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  1. I like those Indian short bananas, that you could buy in India for 40p for a load of them.
  2. St. George does not have any historic buildings. It's a bit "raw" but not edgy! I was there for 15 years!
  3. That was exactly my thought! Rather enterprising.
  4. Yes the Church of Pin needs a new building. I will replace the 300 year old clock with a 7 segment LED one.
  5. Oddly enough, I have a similar Omega watch. Only ten tears for me but it's still going. It's not quite in perfect condition, as like you, I don't usually take it off, and it's pleasantly weathered, as I used to work on engines a lot. I don't know why I share your suspicion of Rolex, but I think sometimes they are just too loud, and much more expensive than an Omega. I guess I'm a sucker for brands after all! The Omega is rather plain and few people notice it, only other watch nobs.
  6. I don't like logos! I think they are naff, although I do have a Fender guitar sweatshirt, that a mate got me, and I like that.
  7. Frankly, whether we leave the EU or not, we will not be raptured to heaven, or have to deal with locusts, and zombies. So I think some of these alarmist stories are very silly.
  8. A t-shirt is just a t-shirt, whether made in Bangladesh, or Thailand. Put a logo on it and some people will pay extra.
  9. Will it also cause beer to taste worse, and cause more rain?
  10. It probably is against the rules, but I know a few people who had lodgers to make ends meet, er some time ago, back in the 90s.
  11. Well that sounds quite wise. We have moved into a rent-it world where you "buy" a car on a PCP sheme, just to have the latest model, and you know what, you have only borrowed to pay the depreciation, and the lease company wants it back in a few years, or you pay yhe residual value, but they won't. They will want the latest one, and the madness continues.
  12. They are not a proper house, and there are all sorts of charges. Usually they are only sold to old to old people as they are daft with money, and they never remember how much they have got.
  13. What do you mean, not as posh. We had a reptile shop, Bristol Rovers shop (only open Saturday morning), and a place that sold outboard motors, not to mention Jade's massage parlour, and we had a cracking tattoo place, and Chasers night club in Kingswood, where murders happened.
  14. It will not make a difference to the "serious" BTL, but might deter a few people who thought of "trying it". The bank wins, yet again.
  15. I moved to bristol 25 years ago. I lived in St.George, BS5 which was cheaper than popular areas, because it wasn't in any way trendy, just like me.
  16. Amazing! What will you be doing with the money (that you didn't really have)?
  17. MrPin was surprised by the offer of employment in December. Luckily, it's not the steel industry.
  18. London is just about unreachable as a job destination for me. Somebody would have to pay me bucketloads, and I would live in a crap place. This can't last.
  19. Buying at the wrong time cost me quite a bit once, and ten years of poverty. Well not exactly poverty, but I always had a crap car, and ex rental TV, and charity shop furniture.
  20. Councils are not financially astute. It;s the "other people's money" problem. A load of them lost some of our coucil tax in Icelandic banks.
  21. I've got two new colleagues in my new job. One is a self employed contractor. I was surprised how we all agreed on the subject of banks, as no bailout will support our jobs if our market collapses. Where is it all going?
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