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  1. Housing benefit cuts are absolutely the right thing to do. It just requires everyone - left, right, center and those of us who realise that there is no political spectrum in the UK houses of parliament anyway to all reach the obvious consensus that it's *Landlord benefit*, rename it and then cut it to shreds.

    A shrewd media campaign and job done.

    It is certainly "help to rent". If people coudn't afford it, prices would fall. :huh: I certainly had to live in some less than luxurious places when younger, as I was spending my money not yours. I didn't need the use of a bidet, or built in Aga. Just a place that worked. :huh:

  2. If they are that cold at night why don't they just double up on the bedding?????

    Years ago I used to have to sleep wrapped in a duvet inside a sleeping bag on the coldest nights - frost on the inside of the windows etc. As kids we used to have to sleep in our coats some nights - that was normal for a lot of people.

    Yes it was. I remember ice on the windows as a kid. Double glazing wasn't there. :blink:

  3. If you were buying this predominantly BTL loan book, you'd have the comfort that generally speaking you'd have whatever equity is within the properties as security alongside the assets of the BTL borrower (primary residence, cash etc) - so I suspect it's actually a much safer book than the headlines suggest. Add that to the ability to ramp the SVRs and you might find it sells at what looks like an aggressive price when in reality it'll be a fat cow to milk for years to come.

    I believe you may be right! Basically BTLs have chosen to been owned by the bank.

  4. I had to walk a mile and half in the 1970s just to reach my school games field. I then got sent for a 5 mile cross country run for my pains and then had to walk a mile and a half back into town to catch the bus home. Of course over the years government and local authorities have sold off a lot of sports fields to developers. Now they are are shedding crocodile tears that all the kids are the size of barrage balloons

    Ha ha! You have spotted something there! :blink: My old secondary school is gone and the fields contain nasty flats.

  5. Neighbour of mine, 96 next week. No children, worked all his life since leaving the army in 1947. Has a bit of private pension and some savings but by no means rich. Was still paying off the mortgage on a tiny one bed flat long after retirement. He is now pretty immobile and is being charged about thirteen quid an hour for a carer. As well as paying tax on his bit of private pension.

    Why isn't he on a cruise around the World? I thought that's what older people did. :unsure::huh:

  6. As a born and bred Londoner I would say extended family and some good friends, though quite a few of them no longer live there now. ;)

    I'll bet you like a good knees-up round the old joanna, with a pint of mild, and some whelks! I am from London myself and I don't recognise it now. It certainly was an OK place once. You could come to MrPin;s Cockney Theme Park for turnipheads, and Cydermen.

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