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  1. I know, I saw this report too. Sort of goes to expalin why the US, France and Brtain were so keen to get involved doesn't it!
  2. True, China is a big player in this. However, Russia has a big stake in Iran's nuclear power industry (I believe Russian engineers built the Nuclear reactor to the chagrin of the US and Isreal).
  3. This report does not surprise me in the least as EVERYTHING is more expensive in the UK! It is not surprising that international companies refer to the UK as "Treasure Island". Companies also know that they can basically charge whatever they like in Britain as there is hardly any regulation and the British people are basically deferential sheep who just bend over and submit! It is an absolute disgrace that it is cheaper to fly return from London to New York than travel by train from London to Edinburgh! Go to France or the Nevtherlands and the trains are never late and you can travel on the sa
  4. In 2000 Saddam Hussien proclaimed to the world's media that he was going to abandon the US petro dollar and sell his oil in Euros. Three years later the US invaded his country. I think the only thing stopping Obama doing this in the case of Iran will be Russia (to close for comfort for Medvedev and Putin). Although Obama may be able to bribe Russia and China to abstain like he did in the case of Libya.
  5. I'm not against Scottish independance if that's what Scots want. However, the break up of the Union would mean that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would have to change it's name to the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This would mean the removal of the Scottish saltire from the Union flag and citizens in the remining part of the UK would have to have new passports (how much would this cost?). Also, what is going to happen to all the military bases. Would England be able to keep these bases (as Russia has negotiated to keep it's Black Sea bases in
  6. I disagree with this. The Scots have much more of a sense of nationhood than the Welsh I was also surprised at how spineless the Welsh were in the welsh Assembly elections last week (Plaid Cymru actually lost four seats!). This is because Wales is a divided Nation with the "Anglo" Welsh in the South and the East of Wales who tend to vote Labour and the Welsh speakers of the West and North who tend to have more of a sense of national identity and vote for Plaid. Until Plaid can make inroads into the Anglo areas of Wales - Wales cannot be compared with Scotland. Furthermore, Scotland and England
  7. The kitty has definately bounced and is now on it's trajectory towards the 2009 floor again. We will be back to 2004 prices in a few months. The PTB bankrupted the country in order to get this kitty to bounce in 2009-10. Was it really worth it???
  8. Trichet is just another common criminal like King. Being "vigilant" means doing nothing (classic "Mervism"). Merv and co to raise rates? As an American might say - "yeah and monkeys might fly out of my butt!"
  9. Or maybe they know full well that is the price and they are being deliberately disingenious?
  10. Lovely headline!!! This should spook a few thousand greedy vendors who have been "waiting for the market to recover" over the past three years. It's not going to recover you knobs!
  11. What ever happened to hydrogen fuelled cars? I seem to remember watching an episode of Top Gear a couple of years ago when one of the team went to California and drove a hydrogen car. You simply fill it up at a petrol station which has a hydrogen fuel pump and it is much cheaper than petrol.
  12. Shocking! But don't expect the BBC (British Pravda) to report anything that may put the US in a bad light. I agree, RT and Al Jazeera are both excellent channels - I rely solely on these for my world news nowadays.
  13. My problem with the BBC is that they have a heavy pro-American bias and they ignore what is going on in continental countries, and other world powers such as Russia and China for example . Whenever there is an uprising abroad they report what the Downing Street and The White House response is and they ignore the response from the Elysee Palace and the Kremlin for example. You would think that there was only two powers that matter in the world (the US and UK). There reporting of the Russia - Georgia war in 2009 was also a complete disgrace. They painted Russia as the aggressor when it was Saka
  14. +1 Mortgage Fraud is an indictable offence which can result in a long prison sentence. I take it the FSA forwarded their findings onto the Crown Prosecution Service.
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