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  1. I've known people with far less money than this coming in, that manage to give their children a fantastic education, without paying a "private school". I'll bet these people have no books in their house!
  2. I did join the trade union, when I was an apprentice. When my services were no longer required, I found the union did not defend me very well. In fact they were the puppies of the management. I was a bit disappointed. I think many were better than the one I joined.
  3. Without the oil, Aberdeen is cow/sheep farming area, and a University (two actually). One of my ex-colleague's work finished up there last Christmas, and he sold up. Back to England now. Aberdeen is not a bad place to live, except for the weather.
  4. And since you employ yourself, you will be paying employers NI aswell, and hopefully contributing to some pension. And you will be paying an accountant, a few times a year, and doing lots of paperwork on Saturday mornings.
  5. My old Nokia 3510 (which I was given) broke, and I splashed out £34 on a refurbished 6310. I am almost ashamed to admit my extravagance on HPC.
  6. Way to go. Let somebody else appreciate the depreciation.
  7. People delay purchasing when prices are falling, and then buy things they don't want when prices are rising. Sometimes these investments turn out to be a bit of a dud.
  8. I never doubled my money being freelance. A healthy 30% to 50% extra though. Also that "guaranteed" two years work may be cut short suddenly. So swings and roundabouts. But my last 3 "staff" positions all ended up with sudden redundancy.
  9. Aye, busy doing nothing. (Perhaps Winkie will post the song?) This is a very common situation. Why I don't want to work in IT, except for certain positions.
  10. Well I'm currently not working. It looks like I should have sold the shares in my previous company two weeks ago.
  11. Not unusual. Bunk beds and all that. Not many of us had the whole East Wing to ourselves as children. However I am sure this will prompt the traditional "Four Yorkshiremen" comments.
  12. What student will afford £800/month ? And you really only can fit one student in.
  13. Actually that's a good idea. I was imaginig it as a few weeks of guilt inducing chastisement.
  14. Wise words Mr 200p. I have worked for companies like that. Although Amazon do not piss off their customers. Many people buying low value items like DVDs. When these companies have big corporate clients, this behaviour can irritate them immensley, as they don't want to see the different departments "fighting" each other.
  15. I could rent cheaper than having a mortgage, but the trouble is, I wouldn't save the difference, for the future. Renting is great if you move about a bit for work.
  16. No! There is only "work", which is why I like contract work best.
  17. They are pompous idiots with no experience of real work, or the lack of it!
  18. Surely it would be better to offer these people a free internet connection, as that is where jobs are found nowadays? Or is that too sensible?
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