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  1. Why can't we just learn off of each other for free or do our own research......why should a good employer request a certain expensive and sometimes time wasting certificate?... they should be judging the person, what they have done and are interested in, not the persons background, previous schooling or ability to memorise useless facts......a short series of tests and questions and answers will sort the wheat from the chaff for most occupations, build on that......not difficult. ;)

    You shoud watch the Wizard of Oz "If I only had a brain". :huh:

  2. To be fair, just about every time I lived in a HMO you would get at least one person being an idiot or selfish [email protected] with regards to things like heating or electricity consumption, since the bills were typically split evenly between all of us in the house. There's always someone with the mentality of 'how much can I take?'.

    Even when back in my student days I was living in a house with a coin-operated electricity meter there was one person (who would do their best to never contribute to the meter) running an electric fire in their room. You could see the meter start to whizz as soon as they got home and went in. We also had a coal-fired central heating system and about half the people in the house were utterly unwilling to cough up an extra 80p or so a week to buy a bag of slack to keep the fire going overnight and so always woke up freezing in the mornings during the winter and then wasted time having to get the fire lit again.

    I once lived in a HMO with utilities supplied as part of a single rent payment and one of the other tenants took that as a cue to leave all the lights on all the time (couldn't be bothered to switch them off when he was last in the room and leaving) - rationale being that it was 'included in the rent'. Once the LL got fed up with huge power bills and split out the leccy out he suddenly became an eco warrior with regard to switching things off.....

    Ha ha! Student days! I liked living in an HMO, as there were no other bills. :blink:

  3. Well I moved for work just before the double Miras ending madness. Everyone was going mad to buy anything, and I had two purchases fall through. One because I couldn't sell up quick enough and another was a gazump. If the third one had fallen through, I would have been wise to have rented for a few years. If I had bought a few years later the prices would have bottomed out. I made an expensive mistake. The benefit of hindsight is wonderful. :blink:

  4. That may be true in some cases but there are things that have a foot in both camps.

    I have an Omega Seamaster watch - quite pricey but bought 28 years ago and still in perfect condition.

    I never take it off, whether sailing, diving or at some fancy do.

    I contend that the utility of the watch justifies the price.

    PS Doesn't count for a Rolex though - they are worn by tools.

    Oddly enough, I have a similar Omega watch. Only ten tears for me but it's still going. It's not quite in perfect condition, as like you, I don't usually take it off, and it's pleasantly weathered, as I used to work on engines a lot. I don't know why I share your suspicion of Rolex, but I think sometimes they are just too loud, and much more expensive than an Omega. I guess I'm a sucker for brands after all! The Omega is rather plain and few people notice it, only other watch nobs. ^_^

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