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  1. The boomers may have done well financially but they're generally a vacuous, unsatisfied bunch - no amount of leather trousers will ever make you young again love; and you with the sports car - you look like a tw*t. The old need wisdom and a feeling that they did something worthwhile with their lives; these boomers have nothing but money and however much they try to wind you up with smug one-liners they are unhappy and GETTING OLD. They can never accept old age with grace and that will break them.
  2. Sorry but both Mean and Median are useless stats. The MODE is the most useful as it is the MOST COMMON in the sample. Therefore I would say that most people in the UK (the mode) earn about 16 thousand. Am I wrong? Correct me please.
  3. Thanks gtrftb - when everyone's gone let's meet up and live like it's The Day of the Triffids. Except without the triffids or blindness.
  4. Shove off then. The British always buy at the top and sell at the bottom. What you're doing is 'selling at the bottom' by getting out just when it's at it's worst. I for one love this land with a passion and will stay to make it work. Buy 'shares' in Britain while they're cheap you fools! This country is still magic and you'll regret it forever if you leave. I respect you're decision but remember that wherever you go 'You' go too and if you can't be happy here then you'll probably not be happy abroad. Albeit with a tan and a freshly bandaged jelly-fish wound.
  5. Realist Bear - you write extremely well! Write a book - I'd buy it.
  6. Yeah - I thought that! Plus the big gaps between sentences Like this And this We've seen this before... Dick van Dyke would spot it - and Columbo. ...One more thing - don't reply if you know they're fake!
  7. DEMGRAPHICS (to add to Oracles points) The KIDS of BABY BOOMERS create crazes each stage of life they go through be it Star Wars - 70's Youth Culture- 80's Late 90's - houses (all grown up see) This decade? - Education and security for kids? Spiritual enlightenment? We just can't leave off trying to do what our parents did - when they all retire in a few years time we'll all want to do nothing but go on holiday and be wealthy. So, I predict that the boom must end in bust because there's no-one young coming through to take their place (and those few are in terrible debt).
  8. Oh come on! TTRTR isn't genuine! Just there to create interest. Don't reply
  9. Remember not to condone civil disobedience or disorder - it's naughty and will not do anyone any good. "Revolution is a cruel mother - she kills her young..." I advise staying calm, keeping your head down and buying a place to live when you can afford it. That's it. Don't get all hot under the collar - remember in times of trouble things polarise for the authorities into Us and Them. Don't be a Them.
  10. Yes, obviously there are some - the point is that the lower numbers are significant enough to mean there won't be a bun-fight for houses like the kids of the baby-boomers had. And they're in debt (I repeat) and their parents won't have any equity left to release to give them the deposit required1 Come on - admit it - you're not real! Do you run this site? I think you do! Even if you are genuine, of course you're going to make us want to buy! But oh no - I've fed you 'Borg' style by replying to you! There is good in you - turn away from the Dark Side..
  11. You are a donkey. Don't do this sort of thing - it wastes everyones time. :angry:
  12. How many people turned 19 this year? About twelve. Have you seen the demographics of that age group? And those new ftbs are in debt. Come on - do you really believe what you say? I think you're fake! Come on admit it..
  13. If you're saying that the only factor now stopping a slide is the lack of people forced to sell then that's a slender thread to be hanging by! If that's the only safety line to protect a ftb from financial ruin it's not enough! It's academic now for most ftbs - they just can't afford the mortgages and find it's cheaper to rent. Really, it would be wrong to buy now. Sometime in the future perhaps - it's just too much money to risk on some people who temporarily feel they don't have to move. Some always do due to work/divorce/etc etc and to do that they'll have to reduce prices and that will reduce all similar properties in the street. Still not going to buy your house.
  14. Hang on, if the owner of prop 1 gives 15k away then isn't this effectively a drop in asking price? Maybe I've missed something. Why is necessary to allow owner 1 to get the full 350 - it's an arbitrary price. Seems what you're advocating is a general reduction in prices to get the market going! Good work Laurejon! New you'd see the sensible way out.
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