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  1. No because all the people buying all this tat will be selling on at a loss in a short time, for far less.
  2. The local Morrisons has shut, and the Coop bank. I don't think I had bought new furniture until a few years ago. And that was only a washing machine from the internet.
  3. It's not magic free money. It was a tax rebate. I now want a Saxophone. Won't be on tick though.
  4. Why not let old people pay for the TV licence. They are the only people that seem to watch it.
  5. Yes Mr Idlewild, I am allowed to post here too. It was the madness of lending that brought me here.
  6. It's like car buy schemes that are "only" £159 a month, eventually there is a balloon payment, or you don't have a car any more.
  7. It's still cheaper to buy stuff from the USA, have it shipped, and pay the import duty!
  8. He should have bought in Bromley or Croydon. Would suit his character. Does he actually "own" it or does a bank?
  9. In the California gold rush, only shovel salesmen made any money. Truly loopy prices being asked. Don't nobody realise you have to pay back the capital some day. Otherwise you are just renting from the bank. Until they want it back.
  10. Jobs become crap when you are not allowed to get on with it, and instead have to attend too many meetings, and count pencils too often. That is all. Who cares if little Johnny is not going to be another Einstien? At least he learned something!
  11. The pension industry is IMPO a right con. Unless you work in the pension industry.
  12. I'm glad I didn't buy an inflated price house, when I lived in Aberdeen. I disagree. It's a nice place to live apart from the weather and gas bills. London is generally a bit shit, unless you are mega rich!
  13. Cripes. A good TV reception facilty is an "expected" facility in any property. This landlord sounds like a "bodger".
  14. A view of BIg Ben would be remarkeable in Australia, and a fine selling point!
  15. I have a grey hair problem.Nobody will employ me to do programming.They want younger chickens!
  16. OT is the place to discuss why most gnomes wear red, or why dusters are yellow, or the symbolism of screen gonks.
  17. Yes I remember the early 90s. A few people I knew ended up homeless. Handed in the keys, and "disappeared".
  18. I know a couple of people who rented out their old place when they bought a new one. Both admit it doesn't really make much money. Rented to "good" tenants, for a slightly lower rent than some charge, just about breaks even. The "Gold Rush" of BTL doesn't make much sense to me.
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