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  1. At best he will have a 20% increase in take home pay given the generous perks the job had and the perm job was very very secure. Bank contractor role not so much, and I expect per hour pay he will be worse off.

    He was boasting about very outdated tax loopholes before he left, it was all quite cute in a very nieave way.

    And since you employ yourself, you will be paying employers NI aswell, and hopefully contributing to some pension. And you will be paying an accountant, a few times a year, and doing lots of paperwork on Saturday mornings.

  2. same here.

    My three year old phone is still fine. I do wonder what would happen if everyone spent like hpc people, the country would be in even woorse state

    My old Nokia 3510 (which I was given) broke, and I splashed out £34 on a refurbished 6310. :blink:

    I am almost ashamed to admit my extravagance on HPC. :mellow:

  3. The world is delaying buying....either they don't want it, or don't need it, can do without it.....or the effort required to attain it is not worth it.

    People delay purchasing when prices are falling, and then buy things they don't want when prices are rising. Sometimes these investments turn out to be a bit of a dud.

  4. Surely work lags behind?

    I know someone with a huge mortgage who walked away from a decent it job to go freelance. Thinks he has a contract for a bank that is virtually guaranteed for 2 years and thinks he will make a fortune as the gross amount is double what he PAYE day amount was. Very new to contracting obviously.

    I never doubled my money being freelance. A healthy 30% to 50% extra though. Also that "guaranteed" two years work may be cut short suddenly. So swings and roundabouts. But my last 3 "staff" positions all ended up with sudden redundancy. :blink:

  5. The people I work with have a job...but their productivity is dreadful. Worst I can remember in last 15yrs.

    No pay rises...little motivation. Threat of outsourcing also. I'm in an IT environment.

    Pretend working ?

    Aye, busy doing nothing. (Perhaps Winkie will post the song?)

    This is a very common situation. Why I don't want to work in IT, except for certain positions. :wacko:

  6. The thing I find strange is everybody I talk to say they are really busy work coming out of there ears.

    Can anybody here say if they are finding the same or the opposite?

    Well I'm currently not working. It looks like I should have sold the shares in my previous company two weeks ago.

  7. Interesting as per the above post too.

    Many may have moved en masse to Scotland. Seriously. The East side of Edinburgh has become close to a Polish enclave. We know what happens when groups of people move to foreign place - they tend to congregate in specific areas. See Brits and the Costa Del Sol for example.

    They are probably Glaswegians, like my colleague Mr Kolasinski.

  8. As a kid, there was 7 of us in a 1-bed 7th floor council estate (30-odd years ago now). The council were finding us a new home, but my dad had saved a deposit and was able to buy. Even then, it was 7 of us in a 3-bed terrace.

    Not unusual. Bunk beds and all that. Not many of us had the whole East Wing to ourselves as children.

    However I am sure this will prompt the traditional "Four Yorkshiremen" comments.

  9. Wise words Mr 200p. I have worked for companies like that. :blink:

    Although Amazon do not piss off their customers. Many people buying low value items like DVDs.

    When these companies have big corporate clients, this behaviour can irritate them immensley, as they don't want to see the different departments "fighting" each other. :huh:

  10. With the number of 16-18 year olds leaving school every year is it any wonder there isn't any jobs? Combine that with unrestricted immigration and it's a perfect storm.

    Almost akin to blaming the assault on the victim themselves. Typical fascist right wing corporate puppet propaganda.

    Send the politicians out to a boot camp on JSA hourly rate and they'll soon realise what real work away from the Westmonster bubble is like.

    They are pompous idiots with no experience of real work, or the lack of it! :blink:

  11. Bitcoin's bubble, last year, in which it spiked to $1200 before dropping to $220, is an excellent case in point.

    But of course we don't gt bubbles in housing any more.

    It's different this time.

    And everybody knows they always rise.

    And nobody was predicting that for bitcoin.

    Were they?

    Bitcoins were today's tulip bulbs. :wacko:

    Who would buy "Pokemon Cards" today? :blink:

  12. So what was the original intent - an ill-thought out election bribe or a conspiracy theory with vested interest looking to snap up some bargains ?

    If the intention was to try to make things worse, it could be judged a stroke of genius.

    A bit of both really, as most MPs seem to have a bit of a "portfolio", as they call it.

    If it the original purpose, was to turn us into a capitalist property and share owning democracy, it sort of worked, but the cake is not split evenly, and fewer people seem to own all the shares and property.

    Welcome to the world of highly leveraged BTL portfolios, and Wonga loans.

    Debt is everywhere.

    Something went wrong. :wacko:

  13. Lets talk about some real best investments like:

    Your health,

    Your family and friends,

    Your peace of mind,

    Your business.

    Your self generated, pro active, high value low cost education.

    Expensive land and bricks are no good to anybody if in poor health, alone, fearful, not self educated and a slave to creditors......DYOR

    You are sounding wise again! Stop it. ^_^

    People seem obsessed by "property investments", and believe me, I've seen people hand in the keys, and do a runner, or go bankrupt. It's not a sure bet, and it never was, and the constant counting people keeps people from doing more fun things. :wacko:

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