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  1. If you have cash, and want to play hardball..... Write one simple letter to your landlord, and state, if he doesnt return your deposit in FULL, you will file him for bankruptcy. FULLY legal, and watch him pay you back very quickly. Dont mess around on it though, if he doesnt pay up, file the bankruptcy. You need to be able to prove you should have your full bond back though.
  2. You are the most negative people ive seen on the internet, but if you enjoy life like that, people like me at least get a good laugh.
  3. Thanks Fred (i think hehe) What i was thinking tho is, buy it now, survive the crash, meaning it will lose a % of its value over the next 3/4 years, but then by the 15/20 year period, wont it of risen way up again?
  4. Thanks for your reply Andrew The property i may buy is my 1st aswel, im just worried that i'll buy at £340,000, and in 15 years it will be worth £100,000 LOL Its only a small flat too, so im real nervous right now, but its a luxury flat (but the luxuryness will wear down right?!) Im getting it with no deposit too (gifted), so this deal wont be around forever. Matt
  5. Are you going to actually advise me, or just troll the boards?
  6. I know theres a crash happening etc Im buying a London property for £340,000, over the nest 3/4 years, what will that drop by? Im looking at this to be a long investment, 15-20 years. In 15 to 20 years, it will be worth more than £340,000 wont it? Matt
  7. Cheers mate I wouldnt touch it with a bargepole at the moment for obvious reasons. I just wanted to know, if the banks are even likely to give you the cash to do a project like that, and how you would convince them to do so..... Matt
  8. Before you read on, from this forum, i fully do expect to be torn to peices in this thread hehe. In your humble opinions..... How much do YOU think it would cost to build an entire estate, roughly 30 propertys, new houses. And, what would it take for the bank to lend you the cash to do this? Matt
  9. My property has risen from £90,000 in 1999, to £212,000 in 2004.
  10. Find the property you want, run a owner check, contact the owner of the property directly, move in, and tell the estate agents to put there £188 up there ass. Very easy.
  11. So negative and full of ****. But reading this rubbish is funny.
  12. You could do that, OR, now think about it for a minute...... Buy a BTL in lets say, FL, and rent that out, using a management company, and still live in the UK? Idiot..... You knew what i meant, or your just actually stupid and didnt know. :angry: Matt
  13. If everyone thinks theres a house price crash, why not leave buying in the UK for 5 years, and buy in other countries? Matt
  14. Hi mate He would be keen to pay you back because if you registered as a creditor against him, you can file him for bankruptcy, just like he could do the same to you, if you didnt pay your rent. Its not a cheap way to go about it, but if you made him bankrupt (or threatened to file it) he would pay you back very quickly, as he would lose EVERYTHING, if you become bankrupt he will lose all his houses, cars, and he will be on the street, he would even find it hard to rent a place LOL If he owes you money, and your CLEVER about it, you can really mess him up - LEGALLY. So if you say you will do that, he will just pay you back the deposit.
  15. Register as a creditor against him, then file him for bankruptcy......he will pay you back your money so fast he will prob even say sorry....
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