emailed me to say during book-keeping they realised they had overcharged me £60. now how many people would just keep the money ? - most! my house is a semi detached house but is classifyed as a "three story apartment". dont really see any issues its pretty obvious it is what it is. im familiar with bt9 as live here would avoid Whitehall square and Southside Studios 1 beds in Ashley Courtyard went for 250k off plan at the peak of the boom! People queuing to get one and all priced POA at the time ! They look to be tiny by dimensions what is your budget ? why dont you get a traditional 2/3 bed terrace , rent out spare room(s) and avoid all the problems of maintenance fees etc in flats
  17. Myself and a few friends got involved in this @ Bruichladdich in 2011 . Looking forward to 2021 !
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-34005988 Nama deal: Finance committee want to see NCA investigation letter http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/committee-seeks-nama-loan-sale-information-from-loyalist-jamie-bryson-31465513.html Committee seeks Nama loan sale information from loyalist Jamie Bryson http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/ireland/article1591524.ece?CMP=OTH-gnws-standard-2015_08_08 Nama €9.8m: Wallace quizzed http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/globalassets/documents/finance/inquiries/nama/20th-august-2015---correspondence-to-the-law-society2.pdf The questions the NI Fin Com has put to the Law Society http://www.niassembly.gov.uk/globalassets/documents/finance/inquiries/nama/20th-august-2015---correspondence-to-nama2.pdf and what they've asked NAMA
  19. Pretty sure i remember that the Maple 10 loans were at 25% recourse and Quinn was 100% 25% = still dodgy as hell
  20. The press don't push it enough and the people over here really aren't interested enough IMHO In the end the people who want to get the info out have to go thru someone like Wallace or Bryson who for his many faults im sure is at least brave ( some will say stupid ) enough to get the stories out there
  21. My parents have lived in rural Spain since the late 1990s . It has plenty of corruption at all levels like Italy , Greece and many other countries. It tends to be more obvious corruption tho where you have to bung someone something - lets say 500 euros to get approval for a swimming pool or very similar to the examples you provided BelfastVI. Over here its long term relationships where the politicians make things very nice for their close circle of property friends - in return for payment at a later day . Lets say for example you make sure a lot of planning permissions are approved for your friends and in return they sell you a piece of land at a later date for £1. We all know Cerberus are here for nobody but themselves. They are a vulture fund. So why did Peter Robinson suddenly become so keen to let them buy up the NI loan book ??!! Maybe we will find out if these tapes ever see the light of day.....
  22. that link didnt work for me but this did: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/official-frank-cushnahan-was-present-at-nama-selloff-talks-then-later-advised-one-of-the-bidders-31462054.html
  23. I would confidently say that Ireland North&South has one of the most corrupt set of politicians in Europe.
  24. willie yadayada etc - I agree funnily when I first moved to NI i didnt really take much interest in NI politics , I'm more interested in UK and Global politics/affairs. However I have got more interested as the years have passed. Mainly because it always amazes me what the politicians over here are allowed to get away with. These are things no MP in the mainland would ever get away with as good investigative journalists ( think telegraph , times , guardian ) would dig dig and dig . If the likes of Robinson and his wife were Tory MPs in England they would of been thrown out the party and voted out by their constituents years ago. Instead Iris leaves with god knows how much in the bank and a 840k pension pot. How much is in Peters Pot ????!!!!!!!!!!!! they would of been booted out at the time of the expenses scandal. Unfortunately in NI the people continue to vote these money grabbing dinosaurs back in time and time again. At the last election I couldn't vote for the party who most align with my own economic views due to the perceived level of corruption i associated with that party and other factors such as the way they treat people of a different races/religion/sexuality etc , that perception of corruption has multiplied in recent weeks !! There are MPs in NI who claim the biggest expenses of any of the 650 MPs. There are MPs in NI who claim huge expenses and have never once sat in the houses of Parliament. An MP should always a great person, a person of principles, not someone in it for ££££ .People like Charles Kennedy whos only interest was not self interest but the interest of his constituents and people in general
  25. just off to place a bet in Sean Grahams on whos the next NI first minister !
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