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  1. Best friend who works for a mid sized RSL said it was a convenient back door method of cutting the housing benefit bill without any of the political fall out the 'bedroom tax' caused. He also said the business plan where he is had been built on a steady increase in rents each year and that Osborne's announcement had caught the management on the hop so to speak..
  2. All RSL's and Council's are lowering by 1% this year and for the next two. Osborne announced it last budget. Some RSL's have announced redundancies on the back of the reduced income.
  3. That presupposes that European politicians actually understand the monster they created. I doubt many of them have the intelligence to understand a weather forecast, never mind the Euro and the implications that go with it. The spinning plates will end up smashed.
  4. All of the LibLabCon are inept. All of them are in thrall to their bankster friends so the policies of the last five years were inevitable. Sooner or later, we get to pay the price of those policies.
  5. Because their service is appalling. They are not known as $h1tty-link for nothing
  6. Some of us would be very happy to have a ruddy big garage in the back garden and a no maintenance front. Not everybody gives a monkeys about flowers and grass. Personally I despise gardening. Concrete works for me every time.
  7. It's an under occupation charge but that's a bit of a mouthful so perhaps a bedroom offset?
  8. The average American can't fit into a Ford Focus!
  9. Simple solution; do away with planning control - it's a waste of taxpayers money and another excuse for government to poke its nose into other peoples business..
  10. Our local Borough Council has £1.7 million in HRA reserves - it's not all payroll.
  11. Nice explanation - thanks. and when it comes to motorcycles I'm a BMW fan.
  12. Are you implying that Open University degrees are worthless? RR
  13. And it's an old boys network to boot. You can't climb the ladder in housing without being a member of this particular gravy train. They make their members do the equivalent of a degree to get the most pointless "qualification" going.
  14. Damn right. everybody calls the French but they all stick together against their government unlike here where 'bugger you, I'm allright Jack' is the order of the day. The thing that everybody missed with the pay offer was that the employers offer included a clause stating that we agree to the next two years rises by Christmas. Given the Bankrupt of England has made it quite clear it has no intention of controlling inflation why anyone should think we should accept 2% or so for the next three years is beyond me. Not everyone in the public sector earns mega bucks. Council housing isn't one of those things peoople give a damn about, until the unthinkable happens and they become homeless.
  15. They are arrogant tw@ts by accident. The sad product of a decrepit electoral system that denies the people of this country democracy and instead foists it with an elected dictator once every four years. Devoid of a written constitution and the necessary checks and balances, scum like B-liar and Broon behave as they please. If the coming economic disaster destroys the current system in his country, fine bring it on. Edited for missing letter.
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