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  1. Mr Pole doesn't really look like a plumber. I don't think they will let me in as I am quite amateur in Russian!
  2. Ah ha! Money! Looks to me that Poland can stand up on its own. You could be world leaders in exporting consonants, and of course plumbing.
  3. What about Poland Mr Pole? Will they like the EU? You have a remarkable resemblance to Fred Chopin, the excellent plumber, and part time musician.
  4. Hmm, I reckon the LinkedIn website is crap and difficult to navigate. I joined up when I was looking for a job. I get loads of endorsements from people I have never met, for skills I don't have. It has not enriched my life.
  5. That's just markets being irrational. An amazing very little will change whether we leave or not. The sky won't fall, and beer won't taste worse.
  6. Yes well I lived in something like that 15 years ago. The rent was £360 then.
  7. You bought your house in the early thirties, and haven't paid it off yet?
  8. The last thing I want is paying off a mortgage when I retire. If I ever get there. Of course the other option would have been to buy an enormous motorbike, and one day I will be too old to get on one.
  9. I reckon about 40%. I got a very short mortgage and intend paying it off. That is because I am old and cautious.
  10. Knowing things should be cheaper now we have the Internet, which knows everything.
  11. Most of the richest politicians got this paid for by well, us!
  12. I'm a long way from Scotland now. Mind you, BHS, Austin Reed, administration!
  13. Those Icelandic banks weren't miracles after all.
  14. Ha ha! Student days! I liked living in an HMO, as there were no other bills.
  15. Well I guess that's good value from what I see of London prices. £2000 a month? Ouch!
  16. Well I moved for work just before the double Miras ending madness. Everyone was going mad to buy anything, and I had two purchases fall through. One because I couldn't sell up quick enough and another was a gazump. If the third one had fallen through, I would have been wise to have rented for a few years. If I had bought a few years later the prices would have bottomed out. I made an expensive mistake. The benefit of hindsight is wonderful.
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