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  1. If I paid to resubmit the developers house plans and I added a garage to the application. Let’s say those plans were approved BUT I ran out of time to get my own design planned and approved. Would the foundations of a garage be enough to secure planning ? That way I would have time to try and secure planning for our design but without committing to the foundations of the builders design.
  2. Looking at a site OPP granted Dec-17 FPP application submitted 26.08.20 FPP granted 05.01.21 (developers generic 4 bed house) Negotiating a price with owner of land subject to getting approval for his generic build to be further back in the infill site which we will submit at our expense(£866) if this all worked out we would then submit our own building plans say by year end with our own architect in the further back position in the site. am I correct in thinking that all these submissions / approvals / building foundations would need to be done by Dec-22 (five years from original OPP granted?) thanks !
  3. Where I am is I like the site but would prefer if it stood further back than the current planning. Thinking do I make an offer of £x basis subject to approval of the current house design being approved further back and we pay for the re-siting (think it’s £433). that way we know the site is approved for further back but we don’t know that we definitely get our own design approved in the position of the generic house. However it’s an infill site and everything I’ve heard from planning / architect is shouldn’t be an issue getting plannng for 3500 sq fr house on the site of this already approved 2500 sq fr sire.
  4. The architect who suggested I submit the same plans but re-sitted further back is the same architect who drew up the generic plans for a 4 bed house for the site owner to stop his OOP running out after three years. So he’s talking with me and the site owner so I think agreeing a price subject to planning could be feasible. However I think there is no way the seller would wait around for us to decide from scratch what design we actually want as that’s bound to take us 6 months (want to go 80% passivehaus). therefore there could still be a risk we agree sake basis getting the existing site moved but that subsequently our own design doesn’t actually get approval ? Also if they left it the full three years on the OOP does that mean there’s only 2 years left on the FPP on this generic design or on a different design we come up with to get foundations in the ground ?
  5. So the house has planning approved for a very generic house. So I put in an offer of £x subject to planning being approved to re-site the house further back in the plot ? Sounds sensible. I will still thereafter have to submit plans again for our own design assuming that it will also be approved on the further back footprint.
  6. Spoke with planning and also architect. Planning person I spoke with say placing house behind neighbours probably wouldn’t be approved. However Architects opinion is to submit plans again for the generic house , but situated further back. His opinion is this is only way to know for sure and he can cite a local example of infill site that was just approved further back than the neighbours either side (I actually know the house in question). Would mean us paying £433 to resubmit , without us even owning the site ! Thoughts !?
  7. https://www.propertypal.com/15-seaview-drive-north-portstewart/688228?utm_source=EmailAlert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_content=propAddress https://www.propertypal.com/63-strand-road-portstewart/684590?utm_source=EmailAlert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_content=propPhoto
  8. I’m not saying it would be the right call but if ever there was a time for a long term fix in the last 15 years it’s now . Still an inflation debate going on but def potential for a long term change in trajectory of inflation .
  9. Our house was bought off bank in early 2012 for 62.5% less than developer was asking in 2007. Prob now worth 80-85% more than we paid. But still it’s at 30% below what developer was asking.
  10. Thanks for all the good advice. Too much to reference individually but plenty of parts from everyone that has kept me thinking. I know the site sold in summer 2020 “at a knockdown” as that was last chance for an owner to shape the FPP. As it was OPP before then. In the end fell through and landowner quickly paid and submitted FPP for generic 2500 sq ft 2 storey house. agree with BelfastVI I do view site if bought at 100k as say 25k for the 5k land and 75k for the 1k building plot I’ve met onsite with the local architect who designed the house and asked many questions . I guess the key ones were a) would you get something 3500 sq ft? YES shouldn’t be a problem b) could the house be positioned further back? - PROBABLY , might need to rotate slightly angle of the house c) any restrictions made design - NO, a two story 3500 sq ft should be fine , no major restrictions on design unless very whacky! D) garage ? - would be fine houses on either side are two storey etc everything sounds fairly positive speaking to architect. I guess before we MIGHT make offer and part with money on back of one opinion of what you can build on the site....I’m wondering where is best to get a second opinion on what could be done with the site and does that match our hopes / first opinion we got ? thanks
  11. I can remember circa 2008 there were 400+ properties on property pal for Portrush/Portstewart
  12. Thanks Satsuma is there any good graphic to how the average cost of house building in NI has risen over time ?? im working off a guesstimate of it costing £100 per sq ft for the build suddenly a £100k site and £350,000 build for a 3,500 sq ft house sounds a lot ......
  13. Bringing this post back after nearly a decade !! We are still on the search for a site. Have observed from a distance what has come on the market for all these years. Very little seems to ever become available due to the planning laws and this includes constantly watching for not just sites but also old homes you could tear down and build on. Have viewed a site with architect which I’ve known about since 2018. owner of land to keep the OOP planning got FPP on a generic house for the site last year. Owner will eventually build the house if the site doesn’t sell. Pros Could resubmit plans and build the size we want , and can be two storey , eg 3000-3500 sq ft. No prob getting a garage as well. These are the views of architect. south facing rear of house (ideal as looking to go passivehaus) Pretty much the exact location we want 6 acre site so plenty of room for all the patio area we need leading to large garden (grass) leading to field (for pony ? Sheep ?? Donkey ???!) Site somewhat elevated (not in a dip) Cons it’s an infill site so houses on either side and fairly close. Architect does think could possibly try and push to build a little further back esp if house direction rotated slightly. I did think most of the activity in the house ( and the design we go for) would be at the rear of the house which would be further back than the neighbours. always envisaged the site would have distant Lough views etc. This doesn’t but property is prob within one to two mile proximity of Lough Erne. expensive (would prob cost 120k) though some of the cost is an acceptance your buying 6 acres in total. perhaps paying for 5 acres we don’t need... (though always like the idea of owning a few acres as in inflation hedge!) Be happy to hear any people’s thoughts and advice!
  14. Ok bear with me.... yes we know there is there is a lot of pain to come paying back the debt , furloughed become unemployed , economic shock of no deal and also Covid is going to get ugly in Jan...But... Obviously no deal Brexit is going to be a short/medium term hit to economy. But..... Don’t know if this has been fully grasped at this late stage esp by the average punter in GB but in a no deal Northern Ireland retains tariff & quota free access to the EU market (not just Ireland) while the rest of the UK does not. If you manufacture a product in NI you continue to export to the EU without the need for customs forms / tariffs etc, in effect just like now whilst UK still in Single Market, manufacturers based in Eng / Scot / Wales will relocate to NI. Property would outperform rest of UK....
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