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  1. Who needs steel? We can all grow rich by selling insurance and loans. Only banks deserve support from the state, as a lot of ex-politicians will end up working for them.
  2. Hmm, I was contracting in Aberdeen for a couple of years. I think it's quieter now.
  3. What about student loans? I missed them. What a daft idea when university chancellors are raking it in, and education is no better than it ever was.
  4. I voted against my BS becoming a bank. It did become a bank. I got some shares. Sometime later I sold them, and bought a guitar.
  5. It is certainly "help to rent". If people coudn't afford it, prices would fall. I certainly had to live in some less than luxurious places when younger, as I was spending my money not yours. I didn't need the use of a bidet, or built in Aga. Just a place that worked.
  6. If you are losing that amount of money I would suggest you are over leveraged, and might go bust
  7. There used to be a good one in the Strand in old London Town, a long time ago.
  8. Yes it was. I remember ice on the windows as a kid. Double glazing wasn't there.
  9. Well they timed it well then. I remember sinking house prices, and being unable to borrow.
  10. It's also why people buy shiny cars they can't afford on PCP finance. The motoring equivalent of an IO mortgage,
  11. McDonalds are not poisonous. Just a bit of beef in a bun, with some vegetables. I too prefer Burger King. What happened to Wendy Burger?
  12. I believe you may be right! Basically BTLs have chosen to been owned by the bank.
  13. Most people are. You do what has to be done for some money. Of course I could go for a "bigger" job and I might get it, but local suits me.
  14. Ha ha! You have spotted something there! My old secondary school is gone and the fields contain nasty flats.
  15. It depends on the type of car. Something I might want may not be available as a stick shift. In Spain it is hard to find an automatic as a rental.
  16. As far as I can see these "energy companies", are useless middle man traders, adding an extra cost to the product in the name of choice! You get to choose the logo on your bill.
  17. Why isn't he on a cruise around the World? I thought that's what older people did.
  18. I'm not in Aberdeen any more, and nor are a lot of the people I used to work with.
  19. I'll bet you like a good knees-up round the old joanna, with a pint of mild, and some whelks! I am from London myself and I don't recognise it now. It certainly was an OK place once. You could come to MrPin;s Cockney Theme Park for turnipheads, and Cydermen.
  20. The capital gets paid back from your earnings. For some it is a bet, but for others a reasoned gamble, and I'm not the gambler I once was. I have less years to gamble with now. You can lose it all when you are 30, and still get back. Many I new did just that.
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