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  1. folks my south belfast development of 5 apartments and 2 houses that have a small garden and car parking needs a new property management company fter the previous management died. any recommendations much appreciated!!!
  2. getdoon_weebobby

    Property Management Company Issue

    Hi Live in south Belfast. Where I live is one large site. One old huge house that was redeveloped into two semi detached houses ( I live in one ) and 5 apartments and car parking built on the rest of the site. We have had a property management company which covers apartments and communal areas such as garden and parking. I pay about 300 per annum and apartments pay about 700 as they pay for communal apartment block issues and building insurance. Anyway , property management company was run by a 74 old man and he was a director of the company set up for our specific property. The second director needed legally was vacant as it was a previous property owner and was about to be transferred to my name ( just for admin purposes ) . Just heard the 74 year old man died suddenly . So basically a big can of worms as a) will need to try and reclaim funds from old company and will need to either get another management company ( they will not be as good as he was ) or will need to look at setting up our own management company which I think old be a better way forward.
  3. getdoon_weebobby

    The Matic

    I live just up from btw cairns. Was about 8/9 people queuing outside before 8am this morning !
  4. getdoon_weebobby

    Energy Bills

    I see power ni dropping 10.3% from April 1 Anyone know who's the cheapest for gas and electric ?
  5. getdoon_weebobby

    The Gallery, Dublin Rd

    seems a real lack of quality houses at the moment in bt4 6 7 9 etc so what do we get 58 x 400 sq ft apartments aye gary mcC , has rory mcirloys old house up for 2.5m
  6. getdoon_weebobby


    http://www.propertypal.com/bladon-park-belfast/d1700 Cheap!
  7. getdoon_weebobby

    Media articles NORTHERN IRELAND Hpc Related

    not much of a rise but a strange market as i def know areas that have risen more as mentioned in a previous thread i am looking for a friend moving back home from london with a 350k budget and is very little inventory in desirable parts of south/east belfast
  8. getdoon_weebobby

    350K Belfast Budget ( Bt9 ? Bt6 ? Bt4 ? )

    thanks for the advice so far much appreciated !
  9. getdoon_weebobby

    350K Belfast Budget ( Bt9 ? Bt6 ? Bt4 ? )

    thanks for the comments above. welcome any more comments people have as although i am very familiar with the area i live i am not particularly familiar with Belmont etc / Ravenhill etc have emailed a few EAs will post back if anything interesting to report inventory seems really low in all areas !
  10. I have a NI friend coming back over from London ( early 30s, good job over in London, loads of savings built up , been asked to do same job over here on London wages etc ) . This friend will be working in city centre. Looking to buy - budget is around 350k BT9 I have suggested where I live ( South Belfast BT9) but inventory is low here and money doesn't go so far. BT6 Has found a couple of properties in Downshire Road BT6 & Ravenhill Road BT6. Lovely big properties done out really well. What are the areas like ???? Ballyhackamore I wonder if they would be better off looking in Ballyhackamore than BT6? Any help much appreciated Weebobby
  11. getdoon_weebobby


    i live up past the tesco and before m+s on lisburn road - its a nice street . i rented on adelaide park for a few years and its a lovely street. it was a property advertised at X in 2007 and being sold by the bank as a repo thru the EA for 60% less than X in late 2011. we paid another 25k less as we paid cash and the finance situation was not good. im fairly confident i would get 30% more now.
  12. getdoon_weebobby

    Has Anyone A Crystal Ball?

    NI population by census 1971 - 1,536,065 1981 - 1,532,619 1991 - 1,573,282 2001 - 1,685,267 2011- 1,810,800 Ni has added on average approx 12,000 people per year over the last twenty years if NI ADDS 12,000 PEOPLE THIS YEAR IT WILL OF ADDED 0.66% to the population Belfast where I live hasn't grown 1971 - 416,679 1981 - 295,223 1991 - 279,237 2001 - 276,705 2011 - 280,211
  13. getdoon_weebobby


    have to agree i enjoy bt9.we bought a house off the bank on one of the better streets between malone and lisburn rd with our own garden winter 11/12 (we could of bought from 2006 but i didnt believe in the market at the time) and having spent a few years in london i can appreciate what the same would cost in london to live in a nice area with this much space and nice schools etc i was quite critical around 08/09/10 that the Lisburn rd etc was over hyped but there has been definite improvements in the last few years - at one point i swear one in two premises were empty but this has improved greatly. for example there are no longer 7/8 empty shops beside the Tesco (just the big old furniture shop is empty ) , large m+s, Slims Healthy Kitchen , Eddie Rockets , the Albany etc . the park has had a nice revamp . nice wee shops opening , very little vacant and it has a nice vibe I've noticed a lot of properties that sold for big £££ in summer not go through and get re marketed. -one neighbour i know has been offered 30% more than what it was worth at the "bottom" but estate agent told him he would get another 15% more so they are just gonna hold off and see what next summer brings -i know another who was told he would get X and reckoned EA was coming in too high but went with it. he has switched EA from one of the main ones to another and dropped the price 15% and is now asking what hiis head told him it was worth at the start -another got offered 30% more than "the bottom" in bt9 (nice downsizing apartment) but sale fell thru and they are not gonna get a second buyer go to that price. - a fourth large property that needs work fell thru and went back on 10% less and sold quickly im guessing people who agreed big prices in summer and have had second thoughts at the last minute. I think the EAs were really trying to talk up the market this summer especially with premium property and the new developments at the bottom of Lisb Rd/Kings Hall. there are a couple of EAs based in BT9 who really get imaginative on their expected for sale prices when trying to get the business and this leads to problems realising the price. the one thing i will say is there is VERY LITTLE SUPPLY OF QUALITY FAMILY PROPERTY IN BT9 and this market should hold up nicely. whether it can advance i dunno as it seems there must be a lot of people who are unable to get finance behind many of these sales falling thru
  14. getdoon_weebobby

    Northern Ireland Economy

    How can 12.5% corp tax be deemed a disaster ? Surely a 12.5% rate of corp tax shows a country building a climate that attracts and retains multinationals Northern Ireland will STILL retain the most generous social welfare system in the United Kingdom Future employment growth will only come from the private sector and reducing the rate to 12.5% will create tens of thousands of jobs NI will be a gateway into the safety of the UK at a lower rate of tax Look at the rates of Corp Tax globally and there are not many countries with a lower rate , certainly not many in stable countries. Loads of Multinationals will become aware of the rate and set up a HQ or factory here to take advantage of the low tax and low wages ( though wages could rise in due course the more successful the corp tax is) A very brave move and the first time I have really felt positive about something Stormont has achieved
  15. getdoon_weebobby

    Northern Ireland Economy

    Surprised there has been no discussion here on Corp Tax down to 12.5% ( same as the South ) from 2018..... Personally I think this is the best news I have heard in all my time in NI. We only need to look at the South where the Irish Government had expected to take in €4.6 billion in corporate tax in 2015 but already are running €2 billion ahead of target, it could return this year to the peak of €6.7 billion that was collected in 2006, before the financial crisis began....

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