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  1. I’m honoured it was my post got BELFASTVI back in the mix !
  2. Seen a few sites online and made a few enquiries, will be a while before I view them , one site (actually my favourite) has put the asking price up 20k just because i enquired. lol this will be a long game , renting in 06/07 it felt like eternity holding off till 2012 but worth it !
  3. Is this a new way for the bank to auction ? https://www.nipropertyauction.com/properties
  4. No I am rubbish at diy. I mean we build our own house (but someone else really does it! Lol) just interested in any advice , resources (websites / books / magazines ) etc something in a slightly more rural location and I’d like do implement a lot of eco measures
  5. We bought in NI in 2012. Looking at building a family house on a site in the not too distant future. As a “dummy” does anyone have any good links to where best to educate on the process of buying a site / building your own house etc ?
  6. Hi All , Back after a good few years away. Think NI housing market now has some big problems , but the problems remain on hold for now. Governments are offering vrious levels of support for Covid-19 (repayment hiolidays etc) so whether that helps cushion the problems? What ever happened to Helen Carson ??!! LOL Getdoon_Weebobby
  7. folks my south belfast development of 5 apartments and 2 houses that have a small garden and car parking needs a new property management company fter the previous management died. any recommendations much appreciated!!!
  8. Hi Live in south Belfast. Where I live is one large site. One old huge house that was redeveloped into two semi detached houses ( I live in one ) and 5 apartments and car parking built on the rest of the site. We have had a property management company which covers apartments and communal areas such as garden and parking. I pay about 300 per annum and apartments pay about 700 as they pay for communal apartment block issues and building insurance. Anyway , property management company was run by a 74 old man and he was a director of the company set up for our specific property. The second director needed legally was vacant as it was a previous property owner and was about to be transferred to my name ( just for admin purposes ) . Just heard the 74 year old man died suddenly . So basically a big can of worms as a) will need to try and reclaim funds from old company and will need to either get another management company ( they will not be as good as he was ) or will need to look at setting up our own management company which I think old be a better way forward.
  9. I live just up from btw cairns. Was about 8/9 people queuing outside before 8am this morning !
  10. I see power ni dropping 10.3% from April 1 Anyone know who's the cheapest for gas and electric ?
  11. seems a real lack of quality houses at the moment in bt4 6 7 9 etc so what do we get 58 x 400 sq ft apartments aye gary mcC , has rory mcirloys old house up for 2.5m
  12. http://www.propertypal.com/bladon-park-belfast/d1700 Cheap!
  13. not much of a rise but a strange market as i def know areas that have risen more as mentioned in a previous thread i am looking for a friend moving back home from london with a 350k budget and is very little inventory in desirable parts of south/east belfast
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