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  1. Spending it in my head.

    Well that sounds quite wise. We have moved into a rent-it world where you "buy" a car on a PCP sheme, just to have the latest model, and you know what, you have only borrowed to pay the depreciation, and the lease company wants it back in a few years, or you pay yhe residual value, but they won't. They will want the latest one, and the madness continues.

  2. I was in Bristol even longer ago. Not in such a posh part as you, but not too far from it.

    What do you mean, not as posh. We had a reptile shop, Bristol Rovers shop (only open Saturday morning), and a place that sold outboard motors, not to mention Jade's massage parlour, and we had a cracking tattoo place, and Chasers night club in Kingswood, where murders happened. :blink:

  3. It's by Simon Jenkins, what do you expect.

    All these measures aimed at BTL are to protect the banks. It seems to me that banks just look for the greater fool to carry the debt and provide their revenue stream (interest). The problem is BTLer have a herd mindset, if spooked they'll stampede, not only destroying themselves but taking the wider market down.

    That begs the question why are they attempting closing the door now? Is it they want to be able to claim they acted?

    It will not make a difference to the "serious" BTL, but might deter a few people who thought of "trying it". The bank wins, yet again.

  4. I moved to Bristol just over 2 years ago. The sort of places I was looking at seem to have gone up 25% or more in that time (eg 2 bed flats near Temple Meads, 2 bed houses in places like Totterdown or Brislington). It was difficult to actually get in to see places, as they would go within a few days of coming up.I'm having to move now, after 2 years in this place, and it's no better. I've taken a 10% rise in rent for an identical place but with no white goods or garage.

    If you are going to rent in Bristol, I'd leave yourself plenty of time.

    I moved to bristol 25 years ago. I lived in St.George, BS5 which was cheaper than popular areas, because it wasn't in any way trendy, just like me.

  5. The building society's had lasted for approx 150 years before 2007...many fell...it's like someone wanted them out the way.

    Even the nationwide voted to allow them to access money from the money markets. I don't think people realised at the time what this meant.

    I voted against my BS becoming a bank. It did become a bank. I got some shares. Sometime later I sold them, and bought a guitar. :wacko:

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