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  1. That hard working family in the advert sure has been busy... http://hardworkingtoryfamily.tumblr.com/
  2. "If you invest your tuppence wisely in the bank..." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDkc0CqXVHE
  3. Next thing you know they will be offering to buy out my pension.
  4. No, I don't wonder why they want to renege on the promises they made to gain my employment. I understand the reasons perfectly well and sympathise with them eventhough I contributed generously to my own pension as did the taxpayer. But after 25 years working as a welder in vehicle body construction I do wonder how I got my heart attack, after all where did I get occupational asthma or my industrial deafness?Though I musn't grumble,at least I am not as profoundly deaf as some of colleagues and I'm not not a respiratory cripple and all ex-welders are better off than the paintsprayers dying from
  5. I thought staff were ebayers looking to get first dibs on fresh stock
  6. Ford recently off loaded its hourly paid retiree healthcare obligations into a trust managed by the United Auto Workers union. As I understand it, the pension buy out is only being offered to Salaried pensioners who were employed under a different contract and for whom Ford still have a healthcare as well as pension liability.
  7. Nah. Given a choice, I reckon I'll stick with my index linked Ford pension. I had a heart attack two months ago. If I died my Widow (currently 44) would get a widows pension for the rest of her natural plus a pension for each of my Kids (currently 10 and 12) as long as they were in full time education. Lump sums so easily dissipated...or eroded.
  8. It's not just big items like TVs that are no longer being carried as stock. This weekend my daughter wanted a new gym/sports bag. We went to Argos - a strange choice of shop you might think, but Argos is one of the few Stores left in our town which still sells new goods as opposed to offering services or second hand stuff. She picked a £6.99 Nike bag from 'the laminated book of dreams" (Bill Bailey) however the transaction was declined at the till as "It's online only". Hmmm...how much shelf space does a flattened gym bag take? I wondered. Back home we went online; "Free delivery on this
  9. Thank goodness the news on US jobs was positive. What would have happened if unemployment had gone up by 0.1%?
  10. Equitable Life promised their punters the moon. They really did look: Unsurprisingly, it didn't work out, so while I'm sorry for the OPs loss, I don't understand why taxpayer money should go to compensate policy holders because the companies 'pie in the sky' promises proved to be just that. People took a punt and lost. OP says he knew the promised 16% returns were 'unsustainable'.
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