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  1. Interesting that it has not sold yet either. It looks quite spacious though, ideal for a BTL to get sharers in?
  2. I am surprised nobody talked about this HUGE news Source: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/f40ab1a8-63f0-11e2-84d8-00144feab49a.html#axzz2IiNmXGPF It is now on all news networks. No planning permission to transform offices into flats! This will kick in some big transformations in some cities, notably London. I think this will lead to house prices falling a bit more. MOD EDIT only 1 sentence from FT articles
  3. Does anybody know the Fleet Street Newsletter ? It was mentioned on the home page. Any good ?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I have not done much research. I have a break clause starting in January 2010 and the ex is moving out at the end of October. I have some redundancy insurance that will help me not dig into savings, even paying the full rent, so I am not too worried so far. My lifestyle will be lower than now probably. But there will be 3-4 months maximum. I just don't want to move to something crap because I have no job and having to move again in 6 months when I hopefully find a new position. My LL likes us a tenants but I doubt he will lower the rent by say £200 pcm for me (paying near £1400pcm now). I might have to find a flatmate for my single room ( I am in a 2bed flat but second room is tiny - we use it as study) for a few months I guess. And for the one who asked : she was fit indeed.
  5. Hi, I've been renting for a few years with the same landlord. I split up with the partner, who's leaving soon and also been made redundant. The rent is now slightly too high for me for the moment but I wanted some feedback on how easy/hard it is to find a new tenancy being unemployed. I have strong references and I have an income insurance (paying 80% of last net salary for 1 year) so clearly money is not a problem yet. Can you tell your experiences, which route is better (agents, flatshares, direct), etc. Thanks
  6. The economy needs more income, so if I were the government, I would give a 5% raise to public sector for the next 5 years. They are 20% of the wokforce and will start consuming and buying houses. It would cost a lot, but then you could just cut the Defence budget.
  7. Amusing how you praise shitholes like Kilburn as "quirky". Only WE is nice
  8. Are you from the Estate Agency ? When will Glo close shop according to you ? What an awful location for a restaurant! How much do you rent the 2beds above your offices ? I doubt they fetch £550pw now. I saw more suckers in the agency of late. I will enjoy the reversal in the coming weeks !
  9. Here we go, AP Food is closing due to Tesco competition. It was faster than I thought
  10. I think actual prices paid are down about 30%. It is still an expensive area though. Loads of unattractive 2beds on offer (conversions...) The crisis has now hit WE with 4 shops closed on West End Lane and at least 2-3 looking like they will in next 3 months (mainly the ones competing against new Tesco). Rents have been falling 20% but the new thing is that it takes 2-3 months to rent flats above £400pw while anything was shifting before. The good time to buy is always dependent on your personal conditions but I think next year, it will be better as most people will have 6-12m of unemployment behind them and more desperate
  11. "Call now for your appointment before it’s too late. Don’t miss out on this IDEAL FLAT. CHAIN FREE" Quick quick quick amazing estate agents continue to believe theu are in 2006
  12. Company being sold to a mysterious buyer today A bit grim but who knows, maybe the buyer will keep us
  13. HBOS bad debt are already as high as the peak in 1992, the previous recession. But we are not even in the recession, we are just entering it. it just shows how catastrophic the situation is going to be in 2 quarters for HBOS. Probably, they'll need a hell lot more capital and/or being nationalised.
  14. ### breaking news ### apparently Bank Of america and the Japanese banks are giving themselves ONE WEEK to decide if they put more money in or pull the plug. next week, Foxtons could be liquidated. That would help the HPC
  15. hey, are you based in West Hampstead ? Is that the Dental surgery on West endLane near Brocca ? My GF went for check up + scaling. They charge £57 to clean your teeth, no wonder nobody's going any more !!!
  16. Let's all write to Metro saying : "the only solution is for prices to halve"
  17. why? Poor people are silly, they splash their little cash on cigarettes, cheap booze, beeting and sky. That's why they stay poor. They'll keep paying their skybox, but the last one won't go to Uni
  18. Thx for the answer. I am trying to get +3% with the EA plus some works done. The LL owns the place outright, so his costs are just the EA fees. I can see people are negotiating, and prices can come down, but my problem is finding a sparsely furnished or unfurnished place. Those are alas rare
  19. Hi, I need to renew my contract by the end of July. I am in West Hampstead. When I look around, I can see rents have been coming off lately, after a meteoric rise throughout 2007 and early 2008 (like +15%). I wonder how much increase I can bargain. My LL pays no mortgage on the flat.
  20. US unemployment also up because graduates cannot find a job. This will probably also happen in the UK
  21. it is not 10%, it is actually 5%, ie the average rate you'll get over the year. These are bad schemes. Put your money in 1y fixed bonds for 7% instead
  22. Portugal has no rental market, hence no price rises in the last 10 years. Investing for the golfing clientele seems strange. People won't rent a house for 6 months playing golf
  23. I agree the end of 09 will be a great opportunity for BTL. Like 1992. By this time, prices will be down 20% from now, with some cash on hand you'll be able to grab some bargains relatively to the market (like -30/35%) and rents will have come down a lot as well. Interest rates will be lower by then, so even if prices continue to fall until 2010-2011, you'll have enough rent to cover the mortgage.
  24. So one question for you : if you have some staff, are you going to give them a pay rise ? Or will you wait as long as you can, risking to lose them ? It's important, because if employers resist, we'll have deflation If you cannot resist, it is stagflation
  25. Yesterday on TF1, the news was announced : prices could fall 3 to 4 % in 2008. This is significant : - Tf1 is the main TV channel - TF1 is owned by Bouygues, a major construction company - Until there, the market was qualified as "safe" It is everywhere and gathering space...
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