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  1. Ok bear with me.... yes we know there is there is a lot of pain to come paying back the debt , furloughed become unemployed , economic shock of no deal and also Covid is going to get ugly in Jan...But... Obviously no deal Brexit is going to be a short/medium term hit to economy. But..... Don’t know if this has been fully grasped at this late stage esp by the average punter in GB but in a no deal Northern Ireland retains tariff & quota free access to the EU market (not just Ireland) while the rest of the UK does not. If you manufacture a product in NI you continue to export t
  2. Some of the house prices near me (BT9) and up on the north coast where we have a caravan seem daft. A two bed apartment just sold beside me for the price we paid for our 5 bed next door in 2012. We rented from 2007 even tho we could buy. inventory does seem light in both BT9 and North Coast etc. https://www.propertypal.com/second-floor-apartment-rinagree-portrush---townhouses-apartments-portrush/668728 In Portrush this final part of the development put three townhouses online at 230-260k on Sat and were reserved by Sunday! I understand stamp duty holiday and low inte
  3. Would the changes not be more painful for those with multiple BTL ?
  4. With buy to let landlords having had less favourable mortgage relief since April 2020 are we seeing evidence of them trying “to cash out” in this peak?
  5. Been up in the North Coast the last few weeks. Houses really are selling like mad ! heard Blairs had sold 130+ Caravans since they reopened!
  6. This was on last year and then relisted very recently and gone sale agreed quickly... https://www.propertypal.com/10-windsor-park-malone-belfast/646362
  7. https://www.propertypal.com/36-willesden-park-belfast/644375 sold for 415k... almost x 2 RV
  8. We bought in 2012 in BT9 and it’s the kind of property people would want now - 5 beds , garden etc.. if I was trying to downsize or cash my profits I’d do it now. however say u had a property at the 400-500k mark if u sold now to sit out you could forgo the stamp duty holiday. The buyer of your house gets it but you don’t on whateve u buy. Potentially 15k. ive a brother in England trying to move up the ladder from 3 to 4 beds and even tho I’ve tried to explain the bigger picture he’s trying to sell at 400k to buy at 500k to save the 15k SD. Even when one of the two of them has doubt
  9. Found a site I quite like which is an infill site. Comes with a few acres of Agri land. In the small chance this ever came to something I’d prob sit on it for a good while. Has OPP for a detached two storey residence. EA gave me phone number for the architect who did the PP for any Qs As I said when I started this thread I am a dummy to new build. What questions should I be asking !?
  10. I’m honoured it was my post got BELFASTVI back in the mix !
  11. Seen a few sites online and made a few enquiries, will be a while before I view them , one site (actually my favourite) has put the asking price up 20k just because i enquired. lol this will be a long game , renting in 06/07 it felt like eternity holding off till 2012 but worth it !
  12. Is this a new way for the bank to auction ? https://www.nipropertyauction.com/properties
  13. No I am rubbish at diy. I mean we build our own house (but someone else really does it! Lol) just interested in any advice , resources (websites / books / magazines ) etc something in a slightly more rural location and I’d like do implement a lot of eco measures
  14. We bought in NI in 2012. Looking at building a family house on a site in the not too distant future. As a “dummy” does anyone have any good links to where best to educate on the process of buying a site / building your own house etc ?
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