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  1. They will do anything to avoid a housing crash including throwing the kitchen sink at it if needs be. Housing is the British economy and has been for the past two decades.
  2. I think the Tories are always in power because the press in this country is predominantly right wing. Until this changes then I can't see them winning. Remember Blair had to literally become a Tory in order to get Murdoch's backing.
  3. I agree. The cost to Putin of invading the whole of Ukraine would be too high in terms of potential lives list and western sanctions. If he can argue that his citizens are under attack then he will have more sympathy from China certainly. Remember 30 per cent of Ukranians speak Russian as a first language and Putin argues that the language has been suppressed by Kiev. I think it is Putin's goal to unite the Russian speakers of the former Soviet Union.
  4. There is speculation that Putin will in the next few hours formally recognise the two breakaway republics (Donetsk and Luhansk). This will really up the ante in my opinion. There are 800,000 Russian passport holders in these two republics. If the Ukranian forces increase hostilities then I can see Putin ordering the tanks in to protect Russian citizens. I similar thing happened in South Ossetia in 2008.
  5. The Russian people absolutely love Putin. They see him as a strong leader who stands up for Russian interests and someone who is prepared to stand up to the west. There is no chance of them rising up against him he has popularity ratings that BJ would die for at the moment.
  6. She was speaking over the interpreter at one point and Lavrov had to intervene and tell her to be patient. She's an absolute laughing stock! 😃
  7. Proves what a sham the Gray "report" is and that we are heading for dictatorship in this country.
  8. NATO has pushed its sphere of influence into Moscow's back yard constantly prodding the bear. How would Washington like it if Moscow placed troops in Mexico for example? I think Putin is being incredibly reserved under the circumstances.
  9. He's a sociopathic toff! Best PM we have ever had - made me laugh out loud when I read that!
  10. He's a sociopathic toff! Best PM we have ever had - made me laugh out loud when I read that!
  11. I know, I saw this report too. Sort of goes to expalin why the US, France and Brtain were so keen to get involved doesn't it!
  12. True, China is a big player in this. However, Russia has a big stake in Iran's nuclear power industry (I believe Russian engineers built the Nuclear reactor to the chagrin of the US and Isreal).
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