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  1. I am currently moving for work from Bristol to Aberdeen. Now I sort of knew this might happen, so I put my house on at a local EA a few month's back. The house does need work, damp wall, new kitchen etc, but won't fall down. I was a bit surprised at the interest I had from "developers" hoping for a few months dollying up and a quick flip. In the end I looked at the the middle offer, took a bit off the price, and offered it to my neighbour, who has always wanted it. I am hoping it all goes through sweetly. I'll be renting up in Scotland, Have found a granite bungalow for a reasonable rent. I would like to say this place has been nothing but pain, I bought at near the peak in 1998. Many years of negative equity, when I could not sell. Housing cost taking up two thirds of my take-home pay at one point, and driving £50 scrap-heap buckets for years. I personally know at least three people who handed back the keys in the 1990's and just gave up. Of course they are OK now, but it took years to get back on top. Who will say it's different this time? I don't believe so. Am I alone in thinking, that somehow, it's the people ten years older than me that had all the "good times". I'm sure it's not true. It seems to be a myth perpetrated by people of all ages! A
  2. January Sales are still going on in Bristol. A lot of 70% off bargains, so I've been shopping. Yup, I'm a tight Yorkshireman, and don't like to pay the full price for anything. Now, I wonder if that new shopping mall will be fully occupied, when finished? I think not.
  3. "I suspect he won’t be referring to HPC adherents as “nutters” quite so frequently in the future." I am a teapot! He he he, and I have an atom bomb....Er NO! No More a coffee pot really, and I think many people here smelled the coffee a few years back! When I realised I could not possibly afford to buy my current house, on a "reasonable" salary with a 90% mortgage, I believed the game was up. Many antiques, classic cars, posh watches, and other stuff, available at bargain prices soon, as the merde impinges on the ventilator.
  4. "Below average wage earners could easily afford a house under the Tories." Yes, if they could keep a job. But there were so many unwaged back then. Including me for a time.
  5. It's very interesting when "collectables", such as these are priced out of the range of "collectors". And yes I DO remember when "old cars" were bought as "investments", back in the 80's. Hopefully these are now back in the hands of the enthusiasts! Funny what people will pay for an old watch sometimes...
  6. Quite right! Good comment! Yes it is, and BTL will be letting to less and less desirable tenants, as the poo gets nearer the ventilator..These "luxury" new builds are the sink-estates of the future.
  7. Any comments on this? http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle1816578.ece I haven't worked out how to add a picture..
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